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Horror The Front Room (A24/The Eggers Brothers)


Definitely Not 40
Apr 4, 2004
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Brandy to Star in Lighthouse Writer Eggers Directorial Debut at A24 – The Hollywood Reporter

A24 is teaming up with the Eggers brothers — The Lighthouse co-writer Max Eggers and Sam Eggers (Olympia) — for the psychological horror The Front Room.

The screenwriting brothers, for their joint directorial debut, will adapt Susan Hill’s short story of the same name. The Front Room follows a young, newly pregnant couple forced to take in an ailing stepmother who has long been estranged from the family.

The ensemble cast will be led by Grammy Award-winning musician and actress BrandyNorwood, Kathryn Hunter, Andrew Burnap and Spotlight actor Neal Huff. The producer credits are shared by Lucan Toh, Babak Anvari, Bryan Sonderman, Julia Oh and David Hinojosa.
Had no idea there were so many Eggers, but it’s A24 so I’ll be there.
There's more than one Eggers? Okay, I feel like that joke in The Three Daves sketch on Chappelle's Show when 18-year-old Dave learns about "The Wayans Brothers" and his response is just "There's more?!"

More Eggers baby!
seeing Brandy back is great, honestly. Getting 90's vibes!

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