The Inevitable Barry Allen Recasting Thread



Flash / Barry Allen : George McKay


Irish West : Georgina Campbell


Professor Zoom/ Eobard Thawne : Billy Magnussen


The Weather Wizard : Sean Harris


Captain Cold : Johnny Flynn


Caitlin Snow : Sosie Bacon
As for "why not use Wally West", I mainly know Wally from Justice League where he's part of an estimable. He seems to have the same problem that John Stewart has as GL where people mainly know them from the Justice League cartoon and want to see them, but can they carry their own franchise?
I mean the current version of Barry Allen is just Wally West but with Barry Allen origin
My issue with using Wally West in a movie, is that Wally West is fundamentally defined by his status as a legacy hero. While this doesn't mean you have to do a bunch of Barry Allen movies before using him, it does mean that you have to be comfortable writing Wally with a relationship to his posthumous predecessor, in a world where such a posthumous predecessor is possible and sensical. I remain dubious that WB would be able or willing to do such a thing well. They'd either strip out everything that makes Wally a distinct character ala Cyborg ( bad ), or utterly botch the "the world existed before this movie and this hero" narrative aspect ( bad ), or likely both ( bad ).

Which is a pity, because I like Wally West much better than Barry Allen, at least in the comics. Given my druthers I *would* make Wally West the Flash in the movies, with the Barry Allen Flash part of the prior generation of heroes to the current one. But I'd rather a good Barry Allen movie than a bad botched Wally West movie.
I think Barry Allen works better as a lead character in a Flash series because he just has more stuff to build off of (love interests, a day job as a CSI, etc), whereas Wally works better in a Justice League where he can be the comic relief of the team with serious heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the John Stewart Green Lantern.
WB is so dumb I could see them replacing Barry with Wally and having Ezra play him. :o
Well that certainly isn't gonna happen lol

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