The Hype's Women's Murder Club: Anesthetic Awareness


Apr 21, 2005
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Fic by: Hunter Rider and Jolie Mendez

Doctors, Nurses, and patients are being picked off one by one randomly at the Stonecrest Hospital in New York. It is up to the women's murder club to take on what could be the biggest case in New York's homicide history.


Cindy - SML

Jill - Bella

Claire - Tzarinna

Lindsay – Kel

Jacobi - Hunter Rider

based on the bestselling series by James Patterson

Woah..You have no idea..Lol. My character's name is my sister's name.:wow: Stalker!
Sounds interesting.....
Thanks for including me in this fan fic of yours, Jolie. I look forward to the first chapter/episode! Women's Murder Club, eh? Does this mean I get to kill someone? Finally! :D :o
*sitting at computer*
*elbow on desk, chin in hand*
*drumming fingers on desk*
*looking at screen*
Nerdy-looking male nurse who pines for the affection of Cindy: DOG LIPS
Thanks for including me in this fan fic of yours, Jolie. I look forward to the first chapter/episode! Women's Murder Club, eh? Does this mean I get to kill someone? Finally! :D :o

honor having you in it ;)

hmm you'll just have to wait and see girl :D
Putting some finishing touches on it, should be up before the weekend if I can get the time

thanks for being patient guys! :D

It was 2am, the double doors of the pediatrics’ ward burst open and a nurse with blood all over her uniform stumbled into the corridor and fell to the floor, the sound of methodical footsteps closed in behind her, she looked up in her dazed state to see a leather handed glove with a silenced automatic in it, she tried to scream but the fear paralyzed her, two shots later and she was dead..

Chapter 1

{Alarm clock beeping}

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Dammit thought Kel

I hate that damn sound

Kel reached over to silence the cause of her annoyance and laid back in her bed for a few minutes, staring at the ceiling, collecting her thoughts. As much as she loved her job, she loved these lazy Saturdays, didn’t know what the possibilities could bring her. Kel finally got out of bed and opened her door to find her border collie Martha waiting for her excitedly. “Hey you,” she said, bending down to give her sweet ole Martha an eskimo kiss. “Someone’s excited for their morning run,” she told Martha, someone definitely more excited than her. She remembered she could run for miles on end back in the day, however, now that she was in her mid 30s, Kel just didn’t have the enthusiasm she once had.

The air was nice and cool this early in the morning, she thought. Starting with a slow jog, she steadied her momentum and slowly increased her speed. After a few minutes, the endorphins began to kick in, and she was jolting it into high gear. The only time Kel could really think for herself was around this time of day, during her morning runs with Martha. One of the reasons Kel kept up the routine, plus it did help keep her 5’10 frame in shape without the cost of a gym. You know how much a gym membership costs in New York? Hah!
As Kel was walking through her door back from her run, she heard her cell phone ring. Damn! She thought, I always leave that thing in the house. She rushed in to see her best friend Tzarinna’s name on the screen.

Kel: Hey girl, sorry I left my..

Tzarinna: Kel..

Kel: What is it Tzarinna?

Tzarinna didn’t sound too good

Tzarinna: I just got a phone call from Jacobi, he said you weren’t answering your cell phone

Nice Kel, nice
Jacobi is Kel’s parter on the force

Tzarinna: and um..well…something has happened

Kel: What exactly?

Tzarinna: Edmund called me this morning, he said that something terrible has happened at Municipal Hospital

Kel: Municipal? Isn’t that where..

Tzarinna: Yes, well, a nurse was murdered there last night

Kel: Oh **** Tzarinna, not..

Tzarinna: Yes, Nurse Riley

* Tzarinna began to choke up*

Kel: Tzarinna I’m so sorry, let me get in touch with Jacobi and I’ll be there as soon as I can ok?

Tzarinna: It’s alright, do whatever you can babe.

Kel: I promise, I’m going to find whoever did this, ok?

Tzarinna: Do whatever you can babe. Just give me a call when you can.

Kel: I will, I love you girl

Tzarinna: I love you too babe.

* Tzarinna hung up the line*

Dammit! How the hell did this happen? Kel quickly dialed Jacobi and began to set up their first plan of action. First things first, get on the scene.
As she was waiting outside for Jacobi to pick her up, Kel thought only of Tzarinna, her best friend, her family basically. Tzarinna was a medical examiner, married with two beautiful grown up boys. How could this happen? Tzarinna and the family were so close to Nurse Riley, she helped deliver her two boys for God’s sake…..
Great first chapter.:D Way to grab someone's attention at the very beginning.:up: Can't wait to see what happens next.
Great start Lil' sis.
I like the way you introduced Kel and Tza, gives a nice clear image of who they are and their relationship.
Ha, nice set up. :yay:

Me, married with two boys. :eek:
GOOOOOOD job......:applaud
Good introduction, Jolie. I like how you illustrate the close relationship between Kel and Tza. They seem to be more than friends, like family. Looking forward to find out more about the other characters mentioned in this chapter (Jacobi & Edmund) and of the victim, Nurse Riley. :up:
*Loud Buzz*

Damn that was fast, thought Kel

With one stride from her long legs she reached the buzzer to let Hunter Rider in. One of her best friends and partner in crime, literally. She went to the kitchen to grab her purse and threw on her black jacket. Although Kel held a tough exterior, female instincts caused her to take a quick glance at the mirror, ruffling through her long blonde hair, adjusting her jacket. Do I still got it? Kel wondered. She didn't think so, considering it was only her and Martha, her dog, in that apartment for the past 5 years. That longing came again, and she quickly brushed it off before she would regret it later with a tub of ben and jerry's. No matter how tough and strong a women can be, she would still have that soft compassionate side all women hold.

Knock, Knock

"Kel?"- Hunter Rider
" Coming"- Kel

Kel Opens the door

" Well don't you look all high and mighty this morning"- Hunter Rider teased
" Hunter dear, I say this with all do respect, shove it"- Kel
"Yes, ma'am"- Hunter Rider

The drive was longer than I remembered. Was it always this long when I went to visit Tzarinna at the hospital? It was probably just nerves kicking in. I really did not want to be here. It was too much to bear, thinking of that sweet faced, angelic Nurse Riley. Her lifeless corpse sticking to the ground. I almost heaved.

" Hey, Hey! You alright?"- Hunter Rider
" I'm great, we there yet?" - Kel, yeah i lied, so what?
" Yeah up here"- Hunter Rider

We entered the hospital with quick but steady strides. We were professional after all, and had to look the part. It helped with intimidating the newer officers.

Oh God, Kel thought. Before her were half a dozen officers, two morgue photographers, and a long, blood blotted white sheet covering the "evidence."
Keep it together, Kel reminded herself .

"Hey, you sure you ready for this?" - Hunter Rider
" Ready as I'll ever Tzarinna here?- Kel
" Yeah, she's down stairs, she'll be up in a minute"- Hunter Rider

Taking a deep breathe, I made my way towards the officers. There were a few I didn't recognize, tall, young looking men. One woman was kneeling against the wall, eyes shut. Yup, these were newbies. Wish I could tell them it gets easier, psht..who am I kidding, I felt like my nerves got a shot of electricity running through them. There was one more man, very tall, dark hair, back facing me. Hello? Who is this one? Before I could sneak a quick hint from Hunter, the man turned.

My nerves were still pumping, but for a whole different reason now. The man was gorgeous, his dark green eyes stared right through me in shock. He was grossly intimidating.

" Hello, you two must be from DA's office"

He took out his hand,shaking Hunter Rider's. Then, staring at me, reached out his hand, inviting mine to do the same...

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