The "Resistance" Franchise Deserves One More Installment


May 18, 2011
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Hey everyone,

Something I've been noticing a lot recently when frequenting the various video game sites/forums I do is, whenever a list is curated for "franchises that deserve sequels/more installments" Resistance always seems to find its way on them. I'll then scroll down ato the comments and see a lot of fans/gamers in general voice their wishes of seeing another game. Insomniac's twitter/twitch feed is also often filled with various comments such as...

- "Please remaster Resistance."
- "Give us a Resistance on PS4."
- "Resistance 4, where is it Insomniac?"

You kind of get the picture/can fill in with your imagination the various combinations those statements can be put into. While the property "ended" nearly eight years seems to still be held in high regard. I know the franchise was never really able to make a "lasting impression" due to its convoluted development but, for what it's worth, that doesn't detract from the promise/potential of the property itself. I firmly believe it just was never fully realized.

A few days ago I read an article "Top 5 Video Game Franchises That Deserve a New Entry". As you can guess, Resistance was one of the first titles to kick off the list. When Insomniac chose to announce back in January of 2012 that they were done making games based on Resistance, while disheartened, I chose to accept it. (Anything else doesn't really do much good.) That's definitely saying a lot though because this franchise holds a special place in my heart because...

- It was my first online experience.
- It was the first game I followed religiously for its story line.
- I made life long friendships with people I interacted with on this game.
- The online community was unlike anything on the market...nothing even comes close to the original days of
- If it weren't for this game, I wouldn't have become close/great friends with the fine staff at Insomniac Games.

That being said, I understand Insomniac Games is off pursuing other endeavors like Spider-Man and their various new I.P's but, I want to highlight them because they're the ones who started this franchise. Unfortunately though it's not up to them to move forward with a new entry for Resistance. While they stated in the past they were done...recent musings on their twitch streams and social media say differently. Again, it's been nearly eight years since the last installment of Resistance. (See Resistance: Burning Skies.) Fans keep bombarding them with the statements listed above and fail to realize, they're not the ones who need to hear your's Sony.

Yesterday, July 21, I decided to make a petition on that echoes the title of this particular thread. By no means would it be a slam dunk but, I think the final straw kind of "broke the camels back" when I read that "Top 5" article. I'm tired of seeing people voice/express their interest yet nothing is done about it. Resistance was one of the most fascinating franchises on the market if you truly hunkered down and read into the mythology/lore. It was so much more than "Call of Duty w/aliens" and its potential was never fully realized.

With Sony Interactive Entertainment dominating this generation with "worthwhile exclusives" that move units...I feel now is the best time to get this conversation started. Obviously Resistance wouldn't make it onto the Playstation 4 but who knows maybe they could develop one on the Playstation 5? It didn't deserve to be left in the era of the Playstation 3. Maybe Insomniac would be willing to give it another go but, if not, there's so many unanswered questions left in the franchise that another developer could easily leave their mark.

It's just something to think about. So I'm going to leave a link to the petition I made. If you'd like to see another Resistance, by all means please sign/share.​

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

All the best.

- Adam
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I never got the chance to play the Resistance games on the PS3, so I would love a remaster for the PS4. with all the other remasters and rereleases so far, I'm half surprised we haven't gotten a Resistance Collection remaster yet.

and of course, a Resistance 4 or whatever new game in the series would be good for PS5. this is an exclusive PS franchise that has been dormant for quite awhile now.
Thanks for taking the time to reply, X Knight.

This is always a hard topic of discussion for me, because I don't want to sound biased but, I wholeheartedly believe its time Resistance receives another entry. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the franchise but, unfortunately, the lore/mythology of the franchise was something not many got to experience. I think most of this contributed to where Insomniac Games was at, at the time creatively, when they were developing Resistance. Ratchet and Clank always seemed like "one off stories" and Resistance was a game that required a consistent story through multiple entries.

If you followed the game religiously, you learned A LOT more about the game than you'd ever find in the game itself. The lore of the game was stretched through comic books, novels, Alternate Reality Games and a cohesive timeline on a website. I feel being stretched like this hurt the franchise immensely. (It also didn't help that it went through multiple facelifts...)

Fall of Man - Interesting Military Shooter set in the 50's.
Resistance 2 - Generic Super Soldier plot line.
Resistance 3 - Post Apocalyptic "The Road" story line.

There was a lot of promising aspects presented in R: FOM in regards to its setting. I personally loved the idea of humans with 1950's tech going up against insurmountable odds. In my opinion, it was a shame they chose to modernize the franchise in Resistance 2. (Why do the 1950's setting at all?)

Stretching across three entries, fans of the series never really received closure or answers to various questions that plagued this particular franchise. At the time I thought this wasn't a wise decision but now, in hindsight, it makes Resistance more relevant than ever. After coming off the success of Spider-Man I doubt Insomniac would like to revisit the franchise. (Even though they have voiced it's an interesting prospect to think about.) It enables another developer to do their own thing with the franchise and leave their "mark".

Out of the three entries, I feel Fall of Man is still the most solid. (Even though most of the design choices were last minute/creative solution type decisions.) To this day a lot of it holds up really well. Hopefully you get the opportunity to experience the games yourself either in the form of a remaster or new entry.

If you're not familiar with the franchise though I'll link some worthwhile videos below.

Full Moon Show #51: Resistance: Fall of Man Retrospective

Full Moon Show #57 Resistance 2 Retrospective

The Rise and Fall of Resistance I Documentary
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Bring it on. I'd like to see another game, especially after all these years of technical progress.
I've reached out to a few gaming journalist sites about what I'm trying to put together. Surprisingly I've heard back from a few. (One of whom would like me to write an article for them expressing my thoughts and opinions on the subject.) In this day and age it just makes sense for Resistance to get another go. I read a comment on N4G by someone saying, "Resistance could get the God of War treatment and become fresh again."

I think if another installment of Resistance were to come around, hopefully they take it back to its roots. As I've been mulling over the history of this franchise I can't help but feel it was doomed after the release of "Fall of Man". Call of Duty 4 came out and changed the industry with its focus on iron-sights. That was something Insomniac tried replicating with Resistance 2/they completely retooled the game in the first six or nine months of production? (I can't remember the actual number.) They basically just thought the success of "Fall of Man" was a fluke and they needed to step their delivery up.

I remember getting the private beta for Resistance 2 from Insomniac when it was code named "Girl With a Stick" so nobody knew what I was playing. (The internet didn't keep that secret very well after seeing a few hand selected fans playing it.) And the game was COMPLETELY different than what we got in the retail version. They had to change a lot of the shooting mechanics and try to balance it out more from shooting at the hip/aiming down the sights. (There was a very vocal backlash from the community about the changes.) If you think about it, everything seen in "Fall of Man" kind of got scraped to an extent and we got a completely different game.

It didn't help that because of these changes you have a fan base split right down the middle. It's an impossible juggling act to try and please both parties. That's why I think Resistance sold less and less over the following were just tired of the constant changes/lack of identity. I feel it was also a disservice to move the story line as much as they had. (Even though at the time I didn't mind it.) The two year game didn't help...essentially modernizing the lore set in the 50's and then making a post apocalyptic game in Resistance 3. (Again struggling to find its own identity.)

Insomniac also strayed away from their own mythology/refusing to answer the hard hitting questions or take players to the locations they were chomping at the bit for. (Like more of Europe and Russia.) All in all the game just didn't have a clear and concise sense of direction. Not like now where Insomniac Games have proven themselves to be solid storytellers. I think Resistance was just a project ahead of their time and now they could deliver something truly fantastic if given the same care as say..."Sunset Overdrive" or "Marvel's Spider-Man".

The fact that none of the main story questions have been answered makes this game all the more relevant in terms of delivering another entry. Like Stephen King said...

"Sooner or later, everything old becomes new again."
IA. I want another one. I hope the PS5 gets an entry. With the success of Spiderman, Insomniac's clout has been elevated as a dev, that I think it would do better

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