The Death of Batman


Dec 9, 2005
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Sorry if this has been talked about, I did a thread search and did not see it. The Death of Batman is a fan film I just checked out over at I just wanted anybody's opinion if they saw it. Sorry I don't know how to post the link but check it out. I want to know of I was the only one that thought this was the stupidist thing I had ever seen!
I thought it was alright. Not great, but not to bad either.
Never seen it before. I'll check it out but does anyone have the link?
Just saw it and that was the stupidest trash I've ever watched. Some pitty thief tortures Batman and beats him in the balls. This Batman was a complete rip-off of Michael Keaton but had a little fat on him. And in the end, Batman kills himself by an overdose, WTF!
I watched as well I agree with you Socko, it was rubbish fanmade film, if the director is fan of Batman he would have done something else and most of the reviews are bad.
I think it was great. The little twist of the thief being innocent all along..... and how it got to Batman's head that maybe sometimes his crimefighting doesnt always make things right in the end, very nicely put onto a film.
I just watched it. That was really stupid. That was not Batman, that was Batwimp.
Batman raped?
LOL, something that would NEVER EVER EVER EVER happen.
To whomever directed this: Please stop :rolleyes: :down
I stopped watching this film shortly after Batman got taken down by a guy WITH A TASER! WTF? Its a shame this movie was so...stupid - because I thought the first part of the Batman v. Thug scene was pretty good and was one of the better Batman's I had scene on a Fan Film.
Well that might have made it just a little bit better, yeah.

I'm surprised the guy didn't rape Batman in this garbage before Batman died of an overdose...
Is this the Batman fanfilm where he's drugged and toutured on heroine?

I actually thought it was a pretty risky film and I applaud the film-maker for making IF what I'm assuming his intentions where. I know it's contreversial and I know a lot of fanboys dismiss it because of how Batman is potrayed but that wasnt the point. I think he was trying to send some sort of message from his personal perspective on the morality of heroes and the sometimes narrow view of what we define as crime and morals. It was actually shot pretty well and I know the fans where uncomfortable with it but it was a decent stab at it.
Yeah, thats the one. But Batman was potrayed very poorly. I don't care what kind of message he was trying to send, if it's going to screw up a character and chagne him around completely then just make up your own character called Captain Joe or whatever. Make up your own character if you want to send your own message. I thought it was shot terribly, cheesy costume, awful acting on top of funky dialogue. Tasteless scores and placement. This thing doesn't hold a candle to Patient J.
Thanks! you guys completly answered my question! I personally hated the movie. I hated because if this were truly Batman he would have escaped soon after he woke up first of all, second if and when he found out the truth about the guy, he would have helped him, gave him a job at Wayne Enterprises. Poorly portrayed, poorly acted, poorly thought out!

:batman: ROCKS!!!
If this were truly Batman he would never have been have been taken down by a geek with a taser! Remember, Batman is a master of martial arts and has a belt full of weapons.

ladies and gentleman, i have to say that was just dumb!!! IMHO
Stupid piece of crap, I had watched this before. At the time I thought it was a total misconception of the Batman character, and I keep this opinion today.
I just watched it and actually came on here to see if there was a topic about it. I saw it on a compilation DVD of various fan made Batman films (Dead End, Grayson, etc). I'm shocked that it's even considered a "fan film". The guy who made it doesn't seem to be a Batman fan at all(maybe it was Avi Arad?)
I agree with Super Ludacris about the concept. It's actually a good one, and I could actually see it being a one shot independant comic. However, it's completely unplausable as a Batman story. A taser shocking Batman's crotch? What? ...just ...what? If I had seen the movie or read the story, and it was about the writers own fictional hero(like Mr Socko's Captian Joe) then I'd have a completly different opinion. BUT since that was not the writer/director's take, I have to say this movie was pretty damn bad.
if anyone should kill Batman it outta be The Joker.or both Sephiroth AND Chuck Norris will be displeased,oh and Bettany too!.
WHAT THE PHUCK WAS THAT?!?!? i could'nt even watch the whole thing,the costuem sucked,Batman was a total p*ssy,he's weareing armour that can withstand bullets but he gets tazzerd in his codpiece so yeah,of COURSE he's gonna get taken down......the jackass who made that should be ashamed of himself.

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