The Protesting of Da Vinci Code at the Theater Where I Work


Jun 10, 2003
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I posted this as well in another thread.

So I was working at the theater tonight (got off early, not having to be a late usher). When I arrived at 5:30, there were 4 people (all 60+ years old)outside of the theater with signs protesting. They put a large 8 foot cross off of the theater's roperty, but close enough that it was visible to anyone coming in or out of our parking lot.

We really didnt care too much and actually thought it was rather entertaining to watch as they tried to yell at people in the lines waiting to buy tickets.

Eventually, two coworkers of mine and I came up with the idea of putting our HUGE 12 foot cardboard Da Vinci Code display outside on the theaters property, solely to provoke them. Not that we really cared, but, while all of the theaters are showing, it gets pretty boring and this was something we could do and watch the reactions of.

So, we put out the display right next to our outdoor box office window.

Within 4 minutes, one of the old men came up and began spray painting the sign over. My manager called the cops and they came and arrested him for destruction of property. It was pretty damn funny.

Then, as our rush for our first night showing (6:50) started, more and more of our customers began to show up and found the 3 remaining sign holders just as entertaining as we did. A decent number of our theater patrons went up to them to talk and came back laughing so hard saying that all they did was scream and yell at them and say that they were going to Hell and didn't want to discuss the issues to any length. After our first rush, and their constant bickering with our annoyed patrons, they left, but not before coming up to the theater to tell all of us working that we were going to Hell.

All in all, a pretty damn entertaining night.

To conclude:

I have nothing wrong with protestors and really didn't care much at all about them being there. I mean, they didn't effect our business (we still sold out our three shows I worked during). I actually enjoy the thought of people caring about something so much that they actually feel a need to protest. However, these protestors were a waste as they didn't feel the need to actually discuss any of the issues and were nowhere near being considered peaceful. Sure, you have a right to Freedom of Speech and Peaceful Assembly, but if you do it without really giving any information on your views, you are only really making yourself and the group you represent look bad. So, for the love of God, stay the **** home.
I'll probably protest it tomorrow, after I see it, because I hear its pretty boring.
Admiral_N8 said:
I'll probably protest it tomorrow, after I see it, because I hear its pretty boring.

Yeah, I've heard it isnt that great. If I had to pay to see it, I probably wouldn't go. I'd rather be fully entertained by some mindless (but apparently rather clever) entertainment ala Over the Hedge.

But, since I work there, I get to see movies for free. After I get off of work tomorrow (I work in the morning), I think I'm gonna go see it just for the sake of seeing it.

One of my coworkers saw it and said that it was enjoyable. He said it was like a darker and slower National Treasure (which I didn't see).
Thanks for the report wombat.

Religious zealots are funny. :D

And scary. :eek: :(
No protestors at the theater I work at...I feel gyped.:(
I hate old people. This goes on my list of reasons to hate old people.
crazy people are funny :up:
Truthteller said:
Thanks for the report wombat.

Religious zealots are funny. :D

And scary. :eek: :(

They're funny unless they touch you.

Then they give you holy-itous.

There is no cure. :(
ahhhh :( all i got when i seen it tonight was a bunch of moronic 14 years olds who finally shut up when i told them i was going to knock the hell out of them if they didnt stop with the daft laughing, talking and whistling
Where were they when the book came out?, it's been on the ny bestseller list for how long now?...what a waste of time. They just need the attention their grandkids neglect to give them.
there were no protesters outside the theatre when I went to see it

it was entertaining, got my money's worth, although they did cut some stuff from the novel, it wasn't that much to not make it interesting

this week's x-men will probably have more people protesting the fact that Gambit isn't in it and that Rouge can't fly
I will be protesting "The Code" by seeing X-Men 3. :D
These kinds of idiots give all us church-going folk a bad's just a movie.

Hell, even the Catholic church (Opus Dei, even) is saying that it's just fiction and could be used to teach people, yada why freak out about it sheesh...

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