The Winter Soldier The Falcon

He did work with Hawkeye in The Hurt Locker, so he already has experience working alongside an Avenger.
Also, he will NOT be Black Panther ;)

I like him. Hope he signs onboard.
This is good news. The more MCU heroes the merrier!
Awesome news! Mackie is one of my favorite actors. I hope the deal gets done because he'd be a great Falcon.
Anthony Mackie is trending on Twitter :awesome:
They need to seriously redesign his Earth, Wind and Fire outfit. He never looked cool to me.
They'll come up with something. I'd bet on him looking more militaristic. Since they already went the Ultimate route of making Widow and Hawkeye SHIELD agents, they can do that with Falcon as well. Have him be an agent Cap befriends, maybe someone volunteering to test out some new flight harness when disaster strikes.
A SHIELD jumpsuit, but red. With some fancy newfangled technological wings
in this case i think they should definitely go with the Ultimate version. as far as looks go, though i admit i do think Ultimate Falcon is pretty badass.
I'd alter the design a lot, but I agree they should go more in that direction.
I'd like something similar to what Hawkeye wears, but coloured red and a light grey/white.
I know it's heresy, but I think they should make him augmented somehow: hollow bones, bio-mechanical implants, maybe some knock-off version of the super soldier serum. Something to make him formidable beyond a harness and martial arts training.

Its still good news, regardless. I saw Mackie in Fences. He's a top notch actor in his prime.

This is the kind of casting thats essential for these movies. You need great actors, not pretty faces, in order to maintain suspension of disbelief. A lot of the suggestions for GotG completely miss this point.
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Falcon is in?Very cool!,I'm not sure about Anthony Mackie though since I've only seen him in Hurt Locker
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Mackie was great in The Hurt Lcoker, and personally I loved him in 8 Mile.

Great to see Falcon and Cap partnership on screen, one of my favorite duos in comics. I think a mix of his 616/Ult. costume would work, its a bit boring to see just gray on black, i dont mind them giving his outfit a bit of color. If your standing next to the man in red, white, and blue, i think you can make anything work visually.
In a way I'm glad they have Mackie in talks because Hodge has been more vocal for the role of BP and is my favorite choice.

I wonder if they'll use his traditional costume of ultimize him the way they did Hawkeye? Maybe a bit from both worlds?
Don't know much about the actor or the character.... but for some reason I'm stoked :woot:

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