The Official Metal Gear Thread - Part 4

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No one is saying it isnt canon bc it was a PSP title. I think you are missing the point. As a portable title, it was downscaled experience. I could be wrong but I think what he meant that there wasnt another big console release in the series. After MGS4, 5 years ago, they left the home consoles and there wont be one again GZ is released whenever that happens.

And MGR isnt MGS as he said. The gameplay went in a completely different direction and while canon to the series, its also its own thing. I can see why he wouldnt count that as the next game in the MGS series, primarily for the new gameplay system. Its not the tactical espionage action from before.

As far as exploring the universe Kojima created, well that universe IS about the Snake characters. Everything he's done from the very beginning has revolved around their saga and he's never strayed from that. He explores that universe in each game he features them and adds new insight and layers to the overall story

This. Thanks for understanding where I was coming from.
Possible Phantom Pain ARG?


The morse code says, "generating image hold scenario loading hold activating phantom pain dot meme hold error error error error"


Perhaps the Phantom Pain segments we saw were prototype VR training during the events of GZ
Creating a thread that's got to part 4 is probably the defining achievement of my life.
I beat MGS1 again last night. Man that game still holds up pretty well for a PS1 title and the graphics didn't really bother me at all. Now gonna make my way through MGS2. I haven't played that since MGS4 came out but now I can get trophies with it
Excellent breakdown and analysis of what we've seen so far.

I haven't really been following the who MGSV/PP news, but I did see this video on IGN that brings some interesting theories that I would love to see come true.

I've been following the GAF thread they're talking about... I didn't want to bring that madness here, but I'm #teamreal 100%. Absolutely no way that dude is CG.
I still havent watched that PP trailer
I've been following the GAF thread they're talking about... I didn't want to bring that madness here, but I'm #teamreal 100%. Absolutely no way that dude is CG.
I don't believe its true either, but its one of those things where I want it to be true because it would be so crazy if it were.
My eye is pretty keen when it comes to this and I'd say he's definitely real and not a CG creation. I'll eat my own shoe if I'm wrong.
I hope its real because imagine it would mean a crazy leap in graphics. That demo with the old man at the PS4 conference didn't really look all that impressive and I think most of the talk was about the hair as opposed to the face of the character.
That guy looks like CG to me. His facial movements just look a bit...odd.
We sure have come a long way from this:



I'm just grateful that the days of Risings production are over and we can get a steady flow of information with this new project.
Big Boss, *****es :o:up:.
Kojima Tweets About Fox Engine And… The Phantom Pain?. March 21, 2013 . 8:30am

“I think the era of sticking to graphic or sound is over,” tweets Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima.


Hideo Kojima recently took to Twitter to post a few tweets about his studio’s proprietary “Fox Engine,” the technology upon which most Kojima Productions games will be built for the foreseeable future.

“Currently I’m working on the challenge (which I’m going to announce at GDC) on the production procedure over FOX engine,” Kojima tweeted. “I strongly believe making the artificial waxwork look real or lively and making real person’s expression ASAP over CG share much of common.”

He continued: “Concept of "FOX Engine" is photorealism. I think the era of sticking to graphic or sound is over. How you freely play, connect to Internet, pleasantly play is the important point but at the same time min level of realism is needed still. We at KJP aim making look like in real even when looking at reduced game screen for the simple model.”

In another tweet, Kojima stated: “Which platformer [note: he means “platform”] or carrier will win? Which company we shall strengthen our relationship?" Those are the indication that business man in this industry foresees the future path. As technology advances, it will come out from lab and spread into our everyday life. Creators should focusing on such future for their work.”

A few hours later, Kojima tweeted the image below. If you click to enlarge the image, you’ll notice the title of the video being edited is “TPP_GDC2013_720p_ESRB”. That probably has something to do with The Phantom Pain.


Just to add to the real v CGI debate, and that was done for a chocolate advert. And if you watch it on youtube itself, the top comments are "KOJIIIIMA!!!" and "NANOMACHINES".
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