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A little bit late to the part with my review......but I finally decided to sit down and watch this film for the first time. Keep in mind, I have never read the GN. My first exposure to this film was thru the advertising campaign before its release and the scattered research I did from that point out. I will say that I initially avoided seeing this because I found the characters to be a bit corny (costumes especially / that Batman rip off Night Owl) and after being warned there was gratuitous blue penis all throughout.

Have to say though, Zack Snyder pieced together a wonderful film. This sir is what they call "depth" and there was plenty of it. The parts of The Comedian and Rorschach were beautifully handled. I swear if RDJ ever leaves Iron Man they have an automatic replacement in Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Rorschach was no doubt my favorite thing about the entire film though. Every witty piece of societal commentary ...... his internal struggle ...... I bought every second of it. Jackie Earl Haley was absolutely intense. His scene in the prison where he shouts "I'm not in here with you, you're in here with me!" was pure, cinematic gold and has become one of my favorite movie quotes of all time.

I've read various complaints about the movie jumping around, but I was never left confused. I thought the flashbacks were appropriately used. About the only question I had was how this collective group of people managed to have super human skills (aside from Dr. Manhattan). I'm not tooting my own horn here, but once I saw Veidt in his office being interviewed, I knew he was The Comedian's killer. His body shape was a dead giveaway.

As far as negatives ........ hmmm thought the ending was lacking in intensity aside from Rorschach commanding Dr. Manhattan to kill him. Speaking of the Doctor, the mechanics of "time" was interesting. I thought his speech about the usefulness of time being like that of a picture of oxygen was very thought provoking ..... but whenever films mess with this topic it tends to get a bit convoluted or relegated to convenience. The first Silk Spector was very over-acted and I thought her makeup job when she was in her 60's was awful. The younger Silk Spector's sex scene was dragged out too long IMO.... it bordered porn-esque because of how long it went on.

Great cast though. I never once struggled to accept the chemistry. Overall I thought all the pieces blended finely. I thought Zack and Company did a great job establishing each character and their role in the film.




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Never heard of Watchmen till last year or whenever it was SHH posted pics of them as first look in the costumes. Never picked up the book after that so my opinion is just based on the movie. I enjoyed it a lot and my wife enjoyed it alot. I now want to pick up the book. I loved how everything went and the flashbacks. I found it easy to keep up with but I know I have a few friends who would be lost in about 10 minutes.

Anyways I gave it an 8
its been almost 2 years since the movie came out and I wonder if anyone changed their minds for better or worse about the movie.

For me I think it's stayed mostly the same, I gave it a 9/10 and today I still give it a 9/10.
I find it hilarious that someone would even think they just showed Jon naked to show him naked.

How didn't the movie touch on Jon not wearing clothes as one of his indicators of detachment? Did he, or did he not stop wearing clothes when he became Dr. Manhattan, which was also the begininngs of his detachment?

I mean, you even KNOW why Jon doesn't wear clothes and you still think it's just there "because"?

Don't get that logic.

It's not like there's ever a panel in the comics where Jon says "I stop wearing so much clothing. I am becoming detached from humanity".

Goyer would have done it for the movie.
It was the best Watchmen movie we're ever gonna get, but it wasn't Watchmen.

It was yet another example of why and how Alan Moore's comics do not work as movies. They cut way too much out and what they DID leave in, they messed up.

The characterisation was off in every single instance, except Rorschach and arguably Nite Owl. I'm not raged because I expected this, but that's what it was.

The very fact that millions of dollars, a side-story DVD, a three hour movie AND a Director's Cut couldn't do what Alan More did in a graphic novel that's an inch thick? Point proven. Certain stories should be left as is.
Not sure if anybody's pointed this out.

In the Graphic Novel, chapter 5 is called "Fearful Symmetry." It chronicles Rorschach's second-to-last visit with Moloch, some dialogue with the cops, Black Freighter, Laurie and Dan at the Gunga Diner, narration by Rorschach, Bernies/Black Freighter goodness, a scene with Adrian, Bernies, Rorschach narration, Laurie and Dan at Dan's apartment, Black Freighter, cops, Rorschach's final visit with Moloch. In that order.

The structure is completely symmetrical, as are the panel breakdowns. The panels of the first half are reversed for the second half. And the whole chapter is bisected right down the middle by the moment of Adrian striking the asssasin in the face with the ashtray. Shown here:

What's interesting is that this moment takes place in the very middle of the film.****/fearfulsymmetry.jpg

This is almost the exact middle of the film, considering that the credits start at the 4:22 mark.****/fearfulsymmetry2.jpg

Is it possible that Zack Snyder was so geeky that he structured the film around this? It's hard for me to believe that this is a coincidence.
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I went back and watched The Ultimate Cut last night, and I gotta say, it really is a great movie. Sure, there are some things I would have changed, and also, some things I think needed to be added or addressed better, but overall, I think it's one hell of movie.

While I was watching, I was thinking of doing a big write up for The Ultimate Cut, and talk in depth about what I liked, and what I think would have made it even better, but I don't think anybody would actually read it, or even care that much. So, just know, while I like the book more, I think The Ultimate Cut is still a good adaptation of the GN. 9/10 :cwink:
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