The Me Too Movement: The Sexual Harassment and Assault Thread

Yeah, asking for school photos from fans seems like a red flag, history or no.

Yeah that is not really news unfortunate.
A lot of comedians arent really good people.
Many comedians rely on punching down on others etc, so its no wonder many of them are abuser and so on.

Building your career basicly on Bullying people hardly ever ends when they step away from the stage.

Yeah, asking for school photos from fans seems like a red flag, history or no.

I'd forgotten Marzgurl was documenting a lot of the stuff about Vic Mignogna since that was, as far as I remember, awhile ago.

Side-note, in going to this tweet, this revealed that I'm apparently blocked by her! Which is strange because I don't think I've had a single interaction with her or anyone current or formerly associated with Channel Awesome!
Not surprisingly, she runs a fairly extensive block chain.
Well, that is horrific. And somewhat predictable.
Man, reading the complaint, feels like the cops should be searching Fuller's computers.
Of course they want to hide the evidence. I think given his PR team's antics, it would be a bad idea to grant it.
Majors team (to public): We have all this evidence! Look at all this evidence we won't show you!
Also Majors team (to court): Please hide the evidence.
Majors' team just needs to put out another "video" of him stopping another fight.

Seriously, that stunt sort of just came and went.
Even pretending she lied about the March incident, that leaves every other accusation left to be refuted as well.

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