The Polar Express in 4D


Mar 1, 2006
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Polar Express runs on Cinema 4D and Bodypaint 3D

Polar Express runs on Cinema 4D and Bodypaint 3D
Maxon’s software used in Sony Pictures’ Christmas CGI fest

Animated CGI film ‘The Polar Express’, starring Tom hanks is Sony pictures bid for success at the box office this Christmas and it wouldn’t have been possible without Cinema 4D and Bodypaint 3D, Maxon claim.

Sony’s imageworks studio have been using BodyPaint 3D for texture-mapping since it’s release 2 years ago. Cinema 4D has been added to the studios toolbox for the creation of matte paintings for the movie.

Ivo Horvat, Matte Painting Supervisor for "The Polar Express" said "MAXON…have completely transformed our workflow for 2 1/2D and 3D matte paintings as a result… we are now able to output complex shots with a speed I had never seen previously in my experience."

Maxon’s tools have also been used in other recent feature films such as King Arthur, Spider-Man 2, Hero, but this is the first time they have been used in a full-length computer-generated feature film.

Aquarium Shows Polar Express In 4D - Video - WBAL Baltimore

Time for a road trip.
This sounds pretty bad ass. :wow: :up:

Experience 4D Immersion Theater
Virtually Transport Into the Action

The Aquarium's new Immersion Theater will bring you closer to the sights, sounds, and smells of the action. The theater will be equipped with 4D capabilities, which combine the high-definition drama of a 3D film with special sensory effects such as mist and wind.

Tickets On Sale Now! Click below to order tickets.
Members may purchase 4D tickets at the Members Entrance.

Now Showing
The Polar Express 4-D Experience (December 1-January 6)

Special Holiday Showing
The Polar Express 4-D Experience, a holiday classic transformed into a magical 15-minute journey. Embark on a cold winter’s journey that’s sure to warm your heart, and to make you believe.

Picture the on-screen serenity of a snow-covered neighborhood as an icy cool blast of air brings the scene to life. Then, the excitement builds as a dancing parade of chefs present seat-side service and almost magically, the savory aroma of warm hot chocolate fills your senses. That’s the thrill of 4D; all-new at the Aquarium.

What is 4D Immersion Theater?
Sights, Sounds and Smells!

The Aquarium’s 4D Immersion Theater combines the visual drama of a 3D film with a variety of sensory effects, which are built into theater seats and the theater environment.

Most films are transformed into 20-minute or less experiences and will virtually bring on-screen images to life with added effects such as: water mist, wind, a neck air blast, snow, bubbles, steam, leg ticklers, scents, enhanced floor lighting, and seat vibrations!

Please note: The 4D Immersion Theater contains theatrical lighting including strobe lights.
wow! i'd love to go see it just to see how the wind and mist works.
I just bought my ticket for next Saturday.
I haven't been to the Baltimore Aquarium since I was a kid. This is going to kick so much ass. :hyper:
I went today. Getting squirted in the face a few times during a trailer so that kind of prepared me for the Express. The hot chocolate smell wasn't so great but the snow was awesome and I grabbed at them and the bubbles. :O I wonder what those snowflakes were made of they lingered for a bit once they landed on my track pants. I loved how the chairs shake when the train was out of control along with the tap I got when Santa cracked his whip on the reindeer. So f'in cute. :p It only lasted about 15 - 20 mins but it was while worth the 1/2 hour drive. The aquarium rocked as well.
They couldn't have picked a better movie to do it with? Seeing "The Polar Express" once was more than enough for me. I have no desire to see Tom Hanks's CG ass running up and down the train car muttering "hot chocolate" like he's Rain Man again.
Lol, I love it. :p
Planet Earth 4D will be coming out in January of '08.
You know, I don't hate the movie. But the kids in it creep me out. And I couldn't understand why Aerosmith was in the movie.

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