The Movies Help?

Ultimate Movie-Man said:
Does anyone know how I can get the Publicity Office?

No clue, never played. But I guess I bumped it for you, at least. :confused::up:
It's just you can purchase buildings to place on your backlot, and the last time I played (I had to restart, computer problems) up to 1975. I'm currently in the 30s...and my movies are in the 25-30 range on the chart. So I'm looking for a way to get my movies seen by more people.
I didn't realize that anyone played that game. :O
It's a pretty awesome game, if you're really into movies (like me) and simulation games (sort of like me). I highly recommend it.

X-Play gave The Movies 4 out of 5, and its expansion pack, Stunts and Effects, 4 out of 5.
it is cool, it's such an awesome upgrade, it's not just stunts and effects, but it's stuff in camera (like night vision, predator-type vision, etc), and also custom camera movement (which I hardly use), and it's just great. It has more sets, more buildings, more ornaments for your's great. Sorry...I really love it.
If you guys are low on patiences and strategy, however, this game might tick you off a bit lol, but give it a strategy in gaming improved with this basically I just wasted a post.
I don't really think patience will be an issue, Zoo Tycoon is still my favorite PC game to this day.

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