The Official G.I. Joe Manips and Fan Art Thread!

Neto Magnus

Sep 11, 2003
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post your stuff here.

I myself is working on Baroness, Cobra Commander and Destro so stay tuned.
Not much of a manip so I'll probly do more to it later but it gives an idea of what Duke will look like. If I have time I'll do some others I know I'll do a Storm Shadow when I get the chance I've already got the perfect base.
I always pictured Duke to be in his mid-30's but why is some actor known for hip hop dancing movies chosen to play him?
If he was older he'd have a decent look for the role but I'm still wondering why Tatum of all the actors out there. I'm personally gonna give him a chance but that doesn't keep me from wondering.
Duke - Channing Tatum.
Ripcord - Marlon Wayans.
Scarlet O'Hara - Rachel Nichols.
Snake Eyes - Ray Park.
Heavy Duty - Adewale Akinnuoeye-Agbadje.
Breaker - Said Taghmaoui.
General Hawk - Dennis Quaid.

Cobra Commander - Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Rumored)
Destro - David Murray.
Zartan - Arnold Vosloo.
Storm Shadow - Byunh Humg-Lee.
Baroness - Sienna Miller.
I always pictured Duke to be in his mid-30's

Old school Duke did look like he was in his early-mid 30's, but the most recent (Sigma 6) depiction of Duke looks considerably younger, and Tatum fits that look.

I'm curious when some of the artists here are going to come up with manips of the people we know are cast.
i hope more people start doing G.I.JOE fan art.... heres my attempt at a teaser poster. very basic. any comments are appreciated
Well I haven't seen a date for when Duke was supposed to have been born, but his file card says he joined the Army in 67'. So unless I've missed a DOB while I've been looking, I would say he joined the Army at 18. Which would mean he was in his mid 30's in the Cartoons, in the first season I would put him at 34. I'm not up to date on the basic plot of the movie but since Channing Tatum will be 28 this year I have no real problem with him as Duke for now. Personaly I think the Sigma 6 Duke and one or two other look to young.
i hope more people start doing G.I.JOE fan art.... heres my attempt at a teaser poster. very basic. any comments are appreciated

I'd recommend finding an image with a bit more contrast in the lighting.
Or just play with the lighting a bit.

The concept is cool, though.
The lighting could be a little better. Id like to see something with snake eyes as the main centerpiece.
Hmmm.........I'll have to work something back soon!!
I was farting around in photoshop for a few minutes and this happened.

I was really really really disappointed with Baroness' costume, so I decided to whip up a quick manip. It's not great but its hellava lot better than the real costume.

does anyone have a pic of the movie logo? im gonna try and make a poster for the movie, but im basically redoing all the characters with more faithful costumes
I figured since we've got some official pics, and a few people have already done a couple of manips, let's put them all in one place. I also know a lot of people are unhappy with the costumes, so, let's see some fan art/manips of the actors in costumes you would use.

Here are the official pics one more time...



Heavy Duty


Storm Shadow
I swear guys, I looked around and did not see the other thread. Please close and delete this one. Sorry.

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