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So,.....I should do it? (Write, produce, direct it)
Ok guys. I'm gonna do it! (i'm sure you're all screaming in joy...)

UPDATE: I am holding off on writing Space Ghost: The Movie until I see Superman Returns, because to be honest BryanSinger is an idol of mine, and I cant wait to see what he has done with the Superman character, but I also want to see the elements he uses to make an "emotional and papable themed film" as someone said earlier. I ant my Space Ghost movie to rock all your guys's socks off if I actually end up making it, and I would KILL to have David Goyer help me write it (Goyer is a teriffic screenwriter....for anything!) and haveBruan Singer be myGuest Director. But anyways, I plan to go see SR on the 27th or 28th, so after that, I shall begin writing the second draft of Space Ghost: The Movie.
dude, do it. Who's gonna stop you?
I've started writing a script for Green Lantern, and i might make a Johnny Quest script too.
SpeedballLives said:
dude, do it. Who's gonna stop you?
I've started writing a script for Green Lantern, and i might make a Johnny Quest script too.
Thanks for the support man. It's just hard when a lot of people support you and then the others dont. Like my brother and his friend dont think it would work (as a serious movie), but I think most fans of SG will like it, so I am going to do it! But not untilI see SR on the 27th...

By the way SpeedballLives, good luck on your scripts.:up:
don't worry about what your Brother and his friend says, it's your idea, not theirs. For all you know, your script could become the movie.
Thanks for all your support man, I really appreciate it.

It's funny though, (that you say my script could become the movie) because there's one thing I have to fix in my second draft. In my first draft, Thaddeus Bach (aka Space Ghost) does not take the white SG costume off once during the entire movie once he recieves it, until the very end. I want him to have it on and off during the course of the movie, and most of all, he has to do the Superman thing, where he's running downthe street, and rips open his shirt to reveal the costume (it was also featured in both Spider-Man movies), only Thaddeus on't have a giant S under his shirt. Another thing is I want Space Ghost to be a big, spectacular, epic movie that will have fans dyingfor more whenthey leave the theaters, but that's a problem when your current script is only 40 pages long. I want Space Ghost: The Movie to be in between 2 hours long and 2 and 1/2 hours long, so my script will have tobe atleast 100 pages. (So, I better get writing!) Anyways, just thought I'd lay out those problems, and as always, if you have any comments, questions, or requests (like what you want to see in it) for the movie, please put them in this thread, and I can surely help you. Thanks to all who support me for this, because I think you'll like what I have to offer when Space Ghost reaches theaters. (if it
Open with something big. Like a battle or something like that. If you start with action, you'll have the Audiences attention, and i can see a space battle happening in a Space Ghost movie.
Yeah, it will be action me! The opening I have right now is character development for Thaddeus and his pregnant wife, but I think I can work a little space battle into the mix. Also, villains are a big thing for me. I LOVE villains, and I love Space Ghost's villains like Zorak, Moltar, Brak, Metallus, Space Spectre, etc. I have a pretty good story lined up for two villains, but if you remember in the comic, Space Ghost fought against a guy named Temple. I dont think i want to use Temple, even though he was a big (probably the main villain) villain in the 2004/2005 comics.
Temple was cool, but i would rather see the classic villians more too.
Especially Brak.
I have an idea where Brak is a henchmen to another classic villain, but I can't tell you who. I also have an interesting story involving Moltar and Space Spectre. And of course, Zorak has his own story.
I like what they did with Zorak though.
I can see how an invasion by Zorak could be the sequel.
Yeah, I like Zorak's re-doing.

Thing is, I dont know which villain to use first! It's mind-boggling...
you could use Space Spectre, as a doppelganger who wants to eliminate Bach and take his place.
SpeedballLives said:
you could use Space Spectre, as a doppelganger who wants to eliminate Bach and take his place.
Thats a neat idea, but really what I had in mind for Space Spectre is this: Bobby Bach (current name..:) I'll change it if he's featured in a SG comic sequel), brother of Thaddeus Bach aka Space Ghost, has never achieved anything great in his entire life. He discovers his brother's true identity, and is offered the chance by Moltar (main villain) to rid the world of Space Ghost, and take his place as Space Spectre. While Bobby finds it hard to kill his own brother, he is very jealous of Thaddeus and with the help of Moltar, it might not be so hard....

That's my idea for the third and final SG movie. Sorry for spoilin it for ya!
Yeah, i like it.
you know what would be really cool.
If Spider-woman, Moltar and Metallus teamed up and combined their forces to invade the planets that Space Ghost protects.
Spider-Woman's not in the DC Comics world. I think I'll have Metallus be in one of the first 2 movies, but I'm pretty sure Brak is going to be in the first movie, in some form. (either main villain, sidekick, etc.)
no, not the Marvel Spider-woman, there is a villian who uses an army of spiders in the TV show.
Oh man, I apologize. I had no idea, honestly. But I think I'll stick with just the villains that I know for now. Besides, if the fans/critics like my Space Ghost trilogy, maybe there'll be more than just 3. But I've come up with an ending to which really there can't be anymore after SG3.....a tremendous ending!
Well my fellow fans, i am VERY sorry to inform you of this, but something tells me that my Space Ghost idea won't impress many, and I want to impress. So, I have abandoned the project. I have not thrown away my current script yet (for if someday I have the fans to get my back on this one) but I have overviewed the story and it does just not seem practical to me. I am very sorry to do this, but I have to do what I think is right...but you can be sure it'll happen someday if I have the support of thousands of fans (which I don't have now).

Once again, thank you for all the support for the project, but i just don't have the will to do it anymore...

you had me since the beginning, but stopped me blank, as soon as i read that he wouldn't be in space that much time...thats a bummer...if you're going to keep him in an earth-like planet, it should be a sentient kinda one...a planet that has life and "thinks" itself...and 'attacks' him while he's trying to capture the villain...
Well, the original way i had it was he was not in space very long at all, only when he flew to another planet. (on a ship)

I still could stick with Space Ghost, but I just don't think the time is right now for his own movie.

I've seen Superman Returns, and I can only describe it in one word: wondrous! SR is beautifully crafted, both by Bryan Singer, and his cast and crew. Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth were teriffic in their parts as Clark, Lex, and Lois, respectively. Anyways, onto SG....

Such people as Sam Raimi, Bryan Singer, Chris Nolan and MANY others have inspired me to believe that great movies can be made, and great comic book adaptions can be made. I wasn't going to finish writing Space Ghost, but now, my idols (Sam, Bryan, Chris, etc.) and you (the fans) have let me know that I can do this if I try. So, I'm very happy to be telling you that I will begin my official 2nd draft of SPACE GHOST: THE MOVIE on Saturday, after watching POTC2. I'm very happy to be writing about him again, and I KNOW that it will be a great movie, with two great follow ups (SG2 and SG3) that I will write in the coming months/years. I've developed a pretty dang good story for Space Ghost 1, an even better story for Space Ghost 2, and the GRAND FINALE for Space Ghost 3. I know it will be a great franchise, and here's the truht: THEY ARE GETTING MADE! No matter how you feel about it, no matter what! I don't care wether you like it or not....they're getting made!

Thanks once again, for your continuing support.
Oh and once again, I'd like to remind you that this is a movie franchise not just for me but for the fans (all of you SHH! posters and beyond!) so FEEL FREE to post any ideas or suggestions you have for the SG movie I am currently developing.

Alright ladies and gents, we have a winner!

Space Ghost: The Movie is back into pre-pre-pre-pre production, and I have just completed the treatment for the movie. The final story is complete. I will not post the treatment, but I can tell you it is going to be awesome.

Feel free to ask questions here about anything concerning this project. I'll be happy to answer them.

AND YES....SG is going to be made!
This movie will be fantastic! I am going to help and support you all the way through it.:up: :up: :up:

Good luck and I will show you, and only you the synopsis for the film I'm making.

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