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The Jean Grey School of Tomorrow Art Competition!


Monkey Boy
Nov 23, 2005
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I have an idea for an art competition. In Wolverine and the X-Men #29
we get a glimpse of the X-Men and Wolverine's future in the year 2042.
And we see some awesome ideas for what could happen, but more than
that we are told (and never shown) a lot of cool ideas.
This art competition would be similar to Face Off where people are given
several options of what they could draw, and they choose one or more
and submit that art.
The winner would, like always, be selected by the Hype Public through Polling.

I thought this would be fun, like a Batman Beyond for the X-Men.

Concepts of what to draw:

1) Professor Xorn

2) New Jean Grey school in New Bejing,
New Jean Grey school in Sea Fransisco,
or New Jean Grey school in Anole Industries Prototype on the Blue Area of the Moon

3) Barry the Wendigo

4) C'VRRRK Bludskull of the Brood

5) Kubrik Quire

6) Charlene Xavier

7) She-Sentinel 17

8) Summer Grey

9) Wakanda City 5

10) Frankenstein Inc.

11) (all new?) Thunderbird or Phoenix

12) Captain China

13) Krakoa Corps

14) Latverian Fall Out Zone

15) Church of Cyttorak

16) Shark Woman's X-Force Squad

17) Hellfire Unlimited

18) Interstellar Committee on Religious Fanaticism

19) Masetrix Ava'Dara of the Shi'ar

20) All-Father Thor

21) X-Men High Command

22) The Superhuman Arms Control

23) Bureau of Mass Destruction

24) Azazel and his Pirates

25) The Black Order

26) That Butcheress Mondo

27) future Sabretooth

28) the future Brotherhood

29) Any Future X-Men as older professors but Ice Man
(for example Ice-Man is shown to be a skinny old Ice Man with a long ice beard)

30) Something from that future not mentioned, what would this version of
the Avengers look like? What about Spider-Man in the year 2042?


This contest I thought would be chalk full of inspiration and fun.
I hope lots of people enter. There are lots of things to choose to draw.
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