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Okay I checked Rotten Tomatoes.

75 Blue Beetle
74 In the Madness of the Multiverse
71 Iron Man 2
67 The Incredible Hulk
66 The Dark World
63 Love and Thunder
Secret Invasion
47 Eternals
45 Quantumania

32 films/9 TV series/2 specials

It would have been at bottom 9 out of 43 projects (44 if its counted). Yeah thats definitely near the bottom if we count all Marvel Studios productions.

It's now on 78% on RT so jumper up another few places at least. Above AOU and Thor 1 movie wise.
The writing was a little too corny at times, but it perfectly captured the importance of family and community in the Latino culture. Even the smaller details of the home made me smile so much. Its a shame this isn't performing well.
Watched it today at 10am and the movie was still in one of the main theaters at around 80% capacity, which is amazing for Sunday morning in my area.

l loved the movie. As many mentioned, it's nothing new and is compared to Iron Man 2 and Spider Man Homecoming but I thought this movie was much better and stood on its own away from any big name actor and/or comic book character. I liked the playful banter, the family dynamics, Nana, the CGI was better than the before mentioned movies particularly Blue Bettle compared to Spider Man and "Whiplash" compared to Whiplash.

It's not perfect a bit over the top but it had charm and didn't take anything from the movie and the serious moments were not undermined.

I absolutely loved the use of what appeared to be Indigenous language and the scene with the dad bringing in some Black Panther into the movie.

I for one don't care if it builds up to something connected or not as long as the movies are good and/or entertaining. There were a lot families in my showing and little kids were dancing and singing to some of the music. That's what matters in the end. Hope we get a trilogy out of this.

Who would have thought Chapulin Colorado would save the DCU.
Don't think I am going to be able to catch this at the cinema which I am gutted about. Definitely will be getting the home release though.
I actually caught the movie and am really happy I did. I loved this movie. Really charming, loved the family and that whole aspect of the movie. Xolo was awesome as ever and the action was damn good and well earned throughout. I would see a sequel from this team in a heartbeat.










I really, really, really hate it when a movie treats a violent death — even one of the villains — as something for the characters and the audience to laugh about. I stopped watching when Ted's ship stepped on and killed the Kord security goon and the Reyes family treated it as a joke.
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I bought it on blu ray today, and ended up enjoying it, for the most part. Sometimes they went for too many jokes, but I did chuckle at a few. George Lopez/Rudy probably got the most laughs out of me. Story was pretty basic, but I did end up enjoying most of the characters in this movie. Blue Beetle's suit looks fantastic in this. Really liked most of the soundtrack too.

It was a worth the watch, imo. Kinda sad it did so terrible at the B.O.

But I will say, I understand the comment above me about that death. It seemed they were making sure not to have any deaths, and then he squished that one guy and made a joke about it, which was kinda weird.
when I saw it was on MAX I decided to watch it I missed it in the theaters regretted that I highly enjoyed it. I loved the banter between Jamie and the suit's AI and when it went kick their asses in spanish or when he said thanks and it said denada ha ha.
Just finished watching this movie and it's really good. We need to see more diversity in cinema and superhero movies and I loved how it showed Latino culture the meaning of family and purpose. I don't know much about Blue Beetle aside from the cartoons but this film has made a fan of the character. Nothing but praise for the cast, the action sequences, the suite is amazing! Every character has their moment to shine! I look forward to his next appearance in the DCU.
Seen this movie 3 times now and just adore it. If it wasnt for GOTG3 coming out this year BB would be the CBM of the year for me.
Xolo won a Saturn award on Sunday for 'best young actor' for blue beetle.
i saw the movie not long ago, i enjoyed it well enough, it'll be good if he sticks around in gunn's new universe.

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