The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Hi, I have made a system, to help me give a honest and strait rating to a movie, so I’m rating all the movies I have seen with it. Let’s see what we have here:

Acting: 7.5/10
Script: 7/10
Directing: 6.8/10
Visual stile (Art, costumes, cinematography, etc): 9/10
Music: 7.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10

Caught this on dvd. It's probably Gilliam's most accessible movie because it is a fairly straightforward plot. I was surprised to see Vern Troyer in this.

Ledger was good but I was too distracted by Lily Cole. She was freaking hot in this.
Im so ready to see this. Been waiting forever it seems
I pre-ordered this on DVD and will get to finally see it come Tuesday. I'm looking forward to finally getting to see it
Yeah my local video store always puts out new releases early which is how I caught it. I wouldn't say it's a buy, but worth checking out. The story starts off good, but it just falls apart in the end.
Why did it go straight to dvd?
It only hit small theaters in the US, as no big places wanted to buy it. Gilliams name is like Box office poisen to the studios.

My schools theater got it. It was really a sight to see. Really enjoyed it.
My dvd finally shipped and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow... cant wait to see it finally! :woot:

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