The Official July Fan Art Contest Voting Thread


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Apr 29, 2004
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This is the voting thread for the July Fan Art Contest.
Please check out the entries below and vote for your favorite.
Voting will end on Monday August 10th 2015
here are the entries:

Kirk Spock.

Here's mine:
Can't decide which to post so here are both same theme.


Media: 95% Copic/Mexpy Markers 4.95% Color Pencil/Guache touch ups, .5% digitally added lens flare.

References used, such as a glamour shot of Amber Heard, Kraid and Ridley, primarily for accuracy and poses. Other references were used, but primarily for details - like Samus' suit (various references, so many different suits) other creatures, chozo ruin, planet zebes, Samus' ship.

think this will work

Here is the updated link to my mashup edit I would like to enter into the contest
Because Silver Hawks had to win me here.
I've never played the Metroid games but I love the style of MadderMaximus piece.
I've never played the Metroid games but I love the style of MadderMaximus piece.
Almost the same.
I started playing the Metroid Fusion game recently, that's a good Metroid game to play.
MadderMaximus shall have his revenge in this life or the next!
MadderMaximus has my vote for giving me a huge nostalgia factor of my childhood playing metroid prime 1 & 2 on the GameCube, oh boy those were the days of gaming!
As a Metroid fan, Maximus gets my vote (love that Samus without the helmet; Amber Heard?).

Amazing work by The Avenger, though.
Never won anything before :) Thank you for voting for me i REALLY appreciate it :)

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