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Stark: We're good right?
Thor: *Stares blankly*
Stark: Right?
Bruce: *dissapointed head shake*
Cap: *awkward face*
Stark: Come on guys, wasnt that bad.
Starlord: I'm not even from this planet and that sounds bad.
Drax: I do not get how War could ever be Civil.
Stark: Well we can all put that aside for us to defeat Thanos right? Right?
Spidey: Sure, just promise not to start a war with Thanos over whether or not aliens should legally be able to enter the Earth.

Thor: I just faced Surtur the Demon of Fire and I still cannot comprehend such a burn.
Doctor Strange: As a Sorcerer Supreme, I can casts spells to banish god like entities...but I can't help with that burn! *laughs*
Starlord: My element gun couldn't generate enough water to help that. Haha!
Groot: *chuckles* I am Groot!
Rocket: Ha, all the armor he owns couldn't protect him from that one buddy! *snickers*

[These Are Just More Burns With More Characters]
Panther: I could lace his armor with Vibranium and he'd still feel it. Haha!
Stark: It's not even that funny!
Hawkeye: I have Ice Arrows now if you need it.
Scarlet Witch: Doubt he saw that one coming. *smirks*
Stark: Oh-haha. Quote neither did your brother.

Bucky: I was trapped in cryogenic frozen stasis, Cap was trapped in Ice. And I speak for both of us when say that's cold man.
Stark: I'm sorry, I got carried away.

Spidey: It's fine Tony, as long as we keep it Civil and you don't pass any laws on jokes.
Everyone: DAMN!
Daredevil: I'm blind and I see the world as if it were all red on fire. So right now Stark is outshining the sun with those burns.
Luke Cage: I wish I could lend him my unbreakable skin!
Vision: I couldn't even phase through burns like that.
Stark: AGH!

Captain Marvel: *Touches Ear Piece* This is Carol Danvers to SWORD, we have a code salty here.
Nick Fury: *steps out of shadows* Sorry, I Stark's getting hit with so much fire I thought he needed a SHIELD.

Coulson: I could send you to TAHITI to heal, it's a magical place. Of course I think these burns are permanent!
-Everyone shocked Coulson is alive-
Everyone: OHHHHH!
Thor: Son of Coul came back from the gates of Valhalla to enjoy your suffering! *laughs*
Stark: Oh haha! Are we just gonna ignore the fact that there is a supremely powerful genocidal alien coming to kill us?

-Black Widow Shrugs-
Widow: I don't know, are we gonna ignore the Accords?
Spidey: That's one for the Spiders!
Ant-Man: Make that one for the insects. A million Fire Ant's couldn't come close to burning him this much.
Gamora and Jessica Jones: Ladies too! Stark: Listen here Underoos, you started this.
Spidey: The joke or the Civil War?

Iron Fist: I faught a dragon to gain my power, yet I can't imagine if the dragon had burns like this.
Punisher: That's too much punishment, even for me. Haha!
*Thanos Lands In The Room, Everyone Is Shocked And Backs Away*

Thanos: Tony Stark...Iron Man...I was watching from across the universe with the gems. And I kinda feel sorry for you so I'm gonna give you all a headstart. Or is that against the law?

Everyone +Thanos: OHHHHHH!

Stark: Screw you! I'm gonna go work on our plan!*leaves*

*Watching On A TV Screen From The Foxverse*
Deadpool: Yikes, too bad they don't own Ice Man, hell I'd lend him my healing factor for that one.

I'm sorry guys. I write when I'm bored. :funny:

Wait, what about The Inhumans? What would Black Bolt say?

Or maybe he would just laugh at all the jokes.

Can I be bold and say that I think the Black Panther costume is the best one in the MCU?
Yes black panther costume looks amazing, can't wait to see it on the big screen
It may very well be the best MCU costume honestly. Dr. Strange's is genuinely great too though.
Marvel doesn't lack great costumes but yeah it's probably the best one yet...until the next one.
Spidey's costume is my favorite MCU suit and possibly my favorite CBM costume.
Taken from the previous thread to be included here, cot dammit!:hmr:


I personally prefer what they did with all Captain America suits except the Avengers 1 one.
They had a hard task making them grounded, badass and soldier-like, and they succeeded in creating an iconic look.

BP costume? It's great, but not as much.
Cap's costumes have been fantastic and I agree his costume in Avengers 1 is my least favourite. It actually looks a bit ridiculous. When I rewatched cap 1 recently I was surprised at how brilliant his costume was. That same brilliance was continued with the 2 cap outfits he wire in winter soldier and AoU and again looks great here for CW.

As for BP, his costume is getting so much worthy praise because it's a genuinely awesome looking costume and given the nature of the look of it in the comics it's so easy to mess it up. The level of detail is clearly painstakingly applied to give it such a unique visual and functional look. Marvel aren't playing around and it's clear they're looking to make a very huge, hard hitting and lasting statement with BP. That stance alone that he's in...We're in for something special.

On another note, in those pics it looks like BP has his claws retracted. It's going to be very exciting to see how he functions with the costume, especially in combat.
I personlly never had a problem with the A1 suit, it looked great when he wasn't wearing the cowl/helmet.
I think on BPs suit, they add a layer of shiny Vibranium mesh with CGI in post. It looks very flat without it
I think on BPs suit, they add a layer of shiny Vibranium mesh with CGI in post. It looks very flat without it

Yup, because without the CGI it's just black cloth.

There are other characters with black costumes but they tend to film better because they're typically made out of leather or plastic. Panther's costume had to be cloth because it also needed to be form fitting to show off the characters physique.

The costume design team did an amazing job with Panther's suit. As another poster said it could have been the easiest one to screw up.
The detail up close on BPs helmet is amazing. It makes it look so artistically handcrafted.
yeah BPs suit looks really good.
The A1 Cap suit is really good neck down. It's the helmet that messes everything up.
BP's suit is super awesome.

I'm torn on whether I like Cap's Age of Ultron or Civil War suits better. I like that the CW one is a little less busy, but I kind of miss the white on the arms.
I personally like the AOU suit better. I never really found it too busy. I really liked the bulk it gave Steve. That and for some reason in the trailers and stills there are some moments where it looks like the CW suit is a little too loose.

If I were to rank the suits it'd be AOU, Stealth Suit, CW, TFA, A1.

All the characters look great in the MCU besides maybe Whiplash, not there was much to him anyway. My favorite MCU get up is Buck's original Winter Soldier outfit. That was all kinds of cool.
Not sure if it was already posted:

Cap's AOU suit was perfect IMO. It took the best aspects of all the previous suits and combined it into one.
Ol Cap has come a LOOOONG way. I didn't have a problem with the Avengers suit until I saw the US Agent suit. Now it's the only thing that bugs me when I rewatch the Avengers. I'm like can't they post CGI this s***.
I like all the suits. Hopefully they can manage to keep the focus on Captain America.
It seems like CW will be primarily about Cap and Bucky and how they react to the Accords. Tony will be more like the antagonist in this story even if hes not truly a bad guy.
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