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Aug 9, 2011
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Synopsis: "Gotham has been restored and is still getting over the destruction of it by the terrorist Bane... Until a mysterious criminal mastermind starts targeting the citizens of Gotham with a series of sadistic games. Will John Blake take up the mantle of the Bat left behind for him by Bruce Wayne and what are the consequences of the legendary Dark Knight, Wayne has left behind? Will Blake fail once he finally steps up to the plate? Will the power consume him? Only time will tell."

My ****** summary for a Batman reboot. The logo would resemble that but as white on Batman's chest. Based on Robin, Azrael, Nightwing and Batman Beyond.

On Blake's first duty of business as Batman, he gets shot through the lower part of the mouth which is exposed by a French rogue assassin, who is known only as Deadshot amongst criminal circles and Government agencies. This causes Blake to modify the suit, adding elements of the "common man" to it as well as using GPD armor which would give the suit a rugged look but he also adds a face mask which would enhance his voice. The Bat symbol would look like that but white as a symbol of Batman. The citizens are concerned that this new Batman will not be able to step up to the plate when things go bad... Really bad. Talking mass genocide with Gotham intact this time around.

Fassbender would be Edward Nashton and he will definitely dress with that "Nolan-style" ala Inception.

Aronofsky, Nolan supervised. Nashton would be creepy and distant, completely unemotional.

The criminal mastermind known mysteriously as the Riddler wants to rid Gotham of these extreme elements, so he goes to the source... Batman. He despises the Joker and views Bane as a simpleton (even though Bane shows signs of high intelligence), Nashton believes he is the most highly evolved person on the planet. But the irony here is delicious. He also knows Bruce Wayne was the original Batman and views this new Batman as inferior.

Attacks the "extreme". Becomes an extreme by doing so.

"You are wrong. Why am I here? I don't belong on this Earth with people like you. You are animals and I am just treating you like the cattle you are." - Edward Nashton
Couldn't this go in the GD thread? Or the reboot thread?
To be honest, I had no idea there even was a reboot thread.
TDKR isn't even out yet, for all we know John Blake dies.
I would love a Batman Beyond movie, but not like any of this ****** story, miscasting, and horrible director for what a Batman Beyond movie should be.
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