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Dec 7, 2011
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Every comic fan has a million ideas on what stories they’d like to see happen in their favorite series. That’s why it’s no surprise why so many comic fans love to write fan fiction. And at The House of Ideas, you’ll get the opportunity to do just that.

The House of Ideas, a sister site of, is a place where any idea for your favorite Marvel or DC series could come to life. Whether it’s new and exciting adventures, new takes on classic tales, or a thought provoking character-centric series, it’s all up to you.

What makes The House of Ideas special and unique is that it is a community. Through the boards, we get together and talk about our series, provide feedback to follow writers and even have the occasional event month and award ceremony! The House of Ideas is above all a community to nurture and support fellow writers.

It is through that community you can even create your own fan fiction universe. Want to tell an expansive tale covering multiple series and characters? You can do that over in our Multiverse section. Whether you want to writer this venture alone or with a collection of writer’s it’s up to you. In fact some of our best Multiverse series started out as solo affair before expanding into a wonderful team effort.

What happens in The House of Ideas is in your hands. Right now we’re going through our Regenesis, starting anew. Now is the time to come on in and join the family, because new features and events will soon be taking place.

Now’s the time to put your idea from pen to paper(or keyboard to word document). Or do you already have a story that you would to go up on our site? That’s fine too!

You can find our fan fiction site here at the The House Of Ideas!!!

You come join us right now at in Fan Fiction section if you already have an idea for a series and would like some opinions, help or accolades for awesomeness.

It’s all about you and your ideas.

The House of Ideas, where one idea could spark a universe. So what’s yours?

If youd like to submit a story e-mail me at: [email protected]

Here are some of my favorite THOI stories:

Xtreme X-Men The New Class (By Lead Pear, it's a new generation of all original characters lead by some of your favorite X-Men! It's one of our longest running series and definitely one of our best. It could make you laugh one second, then make you cry the next.)

The Decimation Series - (By David McNamara, this is a solo multiverse effort that quickly became a fan favorite! Death, action and love, you need to check this one out.).

Knights of Greymalkin #1: The Gifted- (By Mitch Crane -This started out a solo series and quickly bloomed into a full functioning universe with multiple series and multiple writers but it's the original that has a special place in my heart. It's unique, exciting and fun!". We had both an Avengers and Spider-Man title in this universe.)

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