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The Dark Knight continued...


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Nov 23, 2005
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This is an idea I had for the continuation of Nolan's Batman universe.

Contains spoilers for the Dark Knight Rises so...

at the end of Dark Knight Rises we see that Bruce is dead. John "Robin" Blake has quit the GCPD and found the Bat Cave. We also see that Alfred went to France for a vacation, after Bruce left everything to him. Bruce is seen there, faked his death and is still alive.
Now here is where it continues on.
I think the blue prints for this story would be Battle For the Cowl (only its more like Battle for Gotham) and Batman Beyond sort of.
With the repeal of the Dent Act many of Gotham's surviving criminals are released from Arkham and Black Gate. Some are moved from Black Gate to Arkham and many escape. Gotham's streets become unsafe again, and because everyone believes the Batman is dead crime has escalated feeling safe that no one can stop them now.
John Blake decides to continue Bruce's legacy of Batman. Bruce told him that Batman is a symbol and can be anyone. So Blake decides to become the new Batman.
He trains, in a part of the Bat cave we have never seen before. Blake's first month as Batman hasn't gone as expected. He needs to push, to train, to become better. Alfred returns to Wayne manner, he was considering staying another few months but thought it best to go home and put things in order. Maybe sell Wayne Manner. Only he finds Blake int he Bat Cave, wounded badly from his latest attempt at being Batman.
Gotham also is getting a new Mayor. He was once rumored to be a mob boss during the "Freak" era called the Penguin. But now he is Mayor pro temp Cobblepot. He was able to get Lex Luthor's company to aid in rebuilding Gotham. Wayne's company, headed by Lucious Fox built the other half too, earning back both the money and respect lost in the Dark Knight Rises. But there is something corrupt about him, Gordon just knows it.
Meanwhile a new vigilante debuts. He calls himself Talon. He is a man inspired by the Batman. But his brand of justice is more like the Punisher. He wants to be the next Batman, and sees the new Batman as an impostor. Maybe his big act that gets him known by the public is when he kills Dr. Crane, AKA the Scarecrow.
[BLACKOUT]The Riddler could be used as well, if its not too many characters in one story. He could be the "main villain" who turns out to not be the main villain like Scarecrow in the first movie. (Meanwhile a new criminal is making his way in Gotham. He is being called the Riddler. he is a narcissistic psychopath who has to prove to everyone that he is smarter than they are. He leaves clues and taunts the police and the new mayor and especially the new Batman. Once Batman solves some of his clues and crimes the Riddler wont have any other opponent.)[/BLACKOUT]
Alfred helps Blake with his wounds, and after a long talk decides that Blake is right. Gotham needs Batman. And he will help Blake train, using his skills from his days as a soldier in England. Blake reveals that his family was also, at one time, circus performers and that he was trained a little as a kid, before they died.
But even with the training Blake is still having trouble being Batman. Alfred tells him to think of being Batman as a performance. Bruce had his version, Blake should make the Batman role his own.
Alfred also teaches Blake to not only push himself beyond his limits as Bruce did, but to know them. Blake learns how long he can hold his breath, how much he can lift, and learns strategy. How to exploit his enemies, and friends if need be, weaknesses.
At the same time, Selena Kyle/Catwoman is on the fence. Trying to stick to her old life of crime and not caring. But knowing that Bruce Wayne/Batman sacraficed his life for Gotham wont let her. And then she notices a new Batman in Gotham. At first she hoped it was Bruce, and he faked his death. But after a quick talk, fight, with him she knows its not Bruce. She then considers leaving Gotham all together, but will she? Can she?
The story comes down to a final battle for Gotham between Talon and Blake.
Commissioner Gordon meets the new Batman/Blake and although he knows its not the real Batman he acts as if he has no clue. When Batman leaves he mentions how he thought Batman was taller. With Gordon are his new detectives, Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya.
Blake, as the new Batman, with Alfred's help, is able to stop the Riddler and his army of thugs. Catwoman gives her aid as well.

In another sequel later down the line it is revealed that the night Talia spent with Bruce was part of her plan. The league of Shadows isn't gone at all, using Bruce's DNA and Talia's eggs and a surrogate mother Talia and Bruce will have a child together. Trained by the League of Shadows, he will return to Gotham some day and destroy it.

It needs some work, tweeks and fine tuning. Any suggestions?
I just thought it would be cool to keep things going and see where they go.

And also later, Bruce tries with all his might to leave that life behind but he just can't. He returns to Gotham, thinking he was needed. He finds it being protected by a new Batman, Blake, and Alfred, and Catwoman. And while he cannot be Batman anymore, he helps from inside the Batcave, like in Batman Beyond. Things really get complicated when the League of Shadows returns, with a young Damian Wayne. Bruce is still technically dead. Damien inherits his father's company, which the League plans to burn to the ground. Damien also confronts the new Batman. And finds out his father is still alive. In this film he would be the villain, but end up siding with Blake and Bruce against the League of Shadows. But its hard for Damien to escape his training. He still hates his father and is full of so much anger. Maybe it is here that Bruce decides to leave Gotham with Damien for another part of the world. Where he can bond with his son and raise him away from the violence of Gotham.
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You have a couple of problems with this script. 1. Not enough details. You introduce a couple of characters but you don't do much of anything else. 2. Selina knows Bruce is alive because she was with him at the end. 3. John Blakes mom died before he could remember. 3. Why would they need a surrogate mother. Talia could've simply faked her death and then she has a son, Damian. Then he would become blakes nightwing
In reality if a story were to continue past The Dark Knight Rises I'd think that Selena Kyle, Bruce Wayne and Alfred wouldn't be included as they made it obvious they were done with Gotham for good.

If anything Blake would be alone in the batcave with some help from Fox
I think the only thing to bring Bruce back would be the Joker's return.
I have no word to say about the Dark knight rises. I must say that this movie break all the records. This movie become mine best movie in 2012.

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