The Reign Of The Supermen


Apr 9, 2006
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My latest pic... What do you think?


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super?, When supes died and was rebuilt, steel, and superboy. Doomsday in the background. Good. whos on the far left.
ooh, ooh, I know. That would be the Eradicator, it's funny cuz I was actually just talking to a friend about this the other day who hadn't really read too many comics, but was interested in them.
Okay first things first.

The far right is Superboy, After Superman's death Cadmus labs created a clone of the Man of Steel, he has most of Superman's powers and an overabundace of Hormones. He spend more time hitting on girls (lois Lane included) then Fighting crime. That's Stephen Bender in the picture (Young Clark Kent in Superman Returns)

Next to him is Steel, Aka John Henry Irons, He was a weapons devoloper who decided that he would rather build up the World than destroy it, so he quit his Job and turned to construction. It was doing this that led him to meet Superman, halfway between the skyrise he was working on and the ground, Supes saved his life and Irons never forgot it, After Superman's death John used the technology he had created so become Steel, He wore the \S/ as a sign of respect to the Real Man Of Steel.

After that we have the Cyborg, After the Death of Superman this mysterious figure emerged claiming that he was indeed the Rebuilt body of The Man of Tommorow, however he seemed to be suffering some memory loss and was not sure about the Details of his life, Of all the Supermen that appear this was the one Lois thought might really be the real thing.
*Major Plot Spoiler Highlight to read*
As it turned out, Cyborg was the major villian in the "Death of Superman" story arc. his real name was Hank Henshaw and he nearly died in a space shuttle incendent that converted his mind into pure energy, His two companions on his mission were killed and his wife was saved, thanks to Superman, Hank leared that his new form could contol and alter machinery and he took Superman's Kryptonion ship and used it to explore the Galaxy. After many years in isolation he went quite mad and Blamed Superman for killing his friends and turning his wife against him, As well as for making him a cyborg. So after Superman's Death, Hank returned to Earth claiming to be the real Man of Steel. He prtnered with the warlord Mongul and destroyed Coast City, eventually when the Real Superman was Reborn Cyborg was defeated.

The last one pictured is another one of the Supermen that appeared after the real one's Death, He was known as The Last Son Of Krypton. This Man appeared to be Superman in every way, he looked and sounded just like him, The only difference was an amber visor he wore over his eyes and an altered suit. However he was cold and methodical, his crime figting violent , in one instance he crushed the hands of a would be rapist. This incarnation turned out to be the Eradicator, a Kryptonion AI construct that was responsible for the construction of the Fortress of Solitude. He was more or less a recreation of SUperman All Kal-El without any Clark.
The Eradicator's energies had formed in the Fortress and when finding Superman dead, used his body's solar energies to convert mass from Superman's tomb into a body for the Eradicator. It was he that eventually took the Body of Superman back to the Fortress to be slowly revived within an energy matrix.

:supes: This is my phony Signature...Until they give me a real one, it will have to do:supes:

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