The Official Stupid Question Thread: Marvel Edition - Part 4

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After AvX, did all the mutants that lost powers in House of M get them back? Or are there just supposed to be more mutants born from here on out?
I don't think it's been fully explained yet. It probably will be in Uncannily-late Avengers. I think it's mostly all new mutants popping up out of nowhere. Most of the House of M folks that lost their powers got them back by now anyway.
Sentry still dead? I hope so. I hate that guy.
Did the ever explain how Sabretooth come back?
Either the one who is dead or the one that came back is a clone
Eh, there was never a need for his cry baby ass to being with. :o
Don't blame it on sunshine. Don't blame it on moonlight. Don't blame it on good times. Blame it on the Bendis.
What is the current status of Multiple Man? Haven't read X-Factor in about a year. Remember hearing rumors of Madrox prime dying.
Jamie can never truly die. The next writer will just say it was a dupe and that's already happened the several times they killed him
Somewhat rhetorical but still

Why the hell did Quesada turn down a Hitch/Whedon pitch for a Spider-Man run?
Agree with Anubis. It's because he's Quaseda :o bringer of all bad things
Maybe their pitch involved Spider-Man being married or holding down a decent job or being a responsible adult or something else Quesada doesn't remember about the Spider-Man of his own childhood 40 years ago.
Was Star-Lord's survival/return ever explained? I know he seemingly died along with Richard Rider at the end of The Thanos Imperative but then came back with the other Guardians in the Avengers Assemble book.

Was his death just ignored or was there an explanation?
Whedon actually said in an interview that he mainly wanted to write Spider-Man so he could say that he had, and in retrospect he really didn't have any interesting ideas for it and it probably would have sucked.
Whedon would have been an awesome choice to takeover Ultimate Spider-Man at some point if Bendis had ever given it up. He still would be, but I don't see that happening anytime soon with his busy schedule.
Eh, Whedon's one writing of spider-man during his Uncanny run was actually a pretty fun take on him. Only in a few scenes but him punching doc strange "to wake him up, at least I hope that's what he's trying to do" felt like a great voice to the character. Also having him be the one hero that actually felt stopping a planet sized bullet all by himself was a bit off was nice to see.

Whedon might not have had a great pitch like say mystical devil deals or turning spider-man into doc ock but he is a great writer with a good voice for a peter parker type. I think it would have been good. Sometimes not having a direct idea can be a good thing.

I'll put it this way, if cormac maccarthy comes in and says he wants to write a western but doesn't know what it'll really be about you're a damn fool if you don't agree on the spot.
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