The Official Mai Disscussion Thread

I'm intrigued.
If I remember correctly she was one of Pilaf's minions.
Tsk tsk, I so wish they released Dragon Ball to the American public before DBZ. Analogy:That's like releasing Spider-Man 2 in other countries before Spider-Man 1.
It's a shame really.
they need to put Dragonball on Cartoon Network again
Eriko is perfect for Mai, she has the look of Mai in this pic:


Better translation of Eriko's blog:
This is a rough translation of her post about DB, but I hope it helps:

I returned to LA. My flight on "Aeromekishiko Air Lines" had been delayed. By chance, a cancellation had given me a seat, and I ran to get on the plan. For one night, I stayed in the hotel at the airport, and afterwards flew to LA.

It was necessary to go directly from the airport to the fiting session. I was taken by Limousine (arranged by FOX) to the Universal Lot, where a different person than usual took measurements for my wardrobe. Many materials and colors were used, and I got to experience the work of a professional who has handled the wardrobe on many films.

In Mexico, speaking was hard. I was embarassed at the airport and hotel, because everyone spoke spanish, and sorrily, I cannot speak Spanish. I tried to ask them to repeat things in English, but after a couple of tries I gave up.

From the airport, we went right to the studio in Mexico City. I met with Producer Tim, and chatted with him a bit. I then met the other Producer, Jim (the second time since the audition.) After that, I was brought directly into makeup, and had to test the camera.

The Studios in Mexico differ from those of Hollwood, after all, studios differ in different parts of the world. My co-star, an actress from Hollywood (Emmy Rossum, most likely), was surprised because there are no trailers in Mexico. I was fine with it, there are no trailers in Japan either.:D

I was very glad to get a welcome from director James Wong,(Final Destination, The One, and furthermore the televison series "The X-Files"), when I got to Mexico City. I am really honored to be working together with a competent director, in such a good-looking film. I feel really lucky and am grateful to be able to work with him. He has become one of favorite directors to work with, because he is gentle and calm while directing.

After the camera tests, and other events, he took me out to a wonderful restaurant for dinner, where we discussed my role, and various things about the movie over a delicious meal. He spoke in Japanese with me, and commented that I should try various things with the role, and said that it was sort of "Over the Top." Having connected this from the auditions to this discussion I feel really good about what the director believes.

Now I enter training today, to try and meet the director's expections. Though I feel al little pressure, I will do my best! Thanks for the chance, I now go to lunch!
Thanks to Dukemon from the blog.
I`d like to see them fight in the worlds martial arts tourney
Cant wait until we see some pics of Mai
I want to see Mai kicking ass in this movie. I'm anxious to see her fighting Chi-Chi.
I must say Eriko has nice legs :O :hyper:
Isn't Mai a bad guy? o_O Eriko seems to nice for that..
She is a great looking Mai...I hope she does well in the movie

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