The Great Smallville Rewatch/debate about Superman origins adapted into media

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    I'm going to be honest this is more for the people who disliked Smallville for their own reasons because either it took so long for Clark to fly and wear the Superman uniform, for some of the JL members to wear some of their iconic costumes, some of the storylines they had. I admit Smallville had plenty of flaws, irritated me at times and could have done other things better, but that is not to say it didn't do things right. But this also gives another perspective of the positive aspects Smallville had when it was on. The writer of the article made many good points (although I wouldn't exactly compare using the CGI Superman used in that final episode is even, arguably, evocative of the animated Superman from the classic 1940s Fleischer cartoons as I would compare it to the Kirk Alyn Superman serial :oldrazz:)

    I honestly believe Smallville worked in the long run. It won it fair shares of awards, it got 2 spin off comics(the current one doing really successful on comixology), toy lines, a faithful fan base, two other heroes their own tv shows(one became really successful while another apparently did really well on iPod unfortunately got cut) and the fact that it is one of the longest running science fictions shows (one about a superhero, Superman nonetheless) shows it was doing something right.

    Here's what Al and Miles said why the Aquaman pilot was cancelled: and
    Another positive was that Smallville had 10 years developing the character unlike Man of Steel which had 2 hours/48 days where Clark had to learn multiple things at the age of 33 years old or George Reeves 1 episode or even Christopher Reeves 2-3 hour long Superman movie while in Smallville we saw Clark develop from 14 year old/freshmen to the a 25 year old confident reporter/superhero who loves being a hero/helping people, be more proactive, find happiness in his life and became a leader and we also got to see moments in other dc characters(Lois, Perry, Impulse, even the growth of the Justice League, etc) develop in ways we couldn't see in multiple 2 hours movies. Arrow is even doing the same thing only at a faster rate.

    If I had to choose 3 good quotes honestly I would choose these quotes:
    How long it took to tell Superman's origin :
    about the Easter Eggs/allusions to the Superman universe
    and finally Superman meeting iconic Super Villains and Super heroes before he was Superman like some/most of the official comics/cannon does
    To me Smallville was a pretty good introduction not only to Clark Kent and other characters of the DC Universe, portrayed the characters more or less pretty faithful to their comic counterparts only to adapting them to fit inside the story Smallville is telling such as why the proto JL members wore hoodies and sunglasses because Green Arrow founded the group and more or less made them in his image or as Clark grew and developed more into his proactive Superman identity the superhero world around him grew and develop(just like any other Superhero adaption in other media). I applaud for Smallville taking different elements of the Superman and DC Universe and using it to make a straight adaption. I know people has various gripes when the flaws was on the air but I got to be honest despite the various flaws there are a lot of stuff that Smallville did right and that is what the argument and article is mainly about.

    This isn't so much a place to insult other versions of the live action Superman adaptions nor why they hate so and so origin but a peaceful place to talk about the article I posted as well as how well live action media portrayed Superman's origin over the years and which ideas from which origin worked for the most part. example the Superman serials was one of the most faithful origin to the pre crisis Superman origins honestly or how Superman the movie worked as Superman in origin.
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