The best compliment you've ever gotten


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Jul 9, 2004
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What was it?
That someone, anyone, liked a song I wrote.

I only needed one.
I get compared to John Belushi a lot, especially when I act. I take that as a compliment. also whenever my writing is praised by my peers.
Three years ago, I bought the rights to Stephen King's "One for the Road." production went to hell and I managed to meet the deadline, but not with the quality I wanted. Never heard back from King, but the digital media head praised the ending and aesthetic, which made it worth it.

He rarely complimented, which made the investment of time, sweat, money, and sanity worth it.
I have two...

The first, came from a dude n here, actually. He said something to the affect of:

"CConn: Bringing Hunter S. Thompson into our daily lives."

Yeah, it's probably pretty pathetic my favorite compliment comes from an Internet message board, but he was able to seemingly boil down everything I am and want to be into a singular and simple sentence.

The second would have to be from my girlfriend. We were talking about our future together, and I was probably over thinking things and kinda talking about some hypothetical situation if we ended up with other people (it was about like money or housing or something dumb), and she simply replied:

"I don't ever want anyone else."

That hit me right in the chest. And I can still hear her saying it in my head, clear as day.
Kidding, off the top of my head:

-My bass-playing style has been compared to a pair of my idols, Cliff Burton and Steve Harris, by other musicians I have played with. The one who compares me to Steve Harris was the singer of a band I used to play for (I left due to "personality conflict" among a number of other reasons) who, despite despising me, claimed after I had left that I was the best bassist he had ever worked with.

-I studied martial arts in a number of different schools. The one I spent longest in told me that, when I had moved to his school, I, "didn't know [my] ass from a hole in the ground" (as far as my martial arts went), but after I had really begun taking my training seriously, he said in a matter of two or so years I had become one of the best martial artists he's ever worked with and trained. That one hit me really hard, because martial arts was the first thing I had ever really had as my own "thing" that others identified me by, and that I had really done long-term.
What was it?

One time long ago when I had a actual job...well a Walmart job, I was at Waffle House with my parents and our waiter I think was gay. And he winked at me and said some sweetie line. Not gonna lie, made me :yay: on the inside.

Women never wink at me...well maybe waitresses, but that **** don't count.
Can it be our significant other? Because my gf thinks I am the hottest thing ever.
Can it be our significant other? Because my gf thinks I am the hottest thing ever.

Does she say you are better than Pizza? Cause Pizza is pretty great man...

:o and this WTF moment was bought to you by Hit and Run...j/k.
A girl said I was beautiful. I was walking on cloud nine after hearing that.
Not really a compliment, but on 2 separate occasions my eyes have stopped a girl I was talking to mid sentence. I guess if they catch the light right they are pretty radical. That felt better then any compliment I have ever gotten.
1) I always feel really good inside when people compliment my acting. I've been called a natural on at least two occasions, by people I genuinely respect.

2) This girl I had a crush on a few months ago said I have a chiseled, manly face.
Anytime a girl says I'm "cute", "funny" or "fun".

"You're the best listener I know" - a DJ who I live with.

"You have such a great body, you're like a toy!"

I also like it when girls make out with my abs. I don't know if it's a compliment but I take it as one :p
Anytime someone says I'm funny makes me happy. Makes me know I'm doing my job :p also if a girl says any type of compliment, then I take it.

When my friends say they trust me with their lives and I'm told I'm a good student. Bit nerdy but yeah.

Also when my friends call me Batman. That's the highest compliment ever :p
I get good compliments every night, however I don't think I can quite describe it on here.
I get good compliments every night, however I don't think I can quite describe it on here.

:D I could but it might lead to an infraction ;)

In the category of ones that are actually printable, I've gotten:

You look beautiful today.
That outfit suits you.
Are you a mommy with no kids? (from my 8 year old niece before I had kids of my own)
You're a good mother.
You're the best mommy ever.
Had a former troop of mine get promoted recently to Master Sergeant (USAF) and asked if he could have/wear a pair of my old Master Sergeant stripes for the ceremony. He said he wanted them because I helped him become the leader he was.

Best compliment ever.
Easy for me.

Back when I was in college, a friend of mine (who I think had a crush on me) said the best thing about me was - my integrity.

I really loved that. I don't feel like I deserve that compliment most of the time, but the fact that someone recognised and pointed that out means I must be doing something right even if I feel like i'm just embarrasing myself.
“You’re an emotional ****ing cripple. Your soul is dog s***. Every single ****ing thing about you is ugly.”
My old English teacher, and basically the best teacher I ever had, once told me the short story I wrote was the best he'd ever read from one of his students. Now, whether he was just trying to say something nice is up for debate, but I've remembered it ever since.

...and on the flip side, I had two strippers tell me I had incredible teeth on my 18th birthday lol. The second even stopped her dance with another guy just to look!

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