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Pksoze said:
seems like tonight's pretty much done as far as signings are concerned
Not really. Adam Foote just signed a contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets.
That sounds like one of the biggest signings of far :o

I think the next few days are going to be an even bigger flurry of action
well.. whose gonna get fors and naslund for one thing.. kariya too :o
Naslund will probably go to Anaheim. I could see Vancouver signing Kariya in return, because it's his hometown.

Interesting rumor out there that says that Modano might sign with Boston and the Bruins will deal Thornton. While it would mean that Thornton will get reunited with Mike Keenan, I think it's total bull****. Why the hell would Boston sign Modano, a center who's a bit older and might make about the same amount as Thornton?
doesnt make much sense.. but the garbage about signing in hometowns is over the top... if he team isnt just isnt hoping montreal is active cause we really need to upgrade
I think Vancouver is interested in Kariya though. Why wouldn't they be? Particularly if they lose Naslund. I'm just saying that Vancouver is a good place for Kariya to rejuvenate his career, particularly after a horrible season in Colorado.
perhaps...but vancouver didnt sign naslund for lack of room... so i dont think kariys will be satisfied with what van can offer him
How much could Kariya make though? He really didn't score that many points his last year.....

And I see Naslund leaving probably more with the situation in Vancouver than maybe monetary reasons.....
his resume is outstanding.. that remains fact.. .and unless hes packaaged perhaps... wont accept any offer under 6 mill
That usually means nothing though. That would mean that John Leclair and Eric Lindros would also get about 6-7 million as well. Do you really think teams might give Lindros a huge contract despite putting up good numbers in the past?

And remember, Kariya only made about 1.5 million in Colorado. I think teams might look at his numbers in Colorado(11 goals, 25 assists in 51 games) as an indication that they'll sign him at a lower price.

At least that's what I hope happens or else we're back to where we started before the lockout.....
well he earned so little to be eligible for something rather..i think free agency... it was a while back so i dont remeber... he had a bad season..true.. but leclair will be frowned on for his age..lindros for bieng a whiny ***** and knocking his head everywhere...kariya had one bad season :o...

i know you're hoping..
but im hoping mtl gets him first heh.. he can help on the line a lot
Are you sure Montreal wants Kariya and his 5'10" stature? Didn't you say a few posts back that Montreal should get a power forward instead? ;)
well hes tall considering the guys we got :o.. and hes pretty big too... basically.. hes got the ability to lay some smackdown if needed but... well...

we need a star.. id like kovalev back.. a power forward and a d man.. my first choice was foote.. now..i dont see anyone..aucoin woulda fit but he wants back in with the isles
I wouldn't be surprised to see Kovalev go back to Pittsburgh. He really only excelled in that team, plus who wouldn't want to play on a team with Lemieux and Crosby now?

And as for D, Montreal can always get back Brisebois :o

Personally, I'm hoping the Oilers do get a number 1 center, but not at a huge cost. I wouldn't mind seeing them get a Pavol Demitra or Jason Allison. Anybody but Mark Messier! :mad: :mad:
we signed a golie which took everyone off. so im wondering what the **** gainey is doing. brisebois is gone.. .feck off i say. kovalev did maxzing in the playoffs with us.. slow start but picked up when we hit the playoffs. he can be consistent.. especially with koivu since i thin khe rivals lemieux as far as playmaking ability...
Are the Flyers in the market for anyone, or are they trimming payroll? I heard they wanted Neidermeyer, and I know there calling up the two young guys along with Nittymaki.
they trimmed a lot as it is... no rumpurs have been mentioned about them
I knew they bought out Leclair and Amonte, both those guys were on there last legs!
ya well... they were on the verge of becomming the new i think obtaining quality as opposed to quantity is what they need

Isles got qulaity for example.. like ottawa... they just dont know how to use it :rolleyes:

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