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The "Heroes Vs Villains" Marvel RPG - Season IV


Dark Lord of the RPG's
Aug 4, 2005
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This is the "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” Season IV
similar to The World of Heroes: DC Style Season IV in the DC Comic Board and Andrew's Heroes vs. Villains thread (which is no longer up and running). This is instead the planet Earth (and the whole galaxy if you'd like) of the Marvel Universe.​



  • You can choose to be any superhero or super villain in the Marvel Universe, as long as they:

Are NOT deities, gods, or people such as Death. People like Thanos and Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel and Galactus are okay, though...

Are true to the personality and abilities of the character, such as no Cyclops moving planets with his optic blasts, Dazzler defeating Galactus, or Aunt May as Galatus's new Herald...​

  • This is a working environment, so you can travel to different places using your powers or vehicles. Don't miraculously pop up unless you're a teleporter or such...

  • You can reside in any place in the Marvel Universe. You can also travel off-planet, to such places as the Skrull homeworld...

  • Don't do anything RANDOM like chopping off board user's heads or what not, unless your a villain chopping off inanimate victims heads, then whatever, go with it, as long as it's not technically RANDOM...

  • Don't be killing people without reason. You know your weaknesses and strengths, what you can do or can't. Dazzler will lose against Thanos one on one, but may be able to use her allies to help her out or she can run away...

  • If you want to take part in this, just PM BNKRPG or any of the mods or list your name and character here and I'll put your name and character on the first post here. First come, first serve...

  • New RP'ers must start playing on Earth unless said so by any of the mods.

  • You can form supervillain gangs, superhero teams, alliances, the works...

  • You should have a hideout of some sort, at least in the beginning when your not traveling...

  • If you get killed, re-spawn somewhere else like in a hospital or morgue or whatever. Keep playing...

  • There can be a number of stories going on at once, using different people...

  • Act like your characters, ASSUME their traits and personalities...

  • There are endless places to go and endless things to do: ENDLESS possibilities so get creative...

  • There are limits to time travel, do NOT time travel unless you have talked to one of the Gamemasters…

  • There should be MINIMAL cussing and swearing in posts.
    There will be NO By-passing the censors. This is a Hype rule, and NO exceptions will be made for the RPG.

  • No obscene topics!

  • People who disobey these rules, some more major than the others, will get BOOTED a la DEW K. MOSI. As she said about the last thread...

  • If a player decides to kill off their character, new players must have permission from the previous player (if he is still in the RPG) to resurrect that characyer

For more of the ‘rules’ see- RPG Etiquette

Now here are the players and their characters (alphabetized in each group):

HAVE FUN PEOPLE!!! *Note how our player list is much better than the DC RPG one* **In his bloody dreams***


Hero pl.-roes..to watch over, protect whence Av. haraiti, (he) protects, watchman.

Captain America
The Question
"Desperately needs an answer"

Master Bruce
“Twy’s online crush”

Electro UK *
"HA! Electro's dead! Now I get the caption! Ahem, "Likes to say bloody hell" I'm so proud..."

Death's Head II
Toby Temple
"Still doesn't see his name up on the roster"
Electro UK wrote “Deathlok” the first time.
Well who the hell is Death's Head II? Sounds like some sort of biker group

Spider-Man9x17 *
*Insert NPC(s)*

Hulk/Bruce Banner
Hyper Venom
"Leader of the Hype Negro League"

Iron Man/Tony Stark
Red X

Hank Pym/Yellowjacket
"Not allowed to switch characters again"

Nick Fury
Kang605 *

The Punisher


Sarah Stacy
"Thinks she's so clever with her little comments. :p"

Electro-Flare *
"The Caption Complainer"

The Sentry

“Ol’ wazzhizz name.”


Human Torch/Johnny Storm
Spider-Man9x17 *

Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards
Duker Jay *

The Thing/Ben Grimm
Duker Jay*
“Together he makes up 1/3 of the Fantastic Four”


“Dreams about being on the beach with girls”
And that’s just Archangel

Master Bruce
"Electro UK's secret online crush... oh god!"


Villain: a person guilty of commiting or likely to commit great crimes; evil or wicked person; scoundrel

“Flower YOU!”

“The Manager of the Redundancy Department Manager”

Johnny Blaze
"Actually set a man named Johnny ablaze"

"Watch and learn"

Spider-Man Villains

Doc Ock
Doc Ock
"Redundant, ain't it?"

“Father of Two Girls, poor guy.”

Red X
"Entered by Electro UK because Twylight is lazy"

Fantastic Four Villain(s)

Dr. Doom
kang604 *

X-Men Villains


ElectroFlare *

“Da NEW Man in Purple.”

The Dead List

Keyser Soze
*Died from brain tumour*

Electro UK
*Killed in a bomb explosion*

Midnight Ice

Charlie No One
*Died being metalized*

*Run through by The Taskmaster*​

** means that the character is pending. In other words, the rule is that if you don't post in two weeks without prior notice, you are scrubbed from the roster...

* Means that this is a TWO character player. The player has asked special permission to RP two characters...

* Means that this is an attached NPC...




Screen Name:

Character you would like to play on Earth:


Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




Write two complete sentences using proper English grammar explaining what you think you can bring to the RPG:

How many times do you intend on posting a DAY IN the RPG:

Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards:

Fill out the application and post it in the "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” Season IV Sign-Up thread


New to RPGing?

Bullseye was a killer - his business was death. The first time you kill someone, the gravity of what you've just done hits you like a ton of bricks. but then there's the rush, adrenaline kicking in. The feeling of power, and the high that gives you. The more Bullseye killed, the less he felt that emotional suckerpunch. But the high, that kept on coming. All the faces of his victims seemed to merge into one big group - his clients. Only a few significant kills stood out for him.

So, with his twisted mind not plagued with feelings such as guilt or shame, he found it pretty easy to sleep at night. But not on this night. He felt like he'd just closed his eyes when the phone rang. Swearing under his breath, he switched on the light at the besdside table. Unlike his old apartment, trashed in a battle with Electro last year, this place was actually pretty homely by his usual standards. Stumbling out of bed, yawning loudly, Bullseye walked over to the phone, picking it up.

"Who is this? It's 3 in the goddamn morning..."

"Bullseye. It's me."

Brenda. He'd been looking for her for close to five months, with little success. And now she was calling his cellphone? There was a reason he wanted, needed to find her. She was pregnant with his child.

"Where are you, Brenda?"

"At the phone booth just outside the Virgin in Times Square."

"Well, that was easier than I thought..."

"The baby's coming."

"What!?" exclaimed Bullseye, "Tonight? It's not time yet..."

"Well my water's broke," cut in Brenda, "Its going to be premature. I need you to take me to the hospital. Please..."

"I'm on my way," answered Bullseye, "Just hold on."

He threw on some clothes as quickly as he could, falling on his face as he tried hauling on his jeans. He pulled on a skull cap. If he was going to the hospital, he didn't want any nurses reporting they'd spotted an infamous assassin on the loose. Grabbing his jacket, Bullseye ran outside and hailed a cab. He opened the front door.

"No, you get in the back!" snapped the driver.

"I'll just give you the fare now," replied Bullseye, flicking a coin through his eyeball.

He hauled the driver across to the passenger seat, then hopped in the driver's seat. He drove for two blocks, then leaned over and kicked the dead driver out the moving vehicle. He brought the car to a halt at the phone booth Brenda had said she was calling from. She was still there, waiting.

She looked a hell of a lot bigger, that was for sure. It looked strange, seeing Brenda with that big fat belly. This was it, the moment of truth. She was here,vulnerable and alone. All he needed to do was kill her, and his problems would be over.

"Get in," he said.

They drove in silemce to the hospital. They barely had time to take her in to deliver the baby when she started labour. And, in one of the surreal experiences of his life, Bullseye was there with her. And not just there, he was holding her hand, telling her to push! What the hell was he doing!

And for a man so used to violence, he thought he was going to pass out when he saw the baby's head appear. It had all been like a fever dream, but the reality hit him when he heard the baby crying. His baby crying.

The midwife placed the tiny baby, clearly here before it's time, in his arms.

"Congratulations sir," the midwife said, "You have a beautiful baby boy."

"A boy?" was all he could say, "Oh my God, I have a son..."
I stand in an old mansion. It down-right amazing that the thing's still up, with all the decayed wood, the only thing I can think of that could possibly keep this heap up are the large sheets of dust.

For as long as I can remember, I've been trying to find out who I am. I spent a few decades wandering around, with Alpha Light, and then with Chuck Xavier and the X-Men. The ole' cueball's been helping me with my past for years.

Which is why I'm here, in this old house. One dream I had...

A sickly looking boy lazily walks around the fields. He sees a preety girl on the porch, probably drinking lemonade or something.

Then, the boy's in the house itself--

--Here. Right here, in this room. Yeah, something's coming up. I can feel it in the back of my head. Come on, you bastard, you can get shish-cababbed like a shrimp and survive, you can goddamn remember something!

The boy sees the preety girl on the floor, bleeding to death. He looks down...there are claws coming out of his hands. A big man watches, grinning. The boy's scared, realizing what he did...he killed her. He didn't mean to, but these...claws...went through.

Run. Running and running. The boy tries to run away--

But he can't. The flashback damn near dropped me on my ass. I lean onto the wall, it falls from my weight. The place is going down. Like I care. I'll live. I just lay there.

James. That's it. What I've been looking for all these years. I whisper it outloud.

"My name is James."

I realize tears are coming out of my eyes. Either for the discovery of my name or the discovery of what I did to the girl, I don't want to know.

The mansion falls down.
Wade Wilson lent back and felt the sun on his face. This was the life, warm day, cool pool by your side. It was much better when you had a job abroad, you got a nice room, all expenses paid.

"Hey Wade, watch this!" Wally called out from across the pull side.

"I'm watching Wally." Wade said closing his eyes. Wally jumped into the pool, making a huge splash.

"Hey! You didn't watch!" Wally replied resurfacing his head.

"Yeah I did," Wade said, "I watched, then I closed my eyes again."

"Yeah right." Wally climbed out of the pool and got himself dry.

"We better get going Wally, our target makes his move in a bit." Wade got to his feet. He walked inside his spanish villa and got changed.

As they left the house, Wally pulled on his costume. "Let's get this over with, I miss home. Less sun there."


Wade and Wally hung on a beam near the ceiling of a storage room in a club. Two men were below. Wade watched as one handed another a suitcase. "Now!" he shouted.

Wally pulled a gun and shot out the lights. Wade fell from the ceiling and shot man to the floor. Turning to the other he said "Alright you fat little- OW! Wally!"

Wade stumbled back as a fist hit him in the face. "Oh jeez sorry Wade, it's too dark in here. Hey where'd the second guy go?"

Wade looked around. He wasn't there. "Great, let's get outta here, we gotta find him and soon." he darted out of a door, Wally tailing behind in time to see the second man leap into the car and speed off.

"Damn! Wally wait here!" Wade shouted shooting a lock off a bike. He lept on and sped down the street after the car.

10 minutes later, Wade came to a hault. "There seem to be a problem officer?"

The policeman looked at Wade confused, he came across as a gun nut in a costume. "Look I really don't have time for--"

"Muscino gtucho."

"Come again?" Then it clicked they didn't speak Spanish. "Oh crap." Wade thought getting off of his bike.

"Rio!" the man shouted pulling a gun.

"Look I just wanna--"

"Rio! Rio os kinda!"

"Now look here!"


"Azzhole? Who are you calling an azzhole?" Wade shrugged and lept onto his bike.


"Shut up!" Wade shouted speeding away.

It wasn't long before a helicopter looked down on Wade, hundreds of police cars behind him. "All he had to do was not hit me in the face." He was beginning to catch up with the car.

Once he was near, he lept onto the back and smashed a window. "Hiya there! I'm new in town and was wondering, is this a taxi?" he pulled a pistol and shot his target. Kicking the driver out, he took the wheel and pulled round a corner.

How was he going to get rid of the poilce? Wally. He sped back to the building. Wally was standing there.Wade grabed him out of the window and flung him in the back "No time to explain, just put your seat belt on and try not to scream at the dead corpse."


Wade and Wally jumped out of the windows at the airport and feld inside the building. "Come on! We're gonna miss our flight!" police men started to stream into the building.

"Air ducts! Move!" The two jumped into a nearby air duct and crawled there way to their flight.
The bell rung through the air like nails on a chalkboard.

With reluctant rushing, the criminals ran from the bank grasping their take, thousands of dollars cash.

A snicker could be heard and they looked behind them, looking to see if the NYPD was coming after them.

What they got was much worse then the NYPD. They ran straight into a wall of webbing.

"Now, that isn't very nice. I set this web up just for you and you go running straight into it. I'm afraid I'm going to have to kick you out." Spider-man said, crawling down from the upper corner of the web to the first criminal.

"NO! PLEASE! DON'T!" He yelled.

"Ok. You can just hang out then." Spider-man said, taking the bag from him.

"Oh, and by the way, the NYPD is in THAT direction." Spider-man said, pointing to the other side of the web, where two police squad cars rested, with four policeman aiming guns at the webbed criminals.

"Thanks Spider-man." Spider-man gave a thumbs up and returned the money to the bank.

It was definately a good thing that Spider-man had cleared his name in the past few months and was now on good terms with some of the policeman...but being a vigilante, and JJJ's favorite one at that, put off some of them...
"I can't believe you've had that car for months now and your still alive" Warren said to Bobby jokingly as he entered the War Room.

"Yeah, being able to reform myself really helps..." Bobby replied

"What...what did you do to the car?!" Warren said looking at Bobby.

"Uhhh...nothing serious, just a minor fender bender...nothing I can't fix with time" Bobby said

"Yeah...right" Warren said "Your lucky I got bigger things on my mind or i'd be kickin' your ass right now"

"Like what?" Bobby replied trying to change the subject

"This whole Jean thing...doesn't it bother you, that somewhere out there is an entity that now has the majority of the Phoenix power...?" Archangel replied

"Yeah, its unsettling, knowing they can attack at anytime...but how is that different from any other day in the life of an X-man?" Bobby smirked

"Yeah I suppose so...but we've been searching for months and we still don't have any leads...I hope we find something out soon about this character, and find some way to stop him or it'll be even harder to sleep at night" Warren said

"Hard for you to sleep? You try sleeping as a block of ice pal...its not good" Iceman said

"Yeah, I imagine it would be...any lucky trying to find a cure? You might want to talk to Beast, he could probably help you" Archangel replied

"I hope so...I really do...I'm getting more and more worried everyday" Iceman said

"I know what you mean...knowing that Apocalypse tampered with our genetics is discomforting to say the least" Archangel replied "and it's the second time its happened to me..." He said looking at his wings

"Yeah, there are bigger things going on right now then me and you though...we need to think about Jean...and who took the Phoenix force" Iceman replied, always putting others before himself

"I agree, lets see what we can find out" Archangel said as the two began to do some research through the War Room computers.
Every night I have the dreams. For the past month and a half, they've become more vivid...more violent.

The skies are black and red and devoid of sunlight. The clouds look like little more than bloody mist.

In the streets, a green fog spreads, choking everyone it comes in contact with.

Bodies everywhere. Men, women, children. The rich and famous. The downtrodden and forgotten...mutants and heroes and villains....all dead.

I see them on the ground. Bloody, broken, twitching...dead and dying...

The Fantastic Four...
The Avengers...
The X-Men...

They all lay around me...dead. They fought valiantly to stop me, but they all fell. And in the back of my mind, I could see myself killing them. I was aware of it. But I couldn't stop myself. Oh Dear God, how I wanted to stop myself.

She-Hulk...no...Jen...she tried to stop me...she fell, too.

The streets are painted with the blood of the fallen. Soon, everyone will die. And I'll be to blame.

At my feet lies Emil Blonsky...The Abomination. His head twisted around, his jaw detached from his face. He's starting to regenerate. Starting to recover.

I don't let him.

My huge, emerald fist smashes his head into dust in a matter of seconds. The punch sends shockwaves along the ground in all directions.

Then I look around at the chaos around me. All of this pain, caused by me.

I am Bruce Banner, and I am horrified by what I've done.

I am The Hulk, and I am overjoyed at what I've done.

And I smile. And I laugh. And my laugh resounds throughout the world, throughout the universe, to all life itself. A war cry, a warning of things to come. A declaration of the coming of the harbinger of death.


...and then I wake up.

Every night for the last month and a half, I've had this dream. And it's gotten worse every time. Every time I wake up, I'm in a daze. I can't see or hear anything for about five minutes. The last time I had this dream, when I woke up, my hands were pale green and I had crushed my bed. Well, not my bed.

I've become a nomad. I travel from place to place. I had to high-tail it out of there before the hotel staff came and saw what I did to their bed. That was in Fresno. I now find myself in San Francisco, California. I'm going to have to leave as soon as I get my wits about me. This city is too big, too high profile. Goddamnit, if only my senses would work again. I reach around for my glasses on the nightstand, but I can't find them. I feel something in front of me. Something wet. I raise my hand to my face and sniff it: It's blood. Suddenly, my vision comes back to me. I'm not in the hotel anymore.

Everything around me is destroyed. Buildings decimated, fire everywhere. Looking forward, I see a blood-soaked body lying in front of me. Dear God no...

It's a little girl. She couldn't be any older than nine years old...

I look to the left. A white and pink bike with pink and silver streamers lies on the ground, the wheels still spinning but slowing to a halt. The bike is broken in half.

People are running around, screaming something. My hearing hasn't completely come back yet, I don't know what they're saying.

I can see several paramedics tending to the wounded, but soon it dawns upon me that there are more dying than there are wounded. Whatever did this has completely destroyed the city. God, please don't let it be what I think it is.

Then, suddenly, my hearing comes back. And I can hear clearly.


This isn't a dream. This really happened while I was asleep. And if this happened while Bruce Banner was asleep, then what was to stop the Hulk from doing unspeakable evil?

My heart becomes heavy. I start to cry uncontrollably. I killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people, all because I was having a bad dream. Dear God...the dream is coming true.

"The dream is coming true..." I say aloud. "I...I have to get out of...out of...here..."

No...not now...not again...calm down, Bruce. For the love of God, calm down!

I have to get to Dr. Samson. It's the only way to stop this nightmare once and for all!

It's too late. My skin turns a sickening green that I've had to look at for years. My muscles bulge. My eyes nearly burst. What nobody knows is: this is a painful process. It hurts more than anything in the world. And suddenly...


Max Dillon laughed as he walked through the darkend streets of New York. Not a single light even flickered. It was going to go on like this until the city gave him what he wanted, Spider-man. The city had been out of power for about 4 months now. It was at a crisis, not knowing where to find Electro, having to get new food regulary, having to find away of getting through every day life without technology.

For too long now had Electro been whimpering over who he was inside. He had told himself it was about time that he shut himself up and carried on with life. Mia was dead, nothing was going to change that. Bullseye was his friend again, the guilt had been gotten rid of.

All in all, life was finally starting to piece back together again. He was strating to enjoy it again. Now he had a little problem on his hands. A problem that always existed. A certain web-slinging hero.

For too long had he forgotten about the man that had put him in this place, Spider-man. For too long had he been wound up in his own little world to see who was really behind his misery.

Once spider-man was given to him, he'd restore the power back to this City. Not a moment sooner. When spider-man was dead, his life would be complete. There was a skip in Max's step as he walked down the street.
Well, it's been a few months since I was 'recruited' by S.H.I.E.L.D. to interview Cletus Kasady a.k.a. Carnage. And guess what interesting tidbits of information I've learned in those months.

He was named after his mother's uncle.

That's about it.

Oh, and I've experienced many new things in my tenure as a reluctant S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Do you know what color your spleen is? I do.

Ever have your head literally shoved up your own ass? I have.

Felt a breeze on your frontal lobe? Yep.

Have your heart ripped out your chest and then was forced to eat it? Been there, done that.

Been beaten to death with your own leg? That was a slow day.

I wish I was working at McDonalds.
It was a cold and dark evening. It began raining about an hour ago. You could feel it coming like the thunder and lightning that followed, you can always feel it coming in New York.

A dark shadowy figure sits perched on the edge of a rooftop. Crouched over, slumping it’s shoulders with it’s head down. Sitting incredibly still, motionless, oblivious of the world around it. You would almost think it was a gargoyle if it weren’t for the incoherent babble coming from inside the darkness.

The eerie sounds of whispers and gibberish cut chillingly into your soul as you wonder who and what this thing is. Dressed all in black with only a small patch of hair coming from inside it’s suit on top of it’s head. The breathing is hard, as if it had been running all night. Running away from what who knows, maybe it’s demons, it’s past….or even itself.

It’s suit is now soaked from the rain, which is now flowing down it’s body like a river. You can almost hear what it’s saying at this point, as it’s voice gets louder. The sound of frustration and anger bellow out from deep in it’s gut. When you can almost make out the words it was saying , a loud thunder rumbles in the background. The sudden shock of a crack and roar from far away wakes you from a calm silence, but without notice the figure does not move from it‘s solitary spot.

The rain begins to let up, as the thunder and lighting can still be heard in the background. The light coming from the bright streaks paint a clearer picture of the figure. It looks more human, if it weren’t for the fact that it was completely covered in black from head to toe.

All of a sudden the figure stands straight up. Still remaining on the edge of the rooftop, fearless or unaware of the danger that lies below. The figure leans forward as it almost leaps off the side. To fall aimlessly without a sound, as if it wanted to, as if it wanted to end it all. End all the pain and suffering it had endured through it’s short lifetime. When all seemed certain that this tragic tale shall end, the figure steps back to it’s original spot. It’s made it’s choice….for now.
"OhmygodohmygodohmygodI can't beleive this is HAPPENING!!!!!"

"Yes. Ummm, would you please move along? I don't mean to be rude, but you're holding up the line."

The girls walks off, holding her autograph with a huge smile on my face. Now, I've faced some of the worst people on the planet. I've gone up against impossible odds. I even stood my ground against a man who quite literally usurped God's thrown. But now, I face one of the worst challenges of my life.

Wizard World Boston.

I'm sitting here in 'artists alley', signing autographs and drawing pictures for people.

Ever since I restarted my comic book art career, I've been going by the pen name 'Nick Buchanon'. It's been great. Working with great wtriters, helping crafts good stories. And hell, it just feels good to be drawing again. To be doing something that doesn't involve being Captain America all the time.

Then there's the conventions. Now, don't get me wrong. I love the fans. But it's just so tedious.

The day goes on. I sign autographs. I draw pictures. I go on pannels and do some Q and A. After a few houres, I get up and head to the bathroom.

On the way back to my seat, I see a weird looking I guy in line for an autograph signing. Nervous looking, sweaty, shifty eyed. But most of all, he looks mad. I watch him for a few minutes. Something's wrong here. He moves up in line, and finally gets to the actress signing autographs. He starts yelling.

"Y...you. YOU LITTLE ****E!!!! How could you do that?!?! How could you do THAT with HIM?!?!"

The actress looks very confused and shocked. That look turns to sheer terror as the man pulls out a gun. Without even thinking, I go into action. I spot a kid holding a toy lightsaber, and grab it.

"Sorry. Need this."

I throw it hard at the back of the guys head. He fires one shot up into the air as he falls over. I rush over to him, pulling my baseball cap down even further down my face and making sure my sunglasses are on securely. I pin the guy down. The actress turns to me.

"Jesus Christ. That guy nearly killed me. You're a real hero."

"No, ma'am. I'm not a hero. Just an artist."


Random Thought Generator

Bringing Order To Chaos

A device that produces electricity from blood could be used to turn people into "human batteries".

Researchers in Japan are developing a method of drawing power from blood glucose, mimicking the way the body generates energy from food.

Theoretically, it could allow a person to pump out 100 watts - enough to illuminate a light bulb.

But that would entail converting all the food eaten by the individual into electricity. In practice, less power would be generated since food is needed by the body.

However the scientists say the "bio-nano" generator could be used to run devices embedded in the body, or sugar-fed robots.

The team at electronics giant Panasonic's Nanotechnology Research Laboratory near Kyoto has so far only managed to produce very low power levels.

But the scientists ultimately expect to gain much greater performance from the device.

The battery is based on an enzyme capable of stripping glucose of its electrons, The Engineer magazine reported.

Dr Kazuo Eda, heading the research, said: "It is like the metabolism of food. Human bodies can process glucose and obtain energy. When glucose is oxidised, electrons can be obtained."

He believed bio-nano fuel cells were the next step for researchers after generators powered by hydrogen, natural gas and methanol now being developed for the car and energy industries

Final Analysis :




“You where having a nightmare,”

“Was I talking to myself?”

“No. The room was trembling,”

“I’m..I’m sorry Scott. I haven’t been able to sleep since..since he took my powers,”

“None of us have…let’s get some breakfast,”

Jean grabbed Scott’s hand. The last few months haven’t been pleasant. Madelyne Pryor had tried killing herself multiple times. When she wasn’t attempting suicide, she was debating with Jean. Then there was Emma, who currently was in the kitchen. Scott had broken up with her a month after Jean returned.

“If it isn’t Scott and the **** Force,”

“Good morning to you too, Emma,”
A breeze rippled across the air, sending the crisp early morning air to brush against Anna Maries skin. Her brunette hair drifted in the air and the fly-aways streamed into the air behind her. The rising sun cast a soft morning glow on her uplifted face.
She brought her gloved hand up and tucked a strand of white hair behind her ear. It was mid-spring and the green leaves and grass had peeked out a few weeks ago. She could see the green foliege from her perch on the Mansions roof.
There was still a sharp coolness to the air. As winter slowly gave up her clench on the world and reluctantly surrendered it to the coming spring.

Kind of like Emma did to Scott. She smiled

Weird how everything changes overnight, even my life.

Rogue stood up and greeted the sun, lifting her face up to in and closing her eyes. She could hear voices from underneath her and knew that it was time to face the other mansion occupants.

She stepped off the roof and started up her powers, lowering herself to the ground, in bed of flames. She’d only had a few mishaps from her new powers. A few burned books and some teammates had some scorched hair for a couple of days after practice. But nothing lasting. She’d of yet burned down a dormitory or anything, like Chamber had. But then again..she’d never been kissed…

She walked into the Mansion, and greeted Beast before heading towards the kitchen.
“Good morning Hank.”

“Good Morning Rogue. Are you going to join Bobby and Warren?”

Rogue tilted her head. “Ah wasn’t plannin’ on it, where are they?”

“I believe they are down in the lower levels of the Mansion. The Danger room perhaps?”

Or the War Room She thought as he walked away.


She placed her hand over her stomach. Breakfast was calling.
She headed for the kitchen, already dressed in her outfit she stood out amoung the various students wandering around in their pajamas.
She entered the kitchen and shivered.

No wonder it’s cold in here.
She noticed Scott and Jean were already there.

“Good mornin’ ya’ll!” she aid cheerfully. Receiving an icy glare from Emma.
Still hasn’t gotten over Scott rejecting her.

Rogue grabbed a piece of toast and slide right back out the door she’d entered and headed down the hall to the elevator.
Being around that trio was just too much to ask from any one X-Man.
Ah know what ah can handle and that ain't it.

She took the elevator down to the lower levels and walked through the quiet halls, no one was in the Danger Room, so she peeked her head into the War Room. Bobby’s clear icy figure and Angel’s wings were hard to miss. They were both leaning over the computers.

“Good mornin’ boys.”
Clint Barton stood in front of the tombstone, kneeling down to place two roses on the cold, hard ground. Standing back up, he rubbed his hand over the carved name.


"Hey buddy," Clint sighed. "Long time. Been a hectic couple months. But we haven't forgotten. We'll never forget. And I swear, I'll find those kids for you. Even if I end up in the ground, I'll find them. Frankie, she's not doing too good. Hasn't spoken a word since Christmas night. One rose is from her. Well, me and Wanda got them both, but, you know. Talked to Reed and Sue last night. They settled into their new house, but without Val, it's just not home."

Clint paused, looking into the bleak sky.

"Dammit, I wish I knew what happened. Wanda and Hank, they know, but they won't tell us. Whenever I bring it up, they go blank. If it wasn't for that damn Electro, I coulda been there too. Coulda stopped it. I know I said it a hundred times before, but I'm sorry."

Clint turned away.

"Wanda has a doctor's appointment. She's comin' along real nice. You take 'er easy, Bossman. See ya around."
Jean stared at Emma for a moment. There was a long moment of silence. The usual way it was talking to the White Queen.

“You know, Scott, I am not hungry. I am going to go down to the Danger Room,”

Walking down the hall, the telepath stepped into the elevator. Someone was running down the hall.

“Hold the elevator


“Hey! Mom!”

“Where are you off too?” Jean asked, hugging her daughter.

“War Room. You?”

“Danger Room,”

The elevator came to halt and the door slide open.

“This is my stop,”


“Marvel Girl…no..The Phoenix…hell no..Telepath..no…X-Girl..no..Grey Matter..no..I guess Jean Grey would go well,” the mutant thought out loud. Sage shot a strange look as she walked out of the locker room. Jean waved. Pulling on her red and orange uniform, she sent a telepathic message to Rogue.

“Would you like to indulge in a friendly Danger Room match?”

This would be the first time in months she had ever been back in the Danger Room.
“Would you like to indulge in a friendly Danger Room match?”

Rogue tilted her head.
"I'd love to Jean,I'll be right there."

"See ya boys!" she said not allowing them to answer her first comment.
"I'll be in the Danger room if you need me."SHe waved.

Turning she bumping into Rachel. Rogue felt her heart flutter, and adrenaline rush to her head, as she threw back her arms and her body, as if she had been thrust up against a red hot wall. Fear coursed through her. She knew there had been no skin-toskin contact but the adrenaline still pumped.
Rogue caught her breath.

"Oh! Ray, I'm sorry."

"No prob." Rachel said brushing it off.
"See ya!" She said walking past Rogue into the War room.

Rogue waited after Rachel had left the hallway and took a few deep breaths trying to get her heart to stop racing. Her paranoia had spiked after what had happened with her and Sunfire. She had been so helpless. She couldn't stop touching him, there had been no way. Being forced to continue her contact with Sunfire as she'd felt his life slowly slip away and drain into her.
She wondered if any of the telepaths had felt someone die like that.
To know and feel somone die and not be able to do anything about it.

She shook her head and walked into the Danger Room.
Without hesitation the figure turns back, and steps off the edge. Suddenly it begins running along the rooftop with incredible speed. As it moves closer and closer to the opposite edge, it appears it has changed it’s mind. With great force it pushes off the tip of the edge. Gracefully flying through the air, with it’s arms raised. It slowly starts descending and it appears as it‘s fate has been determined. But before it should reach it’s ultimate death, a surface appears and it lands with perfection and precision on another rooftop 20 feet away from the last. But without stopping, it continues to leap and land from one rooftop to the next. Each jump as impressive as the last until it reaches the empire state building.

The figure jumps and unfortunately there is no rooftop to land safely this time. The building comes closer and closer and it appears that it will collide on the side of the Empire State building. When something strange would happen . Instead of falling to it’s death, the figure clings onto the wall without sliding. It starts scaling the side of the tower. It doesn’t stop until it has reached the very top and then climbs the pole. Standing there above everything else, the streets and the lights are glowing giving the creature a magnificent view. However it wasn’t there for the view, it came there to escape everything.

Thoughts begin racing through it’s head as it tries to grasp why it exists. A final thought comes to it, and it ponders on this question. It seemed an eternity within those few seconds, as it opens it’s mouth it screams....

Latveria was alive and buzzing. The streets lit up brightly into the dark hours of the night. A festival was taking place throughout the countryside. Doom had much to rejoice for over the last few months. He smiled wide and took a sip from his chalice as he looked out over his people. He had publically declared this Festival of Fire, ironically, because of how important the elemental force of fire was becomming in his life.

The night sky almost burned from the torch's below. Doom rose up from his chair and walked back into his chambers.

"How are Doom's angels?"

Valeria Richards lifted her head from one of the baby crates, she had just finished feeding them.

"They are restless, my Lord."

Doom approached the crates and passed his hand over the twin babies.

"Be still, young ones. Doom will protect you."

The twins stopped crying and Doom turned back to leave the room. As he was walking through the door he turned back to Valeria.

"Keep them warm, we have much research to finish tomorrow."
Jean stood in the middle of the Danger Room. Waving her hand at the control room, the computer activated.


The room began to shimmer. Soon, the X-Men’s practice room turned into the Hellfire Club’s headquarters. Emma Frost stood in the middle of the room, getting ready to fight.

Rogue stepped into the Danger Room.

“How would you feel if I went by the name..Jean Grey. The Phoenix doesn’t sound right anymore and the Marvel Girl persona is Rachel’s thing,” Jean questioned before hurling a fireball out of one hand towards Rogue, and another towards the White Queen.
The Hobgoblin toyed angrily with his computer terminal.


He was growing restless with his duties as a major crimelord. He had always been obsessed with being the best of the best when it came to intelligence. He knew everything around him and was never caught off guard. When managing all criminal activities in the biggest city in the world...personally...it becomes daunting, and tedious.

He however was not without joy. He had been toying with evil endeavors for the sake of his entertainment for some time. Among other things, he kept being drawn back to his chance encounter with Captain America last Christmas. Aside from a rousing fight, he seemed to seriously stir an emotional response from the old man. He might want to think about that in the near future.

He switched to his personal file on the computer. A long list of files were revealed. He focused on just a few...

/ Super-Criminals in SHIELD custody
/ Banner, Robert Bruce; "The Incredible Hulk"
/ Wyngarde, Jason; Mutant, "Mastermind"
/ Fisk, Wilson
/ "The Taskmaster"

Surely this would be enough to keep him entertained in his spare time.
Canada. Even in a world full of car exhaust and lack of ozone, here, the air feels crisp and clear and clean.

I'm on my bike, heading back for Manchester. I had finally climbed out of the rubble of what apparently used to be my home.

James. The one word's still pounding in my skull. I can't believe it. After all these years...I'm so close I can feel it. There's still some bits and pieces missing, but I almost have my memories.

James. JamesJamesJamesJamesJames. God, I can't believe it.

I cross the border, making it back to America. Already, that crisp, clean air starts to smell. I can practically pick out the molecules of smell in the air with my sense of smell.

I ride in silence. No need to stop. The constant purr of the motor is calming, and since I left the border, there hasn't been a car in sight, and with the exception of a few small towns, it's nothing but nature.

It's rare that I feel...calm. I slow down a hair.

It's rare that I feel calm. Might as well make the moment last.
A Miserable figure of a man stands alone in an alley. Next to him a corpse laid, blood flowing from his head to the ground like an open faucet. The slightly hunchbacked figure clutches his stomach tightly as he staggers out of the alley barely able to catch his breath.

Poor Soul, if only he had taken a different route to….. Wherever he’d still be alive, but for now we’ll get back to that.

As he starts to make his way toward his apartment walking slowly along he begins thinking about his life since he found out that he tested positive for the fatal Legacy Virus.

Two hours of sleep a night that’s all I ever get since I contracted that damn virus that sent my life to hell. Funny, I used to think my life couldn’t get any worse, but here we are. Now it seems my abilities have increased, those eleven hours of the day I’m not in pain or vomiting, not my idea of a fair trade. The pistol I've been carrying in my pocket my only comfort these lonely and painful nights, but no longer will my life have no meaning my purpose is clear!


Lighting his cigarette he contemplates the possibilities, it would only be time until the next victim.
IC: Taskmaster

Location: The northern Spanish city of Pamplona

Task at hand: Assassination

I was glad to be away from the office I'd been sitting in doing nothing. I was over-joyed when a small time crook tried to talk to the cops. He traveled to Pamplona after we murdered the members of his little gang. I heard about this and jumped at the chance to get out and see the world.

The only reason he wanted my origanization taken down was for the territory. Truthfully he could have just asked. I haven't even heard from Nefaria in months. This is what I wanted, I wanted to run with the bulls and take down someone who was interfering with my work.

They open the cages and I take off. I stayed in the back of the pack so he wouldn't notice me. I was in a disguise of course but I didn't like taking chances. I get one of the bulls to set it's sights on me. I find my target. He looked so happy, thought all his problems had gone away. I catch up to him.

" So you thought you could move in on my territory"

I don't let him hear anything else. I just wanted him to know who I was and that he had messed with the wrong person. I kick him in the side of his knee, breaking his leg. The bull that was after me, ran him over, then went baack to finish the job. I looked back to see the man's lifeless body, hanging from the bulls horns with his blood in a pool underneath him.

Task completed


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