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The Brothers Lionheart


Nov 29, 2009
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"Tinker" Director Does "Lionheart" Next

By Garth Franklin Tuesday April 30th 2013 10:31AM
After the success of his adaptations of "Let the Right One In" and le Carre classic "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy," filmmaker Tomas Alfredson has settled on a film version of the children’s novel "The Brothers Lionheart" as his next project.
The $50 million project, currently targeting a Christmas 2014 release, will be the most expensive Scandinavian production in history.
Set in a magical land of the afterlife, the story follows two brothers who join the resistance against an evil ruler who enforces control over the land with a dragon.
'Right One' author John Ajvide Lindqvist is penning the script based on Astrid Lindgren‘s work which has been labelled as "unflinchingly" dark and subversive.
The project looks to have taken priority over the 'Tinker' follow-up "Smiley’s People" which remains in development.
Have eagerly been waiting for more news about this since it was rumored some year ago. The original film is a childhood classic for my generation, but as a film adapation of the book it has a lot of room for improvement. With Alfredson directing and Ajvide writing the script, this has huge potential. Hopefully Hoytema finds time to shoot this too, now when he is doing Interstellar.
I have heard that this is going to be an international production. That is a guarantee insurance when it comes to the quality of the technical aspects of the film?

They better cast big brother Jonathan right this time, an actual young teenager and not a youthful looking adult. I can imagine Thomas Horn in the role. How about that?
As for Skorpan, he has to be a little kid.

The adult roles can have Swedish actors who are used to work outside their country. Max von Sydow and Peter Stormare are international stars, after all.
Nathan Gamble and Dakota Goyo are also both within the age range for playing Jonathan. :)
One of my favorite Lindgren book when I was small, the '77 film version was good but really excited to see Alfredson doing a version of it together with Lindqvist. I think it's a good idea making it in English but there's a heavily Nordic involvement, off‐topic I'm still saddened by the fact that the animated film of Pippi by Studio Ghibli never took off.

Hopefully Hoytema finds time to shoot this too, now when he is doing Interstellar.

He's been confirmed for this, they're shooting Interstellar this fall and shooting will commence for Lionheart spring next year, should be enough time.
With the writer/director combo, there are hints that the final product is going to be more toned down and suggestive/thought-provoking in the veins of Let The Right One In, than relying on escapism, heroism and big battles.

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