Justice League The Justice League Casting Thread - Part 2

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I'm seeing people suggest ryan phillippe for bats, what about for barry?
I think he would make a good Barry, not Batman.
I need to watch Franklyn sometime. I've seen about a half hour of it and it was interesting but I had to go do something at the time and I never got around to seeing the rest of it.
He's only 5'9. Some lifts could get him up to Barry's height,5'11.
I agree, Philippe could make a good Barry too. With Barry, you run the risk of making the character a tad boring (hence the reason why Wally trumped him in popularity for so long) so it's important to have a charismatic actor that brings a lot to the character. Ryan could definitely do that.
Phillipe as Barry makes infinitely more sense than him as Batman. I'd be sorely disappointed if Phillipe was our new Batman... of all the great choices out there, that would be very disappointing if he were chosen.
Seriously guys, get over the height thing. They'll make it work. If they can make Tom Cruise look like a full grown man they can make it work with a "short" Superman.
Ok, he doesn't look like Batman and isn't intimidating enough. Good enough?
While I do agree that they can easily change the height of actors, why waste money on that.. Id rather not have a 5'9 Batman because we can easily get an actor thats the appropriate height
i thought the conversation steered to phillipe, the 5'9 actor, playing barry?

most of the hot choices for bats are around 6'0 like fass, so it'd fit in perfectly.

cavill 6'1 (supes 6'3)
fass 6'0 (bats 6'2)
phillipe 5'9 (flash 5-11)
cornish 5'8 (wondy 5-11) :oldrazz:
Dude Abbie Cornish isnt even cute :/ shes mildly smack...

I really dont like the idea of her playing Wonder Woman...
right, because the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of who should play an amazonian warrior princess, i think about how cute the actress is.

but mila kunis as wondy. yeah, that's the ticket. :funny:
Revlver- You clearly don't read comic books if you think Wonder Woman's attractiveness should not be in account when casting the character, why are you on a comic book forum?

Wonder Woman is supposed to be insanely attractive, multiple members of the JL have had crushes on or flings with Wonder Woman. Shes supposed to be drop dead model gorgeous. Cornish is not that. Mila Kunis is.

Mila Kunis is infinitely more attractive than Cornish but thats not why she is a better choice. It helps though. Cornish has no appeal, shes not cute, shes a mediocre- to ok actress, and hasnt been in anything worth noting. While Mila Kunis is one of the most hottest celebrities right now star power wise and appearance wise. Shes also a better actress than Cornish and gets much higher profile roles. See Black Swan.

And its funny that you would make fun of a casting idea of mine while you have James ****ing Franco as Batman in your signature. Thats kind of embarassing if you pride yourself in your superhero fancasting ability. You should hook me up with some crack... maybe then that idea would make sense to me too. James Franco is a fantastic actor but him as Batman is seriously insane, and I honestly believe if you want that to happen, that you dont have respect for the fantastic character that is Batman. That is pissing on the idea of Batman.

Have you no taste man?

OH! and here's a picture of your woooooooooonderful and truly inspired casting choice for The Flash :whatever:

Wtf dude do you just not respect these characters enough to want good or appropriate actors for these characters?

The casting of Wonder Woman and Flash needs to be handled VERY carefully.... basically I'm really glad you have no power at WB
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the ******** is strong in this one.

lay your lame ass somewhere son. **** aint that serious princess.
Dammit now Im going to have to cry myself to sleep, thanks a lot revlver :(

You have nothing to say other than that? I was expecting some sort of a argument for your case. You didnt even defend yourself, you just insulted me hahaha I definitely just won this quirrel. Im passionate about these characters and your ideas for them would sicken me if they were to become reality.
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He's kind of skinny, but with some hitting the gym I think Joe Anderson would be another good choice for Aquaman.
He's kind of skinny, but with some hitting the gym I think Joe Anderson would be another good choice for Aquaman.

joe anderson needs to play kurt cobain in a movie asap. that last days featuring pitt was boring as ****.

I'm sure they'll get around to it when courtney runs out of money, which was probably yesterday.
Joe would make a good Kurt.
Id want Charlie Hunnam to play Kurt though.
Ben Foster needs to play Layne Staley
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