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The Dark Knight Rises The " I Liked This Movie Thread "


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Aug 8, 2008
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Just thought I could throw up a thread that encouraged people who liked the film a lot, a little, or whatever and have a productive discussion. Seems like most of the threads that I usually frequent have people who didn't enjoy the film having a good discussion; so why not one for us who enjoyed it?

This isn't the best movie that I have seen in years, but it's my favorite movie that I have seen in years.
I liked this movie a lot!

I have a lot of qualms with it, but overall I'm satisfied. There was a lot to like in this film, and I have a feeling that in the next few years it will take its place as the Return of the Jedi of this series.
Yea, I can definitely see how the film is polarizing. I watched it for a second time today by myself with no distractions or anyone sitting around me and enjoyed it even more. I can see it growing on some people in subsequent viewings, and I'm sure some will always dislike it.
I loved this movie. It was amazing; I need to see it again to process it more, but I think I like it the best of the three. I know everyone has their own opinion, but I can't figure out why so many bat fans (on this board at least) seem to downright HATE this movie. The audience I saw it with was eating it up, cheering after every big action scene, going crazy when the fire lit up in the shape of the bat signal, etc. It's by no means a perfect movie--but neither are Batman Begins or the Dark Knight, and both of them are great too.
I loved TDKR. Its now my favorite Batman movie. It was awesome. :waa: :hrt:
I liked it, too. It couldn't have lived up to all the HYPE that was put upon it but I was very satisfied and then some. I would recommend everyone watch it and then again with a clear head.
I can't wait to watch it with my child. because you really need a father to be there with you.

It's great. heck I even teared up a little.
Thanks, I really needed this thread.

I loved it. I think it was a great ending to the trilogy, and my expectations were reached. 9.5, maybe with a second watch it will get a 10/10.
I didn't like this movie, I LOVED this movie.

This is my favorite trilogy of all-time. Nolan "got" what I want in Batman films...every single time.

I'm gonna miss them.
I definitely liked it, I just felt it seemed a tad rushed and a lot more in the vein of a comic book than the previous two, which is strange to say but accurate. That being said, because it was a bit more loose, the action was by far the best of the series.
I loved it. Minor nitpicks. Can't wait to see it again.
Enjoying it more and more as I think about it..
I love this movie. TDKR is the best of the three , with Begins at second place.
I loved this movie. It's sad that this thread has to exist. I thought almost every post would be like this!
It does remind me of when TDK came out. So much hatred for it. I effin loved this movie, easily the best Batman movie ever
I love it, and it actually exceeded my expectations. :woot:
I always knew it would get a mixed reaction from the die-hard fans (however never count out the possibility that it could just be a grower for some) though it doesn't affect how I view it. Lots of people don't like/got mixed bag of feels for Batman Begins and I love that film with all my heart, lol.
I loved this movie. I thought it was absolutely amazing as far as movies go.

There was so much depth and style to the movie not to mention heart and emotion.
I thought the end was really interesting, classy, and unique; all the while staying true to what Nolan set out to do in terms of keeping the story and character real world like.
That is a great site! I saw the information is very usefule!

Just got back from seeing it my thoughts..... I freaking loved it! Sure I have some nitpicks but I felt it is worthy of being in the series, can't wait to watch it again! One of the best years for CBM's ey?

In the end each film in this series has aspects I enjoy over the other.
i really do think that the movie will be viewed in a better light over time. people need repeat viewings and some time to appreciate how grand and ambitious the movie is.
Anyone else notice that all the main characters were
essentialy orphans?

Thought that was kind of interesting :/
I absolutely LOVED this movie. F*** the haters... they're going to piss and moan about anything. There was so much I loved about this film... so many great performances, so many cool nods to fans of the comics and cartoons, and all put together perfectly by the genius that is Chris Nolan.
Amazing movie, loved it.

I notice that at least half of the people who don't like it have that opinion not because of the quality of the movie itself but because of some the Nolan's interpretation (or lack of it) of some aspects of the Batman universe. Which should imo, have nothing to do with if you think this movie is good or not.

Those should be different topics.

(just to be clear, people who don't like the script, acting, pacing...whatever, they have every right to do so...well the other guys who hate it because "robin this/that" and "Batman wouldn't do this and that" also have a right to think that but remember this is not YOUR batman or this comic batman or that comic batman or animated series batman etc...it's Nolan's Bruce Wayne. Judge him for what he is, not for what he isn't, both bruce wayne and the film in general)

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