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The granddaddy of Will Smith soundtrack songs!


Jul 14, 2002
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Before Men In Black, Wild Wild West, and Nod Your Head there was. . .

OMG I loved this song when it first came out! Parents still don't understand.
Thats not the song I posted :huh:

I understand that you posted Nightmare on my Street, but Parents just don't understand was from the same album...my mind wanders from time to time.
I remember the first time I heard this song, me and my friends had kept skipping it to listen to the songs we knew. And when it finally got to this, it was already night and I was scared to walk home after listening to it.
I love this song. Greatness. :up:

That song is good, but when you think of the other rap songs that were released that year you realize it was nothing special. Seriously...compare that to this:

i'll stick with:

there we go! a true classic of 90's culture.
there we go! a true classic of 90's culture.

The first season of Fresh Prince is grounded on `80s culture. It wasn't till `91 or `92 that the decade created its own identity. When you look at stuff from 1990 you still see `88 and `89 influences. Just look at the cloths Will Smith is wearing during the first season of Fresh Prince. Its so...`80s. :csad:

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