The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises Opts for Lighthearted, Cartoonish Tone


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Jun 18, 2011
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According to a News Report from ONN, which you can read here.

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Stating that "the time has come for a tonal shift" in the blockbuster series, director Christopher Nolan announced Thursday that the forthcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises would take a lighter, more humorous tone than its predecessors, and would be filled with "slapstick, primary colors, and just plain old fun."

"I was somewhat happy with the first two films—probing the psychological landscape of Gotham from an adult perspective is sort of neat, if you like that kind of thing," Nolan told reporters at a promotional event. "But then I realized, 'Hey, what am I doing? Batman is a superhero. Superheroes are supposed to be fun and for kids.' So this time around, I wanted to make something nice and light and simple, because people aren't looking for a civics lesson with Batman. They just want some pleasant, mindless diversion."

"After all, we're talking about a comic-book movie here," Nolan added. "Let's lighten things up a bit, shall we?"

Sounds like John Blake might be Robin after all! :oldrazz:

Edit : I bet that doesn't show up.

How could Nolan ruin his work like this? Whyyyy?
At first I was angry with Nolan, but when he said "I mean, it's Batman, for God's sake, not Richard III. We should just go goofy with it. And so we did," it all made sense. And you know what? I trust Nolan no matter what and I know that even if it doesn't sound quite right to me, in Nolan's hands it will be genius.

Trust Nolan. :up:
I wish Nolan did say most of those things in that article, it's a damn shame how some fans hate "camp"...or fun for that matter.
It's about time Nolan dropped the whole serious act.
'It's Fun, Like A Comic Book,' Says Christopher Nolan

I love the Onion, but their best bit on The Dark Knight Rises was the short skit they had on the Week in Review titled "Movie Fans demand to see Heath Ledger reprise role as The Joker in The Dark Knight Rises."

"Referring to their impossible demands they simply responded that they didn't want to get into a whole existential debate about who's alive or dead, they just want to see it done.""
"Remember, it's a cartoon!" - Schumacher, according to John Glover.
Opening July 20, The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and the yet-to-be-announced winner of the Nickelodeon/Capri Sun "I Wanna Co-star with Batman" Sweepstakes as either Robin or Batgirl.

My favorite part
The three trailers including the teaser have a darker tone than the whole past movies. I don't see that hapenning
I'd like to see the look on Christian Bale's face as he read that script.

He and Nolan would be done professionally.
Oh now I get it. :doh: :woot:

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