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I just came here to post this. :csad:

Hopefully this is true.
It would be something if, after all this build-up, it ISN'T the PS4.

But I think it very well may be. They could announce it here and focus E3 on the games.
Seems a lot earlier than expected, but I can't wait
Soooo Excited cant wait. Hopefully some games they announce will be uncharted 4 killzone 4 god of war 4 gran turismo
I expect we'll see a lot more actual game footage when Orbis and Durango are announced (or at E3) than we normally would since a lot of developers have been working on next gen stuff for a while.
Won't be getting my money if they keep the whole no used games patent thing.
I think the gaps in the face buttons in the trailer spell out MGSV.
and so it begins.......

but I thought Sony said they were going to let MS make the first move.......
They may still yet go first. We don't know.
They may still yet go first. We don't know.


or maybe Sony has "seen" what MS has up their sleeves with the next XBOX and they are legit worried. thus the need to announce PS4 so soon.
So Sony may be unveiling the PS4 even before GDC!?,Cool

or maybe Sony has "seen" what MS has up their sleeves with the next XBOX and they are legit worried. thus the need to announce PS4 so soon.

Nah, they are not worried about that. First most of the stuff coming from CES and so forth has the PS4 running at almost 1.84 terraflops of raw data, while the new XBox apparently is running at 1.41. Now of course a lot of rumors have been flying but these dev kits are pretty legit, and a lot of good sources even from Kotaku has pretty much said this. That and Sony has now started to out sell the PS3 over the 360 regardless of their one year coming out later. Sony (their game division) is not that worried. However, I think they are coming prepared this time, and not being lazy like they did with the PS3 launch.

However, Sony made massive mistakes last gen at the starting line, they released late, and they thought they were unstoppable, they had really grown an ego. MS and Nintnedo showed Sony that competition is here to stay, and you got to get more aggressive. So I think Sony is really probably out of all three of the companies the ones really trying to compete harder then before.

Hopefully Sony won't make the same launch mistakes they made last time.

But some are still thinking we won't get real info till E3 which is what I would figure. But I'm very excited for this, the 7th generation has been one of the longest ones, and I'm ready for a new wave of tech/ideas.
and so it begins.......

but I thought Sony said they were going to let MS make the first move.......
That's what I thought. Although with the 360 and PS3, they were both revealed publicly at roughly the same time, but there was still a full year gap between releases.
I have a feeling it will be about handhelds i.e. the 3DS announcement and price drop for it. I am hoping its the PS4.
They usually don't do these PlayStation events unless it's something big. Especially with investors. They would not have all their investors around just for a price drop.
So let's play the fun game of 'What games will be announced at the PS4 reveal?'

I think a bunch of studios will be present, so I'll which devs could be there and what they'll reveal if they are.

Guerrilla - Killzone 4: Guerrilla's an interesting one. It's pretty obvious they have both a new IP and Killzone 4 in development right now, the question is just which comes first. Sony will obvious want to show big sequels as well as the promise of new IP. However I'd bet they're the furthest along with any next-gen sequel than the rest of the first-party devs so Killzone 4 will serve as the blockbuster sequel.

Sucker Punch - New IP: Here's where I'd place my new IP debut bet. Infamous 2 seemed like a good point to leave that series. Sucker Punch is bursting with potential and they've been silent for ages now. I think if they were doing Infamous 3, we'd have seen it this year on PS3.

Evolution - New racing IP: Evolution needs a new hook. I think MotorStorm was a really underrated franchise this gen, but after five separate entries you're going to need to freshen things up a little. I don't think the answer lies in a Need for Speed competitor or new racing sim but something... different. There's room for innovation in the genre, and they have the potential to bring it.

SCEJ - The Last Guardian: I think the smartest thing to do for The Last Guardian at this point is to move it onto PS4, and I'm hoping that's what Sony did a few years ago. It would likely be showing it's age stacked next to the rest of the games on display but it's really the only way to revitalize people's interest in the IP. It's simply been far too long since SOTC now for it to be a success on PS3.

Giant Sparrow - New IP: Hey! The PSN is still a thing and a big push for us! Here's this game to prove that!

Media Molecuel - Social IP: I'm pretty happy with the idea of Media Molecule working on a facebook-like game that will take advantage of the new system's social features.

Ubisoft - Watch Dogs: Ubisoft gets on board with new hardware asap. They have done so for a long time. There's no better platform for Watch Dogs' coming out party than to reveal its next-gen status at the PS4 debut. After the E3-buss Sony would do well to get the name associated with PlayStation. I really think we're going to see this game again on Feb 20th.

Kojima Productions - Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes/Metal Gear Solid V/The Phantom Pain: Kojima was there for the Vita reveal, and I'd lay down good money on him being there for the PS4 reveal. It may be multiplatform now, but Metal Gear is a PlayStation franchise, and this is another great way to gather third party buzz.

SEGA - Valkyria Chronicles IV: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Naughty Dog - Uncharted 4: I wouldn't expect to see Naughty Dog at this event. However I think their PS4 debut will be an Uncharted game. I think then they'll do a new IP trilogy (maybe Jak 4 too), then they'll do one last Uncharted. So while I don't think the Dogs will be here straight away, I do expect to see Uncharted 4 sooner rather than later.
I'm not sure there will be very many games there.
Ya I'd say almost none, maybe more so tech demos. They would save the games for E3.
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