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The Movie Character Tournament.


Nov 8, 2012
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This tournament will show case the popular movie characters and you guys will decide the best movie character.

Round One Battle 1

1 Aragorn vs The Huntsman
2 James Bond vs James Bond
3 Conan The Barbarian vs The Scorpion King
4 Thor vs Hawkeye
5 Yoda vs Mace Windu
6 Snape vs Sirius Black
7 The Joker vs Green Goblin
8 Hector Barbosa vs Davy Jones
9 The Mad Hatter vs Willy Wonka
10 Jason Bourne vs Barney Ross
11 Bane vs Abomination
12 Magneto vs Dr Doom
13 Darth Maul vs Count Dooku
14 Hagrid vs Mr Filtch
15 Captain America vs Iron Man
16 Freddy vs Jason
17 Micheal Meyers vs Pinhead
18 Beetlejuice vs The Joker
19 The Emperor vs Lord Voldemort
20 Hellboy vs Hulk
21 Wolverine vs Beast
22 Dr Ock vs The Lizard
23 Batman vs Batman
24 Nick Fury vs Whistler
25 Frank Castle vs Code Name V
26 Optimus Prime vs Bumble Bee
27 Gandalf The Grey vs Gandalf The White
28 Professor X vs M
29 Rocky Balboa vs Lonewolf McQuade
30 Loki vs The Scarecrow
31 Captain Jack Sparrow vs The Dread Pirate Roberts
32 Obi Wan Kenobi vs Darth Vader.


The Huntsman


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James Bond vs James Bond?
You mean the old version (Connery/Lazenby/Moore/Dalton/Brosnan) vs the new (Craig)?
Something Like that but I was going for Connery and Moore vs Brosnan and Craig Bond match up. Latest Entries vs the Icon Bonds

I vote Aragorn.
The iconic Bonds over the new ones. No matter how good some of the newer films are, there's something really special with the classic Bond adventures.
Aragorn wins

Round One Battle 2

Connery Bond



Moore Bond



Brosnan Bond



Craig Bond


HowardStark: Wasn't it supposed to be Connery & Moore vs Brosnan & Craig?
Sean Connery!
Hrrrm, that's a tough one. No Timothy Dalton? Fine, fine...

Sean Connery
Craig, because he looks like he can kick your ass.
I thought it be more fun to match up all the most popular Bonds and see who would win
My Vote goes Connery
Well, I still vote in the way you wanted first. I vote Connery & Moore, and don't care the change you made
Craig! A man whose bad side I'd be terrified of getting on.
Sean Connery for me.

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