The Daily Planet - Superman News and Speculation Thread (🚨SPOILERS🚨)

Building goes back to the 1910s, sweet
Gorgeous 😍

Also, I guess this means Terminal Station isn't the DP? Or could it still be the interior?
I always said it would be the interior. The exterior was covered in tarp the whole time they were filming there. I’m thinking they use this building for exteriors/the entryway, and Terminal Station for halls/offices. The two buildings match up pretty well, I think.
Man I am getting so hyped. It means SO MUCH to be seeing this. To know that Metropolis is being fully realised. To know the Daily Planet will be such a core part of the story.
Right there with ya! I’m especially hyped about getting the full core Planet crew in a movie for the first time ever. I thought this day would never come!
Are we sure this film isn't a period film? :o
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Unless the whole DCU is a period film...
I don't have the source anymore, I think it was in Michael Rosenbaum's podcast, but Gunn had said something to the effect that he'd like to approach the DC Universe in the same way as Tolkien's Middle-earth, implying (at least this was my understanding) that places like Gotham, Themiscira and therefore Metropolis are indeed fictional places, with their own characteristics and would be treated as such in the DCU.
Based on this statement, I had indeed expected this Superman movie to attempt to embrace an aesthetic "outside of time and our reality" for something more singular. The image revealing the costume had tempered this hypothesis, but all these new photos today finally seem to be going in that direction.
Pretty cool!

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