The Official William Hurt/General "Thunderbolt" Ross thread

I meant like him temporarily becoming Zzax like in the comics, it would be somewhat cool to see.

Who knows? But the best chance is him becoming the Redeemer or putting him in a suit of armor like in the HUD video game.
Putting him in some Hulkbuster armor that huge would be pretty sweet. There'd also be a lot to play around with as far as weapons are concerned.
Since they seem to be using elements of HUD in this movie, there's a good chance that they may do that in a sequel. This is the sci-fi aspects that I hope they use in MU movies, advanced tech rules.
It seems like they are using more elements from the show and the Ultimate comics than anything else. However, I would like for them to use some elements from HUD by using Ross as a villain by having him in Hulkbuster armor and by introducing the Devil Hulk.
I take it, you've seen a rough cut of the movie?

No, I wish!

I have a source that worked on set and saw scenes being filmed and told me that William Hurt was the best actor he saw, my source said he made everything seem so believeable that when he said every line you really believed him unlike some of the other soldiers.

My source says Hurt is the one to watch out for in the movie.
Looking at that big picture, all I can say is: William Hurt is Thunderbolt Ross.
I don't know anymore...
The awesomeness of the Blonsky/Hulk battle aside, I thought Hurt sort of sucked in the way he delivered his lines in that scene...

From how he bellowed "BLONSKY" to that "my god he's really doing it"

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