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Feb 20, 2012
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Hi, im starting this thread for the kids that think they can become the real life spiderman. And i know at one point or another you thought "hay i can be spiderman" well that is what is im looing for in this thread. if you had any spiderman relative events happen to you plz post them. and it would be great if we can find a real spiderman among us.

The Spectacular Spiderboy Out
There is a hero in all of us - Realtiy
Well AmazinSpiderboy, I'm usually over at the webshooter thread trying to develop an actual webshooter for actual crimefighting. And if all goes well with what i have created, i will indefinitely use them for the good of others. I feel like if someone has an ability like, in this case, shooting webs, it should be their responsibility to use it for helping others. Plus its just cool. And his fighting style as per the new game looks heavily dependent on his webbing, which could actually work if you needed to web someone down and cut a fight short.
hey guys, i know someone who's a spidey-like real-life masked crimefighter.
He goes by the name Spider-Boy !!
what his story? Does he do parkour or something?
Cool I would like to know more about this person.
Location, fighting style, a photo, weapons or defense mechanisms.
I don't think so. Sup has told me about this guy before, or at least I thought it was him. Wasn't he from France or something?
White widow are you thinking of the French guy who climbs buildings with no climbing equipment or harness
Nah, that's Robert Alain (or at least I think that's how you spell it). No there was a french Spider man, like crime fighting with a mask kind of deal.
probably. Ask Sup. He knows more about this stuff than I do.
thank you guys, now im finally closer to spiderman age two more years to i get bit by an radioactive spider and become the amazing spiderman.
Come on, you guys know you tried climbing the walls to be like Spidey when you were little. I did anyway... :o
This thread.

Just.... this damn thread.

Come on, you guys know you tried climbing the walls to be like Spidey when you were little. I did anyway... :o

[blackout]I still do.[/blackout]

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