The Offical Final Fantasy Thread

Performance mode on XVI is not good at all. So I have barely played tbh. I got the game for free as well from a buddy who had an extra code. But I’m in no rush really. I am way more excited for Rebirth because VII has always been my all time favorite. And Remake is honestly basically up there for me as well. I feel like this trilogy is going to be excellent.

If they fix the performance mode I’ll probably try to play through as quickly as possible. The game just seems very easy to me overall. I dunno, I’m not very excited or wanting to experience it’s story or characters.
Silicon Era - First Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Special Video Covers FFI to FFVI
As part of the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary celebrations, as well as a nod to the Pixel Remaster series, Square Enix kicked off a special interview series. The first of the two part segment appeared on July 11, 2023. It features Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, Artist Kazuko Shibuya, and Brand Manager Yoshinori Kitase talking about FFI, FFII, FFIII, FFIV, FFV, and FFVI.

It began with Sakaguchi discussing a reunion for developers and people he plays FFXIV with, which Shibuya joins. He noted they “blamed” the team for FFIII having no save points in the final dungeon. Sakaguchi explained how he found himself apologizing for that development decision.

Around the 8:24 mark, the meaning behind the “Final Fantasy” name came up. Sakaguchi mentioned how Fighting Fantasy’s title influenced it. He brought up how Dragon Quest’s name could be shortened, and the team wanted a game that could be abbreviated in a similar way with the Roman alphabet, which led to FF. The group also discussed the urban legends behind the title and debunked them.

Bloomberg News - ‘Final Fantasy’ Maker’s 30% Plunge May Be Just the Beginning
  • Square Enix is heavily reliant on hit series to drive sales
  • New CEO faces skepticism about company’s growth prospects
Square Enix Holdings Co. has shed nearly $2 billion of its value since Final Fantasy XVI, the latest installment of its global hit series, came out to mixed reviews. Now investors wonder whether one of the games industry’s most remarkable runs is coming to an end.

The Tokyo-based firm has long relied on its feted franchise to supercharge growth — a formula that lifted its value five-fold in the decade leading to the launch of the latest Final Fantasy in June. But the game’s sales underwhelmed, and things got worse in August after the company reported a sharp profit decline. Shares plummeted by double digits, a dozen analysts tracking the stock cut their price target and long-term investor Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management Co. slashed its holdings in the game company.

Square Enix Loses Nearly $2 Billion in Value Since Final Fantasy 16 - IGN
IGN sources familiar with the performance of Final Fantasy 16 confirmed sales had slowed considerably since launch but that the game was not yet considered a disaster. Earlier in September, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy 16 is set for two paid DLC expansions, and confirmed a PC port was officially in development.

I think more than anything else they've just published too many releases in a short period of time, and shouldn't have expected people to have the time or money for it all.

And while FFXVI's critic reviews weren't Baldur's Gate 3 level, it is still in the top percentile, not mixed. Regardless of how I or anybody else feels about it.
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Finally got to watch!!! My hype cannot be measured!!!!!! :mrk: The chocobo's look so fluffy. :atp:

Also damn, I don't even recognize Tyler's voice there lol.
I keep forgetting Tyler is Sephiroth. :funny:

There...definitely weren't segways in the original, were there?? :funny:
Not that I remember, no. :funny:

I like that new random stuff. It fits with the classic goofiness. :hehe:
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I keep forgetting Tyler is Sephiroth. :funny:

Not that I remember, no. :funny:

I like that new random stuff. It fits, while making the classic goofiness. hehe:
Yeah I cannot describe how happy I was when the story in part 1 took that big swerve, not only because it "fixed" one of my only quibbles with the original story, but also because it just opens the door for all kinds of new stuff. I seriously cannot wait!
Aerith's fridging. Didn't bother me at the time I played it, but as I got older and more versed in all the tropes, looking back at it didn't sit so well.
It's the one thing I never liked about original. The idea of being able to "save" her gave me so much life.

But now they have me paranoid. Will she still die as some sort of fixed point? Will it be Tifa instead? I better be able to save them all! :argh:
29th of Feb!!!! Inject it into my veins!!!!

Cannot come soon enough. Hype is through the roof! :mrk: I cannot wait to go back to the Gold Saucer. VII is one of my all time favorites and I absolutely loved Remake. This trilogy is going to be something very special.

Also is anyone playing Ever Crisis on mobile?
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TGS is going to open the floodgates.

Love Max. This video was great and got me even more hyped. I’ll have Spider-Man 2 to keep me busy in the meantime until February. Damn I can’t wait.

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