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The Me Too Movement: The Sexual Harassment and Assault Thread

Not at all a surprise.
That disrespect guy always felt to me like one of the worst kind of people out there.
So it is no surprise to me if he tried to hook up with a minor and that was what happened.

But then its scum from Twitch to keep the reason hidden, because that would have potentially endangered other underaged people he might have contacted.

EDIT: And as it is on brand, the same who are accusing LGBT of being Pedophiles for simply existing, try to spin, excuse or redirect this situation because they of course dont really care for children.
One of "their Guys" got caught doing bad thing, but since its all about some imaginary "wins", they are not able to hold him accountable and instead try to justify and reason why what he did isnt that bad.
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Wait, this was back from 2016. Why on earth hasn't it gotten more attention?
IIRC, MAGAs threatened her to the point where she dropped it, but when more information came out about Epstein and Trump it's now coming up again.
Wait, this was back from 2016. Why on earth hasn't it gotten more attention?

Hopefully it will stay up and wreck Trump’s attempt to get back into the White House this year.

She filed 3 times. Judge dismissed first time, she dropped it twice. Failed to appear for a press conference due to death threats and that's the last we hear of it. This was before Epstein was arrested and his details were made public which is why it's circulating again because it lines up with what we know now.

Quick reminder that Bill Clinton is mentioned frequently, too. And I honestly want to know why he's not being investigated.
At this point, what are these two offering to the world?
The only people who like them, are insecure incel boys who think they one day can be those two.
Outside of that, the Tate Brothers just take away space and Air in this world.

Throw them into the woods and let nature handle things.

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