The Hype wrestling predictions league: royal rumble

Aside from losing points i'm glad i was wrong about my prediction for the Rumble.
So I missed out on Christian, Orton v. Sheamus, and the Rumble.

I got Mickie James, and Undertaker v. Mysterio.
4 out of 5. I even got the Rumble winner correct!
I only got 2 out of 5 but I didn't mind Christian retaining and I'm glad Mickie and Edge won and proved me wrong. McCools going to probably polidick her way back to the title soon enough though.
ok guys official scores, but before that, i stated in this thread you had until the ppv started which was 1 am uk time so thats 8pm est/5pm est that is the cut off point.

posts after that will not count and edited posts after it's started will have you disqualified for the ppv. because it's the first round it's only a points off warning this time.

lone wolf 2+2+2+0+0=6
hunter rider 2+2+2+2+0=6
retronaz 0+2+2+2+5=11
kaleb 2+0+2+2+0=6
mr.webs 2+2+2+2+0=8
super ferret 2+2+2+2+0=8
venom892 2+2+2+2+0=8
nightmare 2+2+2+2+0=8
Phatman 0+2+0+2+0=4
bullets 2+0+2+2+0=6
caretaker14 2+0+2+2+0=6
Pyrochamber 0+0+2+2+0=4
metallo 0+0+2+2+0=4
milu 0+0+2+2+0=4
nell2thaizzat 2+0+2+2+0 (detucted 2 points due to editing after the ppv had started)=4
ultimate evil 2+0+2+2+0=6
louiebling$ 2+0+2+2+5=11

so the table looks like this

louiebling$ 11
retronaz 11
mr.webs 8
nightmare 8
super ferret 8
venom892 8
bullets 6
caretaker14 6
hunter rider 6
kaleb 6
lone wolf 6
ultimate evil 6
metallo 4
milu 4
nell2thaizzat 4
Phatman 4
Pyrochamber 4

hopefully see you next ppv
Although I missed out on some points, I'm glad a few of my predictions were wrong.
will this include tna ppv's also?

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