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Iron Man The ONLY superhero movie to pull off a classic rock soundtrack


Jul 14, 2002
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I know (or atleast think) Jon Favreau will be using a score, but every trailer and tv spot makes me realize that this movie is the only superhero movie that can get away with using classic rock songs.
I hated the use of rock songs. I kept trying to get into this latest trailer and the music kept turning me off. :down
Sorry but heavy metal and iron man kinda go together hand in hand...

this isn't a film that needs some girly operetic scores like spidey. iron man is a whole new kettle of fish...
Totally agree, Iron Man/Stark as a character is a hard hitting, hard drinking metal-suited character who wouldn't suit anything other than rock music. And if you're not into rock, .......................... tough :D.

The Spiderman soundtracks had extra swag

*Bumps "Hero"*

....As we all fly aaawaaaaaaaaaay

I liked all 3 Soundtracks. Daredevil's soundtrack had its moments "Wont back down" was so funny it was good lol.
Well I wouldn't say it's the ONLY movie that could pull of a classic rock soundtrack. I'm thinking Thor could also do it (though it be more orchestral rock than classical). Authority maybe, The thing is the movie is positioning itself to be a real big GUY movie.
thor's music would be a mix of classical and rock like was shown for sephiroth's theme in advent children.

Infact, it would be absoultely perfect
I guess it depends on the tone of the movie. For me superheroes = rock and roll anyway. :)
I personally like that soundtrack, I believe as has been said most of the film will have a score, but for the trailers, the music works,at least for me.
Agreed. The metal/rock theme for the trailer adds to the intensity and the ruggedness that is Iron Man. All I know is that the choice of music, atleast for the trailers, works. So... :cool:
I think the rock music works in the trailers... but I really don't want to hear any songs in the movie. I'd prefer an original score.
To quote the illustrous Tony Stark:

Is it to much to ask for both?

Ghost Rider could've pulled it off. And I think Wolverine can as well.

Iron Man and heavy metal go hand in hand though.:stark
IronMan the song and movie was made for each other! Perfect usage of it for the trailers (and I hope in the movie)

Spiderman should've used that Ramones song in his trailers.
I prefer classic rock over scores/orchestra with my summer movies.
It wasn't classic rock but the Daredevil DC pulled off a rock soundtrack quite well. The head banging rock of the bar fight was perfect. Evanescence debuting their soulful sound was excellent in every scene they were used.

The rock for this new Iron Man trailer is absolutely the right decision.
I slightly agree here. Except when I heard AC/DC in the newest trailer...Jesus, what a terrible band.
You mean... terrible as in great... right?
No, terrible as in, they truly suck.
I'd hate to hear what you think is good music then.
No, terrible as in, they truly suck.

Truly suck as in you've never listened to any of their albums and think they're all butt ugly but you agree that they have a unique style and a couple of good songs?
I'm a strong proponent for film scores (which are timeless for the most part), but it fits with IM. And if they were gonna go with rock songs, classic is definitely the way to go. :up: It won't date the movie as badly as if they used pop songs.

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