The Fight Sequences of the Spider-Man Franchise!

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    In this thread u can post the fight sequences that u think should happen in the Spider-Man sequels, but b4 u post the fight sequences i think that u should 1st post the vilains that r in the sequence so the audience will know what's happening because sometimes in a sequence u wont even mention a villain but its nice to know who they r. heres 1 of my fight sequences that may b included in Spider-Man 4:
    Villains(Main Villains):
    -Lizard/Dr. Curt Connors
    (Secondary Villains):
    -Man-Wolf/John Jameson
    -Scorpion/MacDonald Gargan
    Spider-Man vs. Lizard(sewer fight sequence):
    Spider-Man drops into the sewer, looking around for something or someone, when suddenly a rather large green thing had landed right behind him. Spider-Man's spider-sense warned him of the threat and leaped out of the way as it swong it's tail at Spidey. The figure walked out of the shadows and it appeared to be a sort of "Half Human and Half Lizard" being. It had revealed it's claws from it's green fingers and shot them towards Spidey, Spidey fell to the ground and quickly looked at where he had been hit(there were three large claw cuts along his costume but the cuts weren't bleeding to bad although some blood was lost from Spidey's body), he had backed away from the Lizard(breathing heavily), jumped to his feet and started to throw punches and kicks at the Lizard but the Lizard wasn't really budging at all, until Spidey ran away from him, ran back and dropkicked him right towards a pipeline, the pipes that Lizard had been kicked into were blowing out gas. Spidey jumped towards the Lizard but the Lizard stopped Spidey dead in his tracks by clotheslining the web-slinger with his tail, picked him up and then threw him across the sewer system where he had been hit right threw the wall which had led them into another room. The room was a huge waterworks system which Spidey looked down from, it was a far way down but Spidey couldn't see how long it went down because it had been to dark and he could only see the water sort of sparkle as it hit the walls.
    Lizard jumped into the room and aimed to grab Spidey again but Spidey rolled out of the way, shot a webline towards the top of the waterworks system(beside where the water was coming from), swong towards the Lizard and had hit him across the face. The Lizard looked back at Spidey with a sinister look but Spidey had been right in front of him when he looked and started to punch and kick the Lizard again until he saw that he wasn't budging again, so Spidey ducked down a little and lifted his forehead towards the Lizard's mouth(like a headbutt) and the Lizard stumbled backwards as Spidey ran quickly towards him as he was tumbling and started to punch and kick him once again until the Lizard(after taking a couple of blows) swong his fist towards Spidey's head which had almost took his head off(you could see some blood running from Spidey's mask) and then the Lizard swong his tail towards Spidey again but Spidey ducked out of the way but was hit with the tail as he rose. Spidey was almost swatted right threw the wall again but it had just created a large dent which Spidey lied in until the Lizard threw another punch at Spider-Man which had this time sent him straight threw the wall.
    The Lizard grinned and walked towards Spider-Man and kicked him right up off the ground and up threw the ceiling which had led into the streets of Manhattan! Spidey was motionless until he let out a cough and then stumbled to get back to his feet, Lizard then leaped up threw the hole that Spidey had created and landed on both of his limbs...
    To Be Continued...:yay:
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    This is from my SM4 story:
    Peter walked outside and along the street. Suddenly he heard a noise. He turned round and saw a figure swinging off into the distance.
    “Venom.” He said.
    He ran down the alley and pulled open his shirt revealing the Spider-man outfit underneath. He swung up out of the alley way and landed on top of a skys****er.
    “**** it! Lost him!”
    “Lost who Parker?” Spidey turned round to see the familiar face of the evil symbiote known as Venom.
    “Long time no see, eh Parker?” Venom laughed.
    His laugh was soon cut short by Spider-man smacking his fist into his teeth.
    “What’s the matter? Tooth-ache!”
    “Shut up!”
    Venom lunged at Spidey and knocked him off. Spidey swung away followed by Venom. The chase led them to the Empire state building as a crowd of onlookers gathered to watch the fearsome battle that was about to be held. Venom smacked out at Spider-man and caught him right in the chest, knocking him through a window. Inside was an office room and Spidey smashed straight into a desk. He heard Venom come in too but when he looked up, Venom was nowhere to be seen. He heard his voice.
    “Well well, Parker. Can’t see big ol’ me?”
    “Stop being a coward, Brock!”
    “A coward, me? NEVER!”
    Suddenly Venom leapt out of nowhere and smacked Spider-man in the jaw. Spidey was knocked to the ground but he got back on his feet and was hit full on by a desk. He was hit through the wall into another office room and he smashed straight into another desk. Venom leapt through and was running over to him when Spidey noticed something. It was a broken cable! He picked it up and thrust it into Venom. Venom screamed and then dropped to the ground. The symbiote tried to escape but Spidey webbed it up. He then picked up the symbiote and the unconscious Eddie and leapt out of the window. He took Eddie to the police station where he webbed him to a lamp post and then he took the symbiote to Dr Connors.

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