The Dark Knight: Vigilante Raid, pt. 2


Jul 2, 2007
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This isn't nearly as good as the first part ( in my opinion. I suck at writing action scenes.

All he could do was watch helplessly as his comrades were viciously mowed down in the garage. The stone and cement of the structure was slowly evolving from a shade of glimmering white into a crimson red. One by one the Vigilantes fell, fed upon by attack dogs or filled with metal. Inhaling Scarecrow’s fear toxin, some men began hallucinating, screaming out in terror. The end was near. How did it go wrong? Brian knew his men were capable, yet here they were, in the moment of truth, failing. Then he heard a noise, a crash. He quickly turned his head towards Scarecrow’s retreating caravan. There, on top of a smashed window shield was The Batman. Not one of Brian’s fakes, but his hero, the Dark Knight of Gotham City. His inspiration. Hope once again filled Brian’s heart.
In only minutes, Batman had completely incapacitated the Chechen gang, and had Scarecrow and his men bound. His mask ripped off by Batman, Scarecrow sat tied up against a wall, humming and muttering to himself, his eyes wild, now completely insane. Now a new sound could be heard: police sirens. In the distance the blinking lights could be seen approaching the garage. In awe and respect, Bryan began to approach Batman, but before he knew it, the Dark Knight was right in front of him. He violently ripped off the faux mask Bryan wore to shield his identity, grabbed him by the neck and glared at him with menacing eyes. Surprised, Bryan stammered, “We’re trying to help you!” “I don’t need your help” Batman shot back. Now Bryan was angry. This was no way to treat a fellow fighter for justice. “Then stay out of our way!” They didn’t need Batman; they could handle things just fine. Calmly, yet menacing, Batman spoke: “Don’t let me find you out here again.” He let go of Bryan and began walking towards the edge of the complex, eying the approaching police vehicles. “You need us!” Bryan yelled, “There’s only one of you—it’s a war out here!” His comment is completely ignored. Batman continues to silently watch the police, infuriating Bryan: “What gives you the right?! What’s the difference between you and me?!” Batman slowly looks back at the distraught man. He says nothing, but turns, gets inside his tumbler, and speeds off.

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