Switch The Official Nintendo Switch Thread - Part 2

It does make sense, though really, good lord, that MK1 port was not in their favor.
Oh for the love of god, just reveal the switch 2 will you.
We know you work on it, might as well show it.
I'm convinced that Prime 4 will be a Switch 2 launch title or somewhere in that early release window at this point.
Looking forward to it!
Oh for the love of god, just reveal the switch 2 will you.
We know you work on it, might as well show it.

They won't, because they still have a long time before it releases. Its not coming out this fiscal year, so next summer at the earliest. And that is a fairly long time to not focus on the system that is still selling well, and the games coming out for it. And we've known this direct wasn't going to reveal it. And honestly, I don't think we will get it revealed in a Direct, but an actual presentation.

Curious to see what they have for the last gasp of the Switch.
I just want a Windwaker remaster lol. Never got the chance to play it before.
Would they be keeping any real big guns for the Switch 2 launch? No idea what to expect from this show.
I just want Prime 2 and 3 so I can play them lol. I don't need to see or get Prime 4 this year. I would be happy to, but I just want 2 and 3!
Almost showtime.

Also I wouldn't be opposed to Prime 2 getting some form of re-release. I never played 3, but I think Prime 2, like the first one, nailed the atmosphere. Torvus Bog remains one of my favorite areas.
It's great Prime 4 was shown, but nothing for 2 & 3 is annoying as hell. I may get that Capcom Marvel Collection, but outside that..absolutely nothing I care about for this year
That Capcom collection will definitely be a purchase. I was always more of an X-Men vs Street Fighter kid and, to be honest, unfortunately, I only played Marvel vs Capcom 2 a handful of times. But I've heard nothing but great things about it, so to eventually have this collection is a win.
I am very triggered about the lack or Prime 2 and 3, lol! Some of us didn't play these games when they were originally out, Nintendo. Some of us would gladly give you money so we could play these over the summer before your new one in 2025! But, I guess yall don't want my money :o
Surprisingly good Direct, not nearly as many remakes from Nintendo as I expected. I mean, playing Zelda in a Zelda game alone is HUGE. A NEW Mario and Luigi game is a big shock.

I would not be shocked if Prime 2 and 3 remasters are in the works. Just remember, Prime was finished for a while before it released, so it isn't a quick job to release 2 and 3, 3 especially I think has some issues.

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