The Last Solo Iron Man Film?

Discussion in 'Iron Man Sequels' started by ernesth100, Mar 27, 2017.

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    I was thinking the fourth film should be the last. And a Logan type of film. Tony is getting old. He can't really use the armor like he used to against the new age of villains. A near death experience until he's saved by(insert hero cameo her) drives him him create an AI fucntion in his suit which battles for him and automatically picks out the best tactics in the suit so he doesn't have to do any of the work.

    This backfires on Ultron levels when Tony's AI turns on him again ala story "The Mask in the Iron Man" and it's up to Tony to stop it(with help) and except that he can't push the world away his whole life, he needs help, and he has to officially retire. Passing a new armor on to a protoge[Amedeus Cho as Iron Lad/New Iron Man please :)] and starting a whole knew series of Iron Man films.
  2. Bruce Malone

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    That was pretty much Iron Man 3 it's just the sentiment of that film was sort of lost after the next Avengers film.
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    This would be great
  4. Lantern Venom

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    I think the concept of Riri coming along to fill an emotional void in Tony's life would work well. Pepper is gone, Rhodey is still rehabbing his body, and the Avengers are somewhat distant after Civil War. General Ross sends Tony on a covert mission where he is confronted by the real Mandarin. Tony tries to go it alone as he still feels responsible for Rhodey's injuries, but Mandarin's rings and training are too much for Tony's armor. Riri reinvigorates Tony's resolve and creativity, and he's able to imprison Mandarin.

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