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Oct 19, 2009
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Ya might wanna sit down for this one, Arrow fans. TV Guide Magazine has learned exclusively that the CW show — which is already exceeding its hot limit with Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy and Colin Donnell — has just hit a major bull's eye by signing Teen Wolf alum Colton Haynes.

"We were big fans of Colton from Teen Wolf and we are thrilled he's joining Arrow," says executive producer Greg Berlanti of the actor, who is set to begin appearing on the show in 2013 as none other than Roy Harper.

DC Comics aficionados will recognize that name as the young marksman who has been known as, since his debut in 1941, the Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy, Teen Titans member Arsenal, and the Justice League's drug-addicted, one-armed Red Arrow. While details on this iteration's possible secret identity are being kept, well, secret, Haynes' Harper is being described by The CW as "a handsome, street-savvy, teenager from 'the Glades,' the harsh, poverty-stricken portion of Starling City."

The recurring role will provide a love interest for Willa Holland's Thea (who is also nicknamed "Speedy"...hmmmm), as well as some serious juice for the show's growing mythology. According to the network's breakdown on the character, in addition to falling for Ollie's little sister after crossing paths "in an unexpected way," Roy is "destined to become a significant part of her life and an important player in the larger world of Arrow." In other words, this is awesome.

The casting comes just two months after Haynes shocked Teen Wolf fans by tweeting out his decision to leave MTV's hit drama, although there is nothing surprised about how fast it took another show to snatch him up. Seriously, look at the guy.

Are you psyched to see Colton Haynes get his bowhunter on? Share your deepest feelings in the comments below!
I had actually considered the possibility of Roy Harper being a boyfriend to Thea, Thea eventually getting killed and Roy taking up the Speedy name to honor her.
Oh wow....thanks for sharing the news!
Colton Haynes he's cool sad to see him leave teen wolf though his character was starting to get interesting. Nice choice for Roy Harper tho he should be able to handle it quite well and kudos to the people at Arrow they are not holding anything back in this first season.
I had actually considered the possibility of Roy Harper being a boyfriend to Thea, Thea eventually getting killed and Roy taking up the Speedy name to honor her.

That would actually be pretty awesome.
They're gonna run out of characters before the season is up. :oldrazz:

Who is left? Conner, Mia, Brick, and Onomatopoeia?
Great casting as it looks as if he jumped out of the Young Justice cartoons. This may also destroy the notion of Thea Queen being Speedy.
How could they mention hotness of actors on arrow and not mention Willa Holland.

In her own thread I said I don't want her to go anywhere.

Well we know Thea will be getting some action with a guy.
Awesome news!!!

I'm a huge fan of Colton Haynes.

I was so sad and disappointed when he left "Teen Wolf"

Now, I can look forward to seeing him on TV again, although I prefer to see him on the big screen.

Great that he's getting work.
Inching ever closer to my drug addict/dead Thea Queen theory. I think it's a little early to have him on the show but maybe his turn to Speedy will be a slow transformation over multiple seasons.
I definitely also agree that it will be a gradual transformation.

I think that's how this show is played. They introduce a lot, but it's seeing how every character evolves from season 1. Tricky, but I trust them and can't wait to see how they have this lined out for years to come.
So glad this show has matched up fairly well with the comics now. It began with the two Huntress episodes and now with both Merlyn the Magician and Speedy/Red Arrow being in it I'm liking it way more.
He's making history by being the first live-action Roy Harper.
Sucks he wont be a red head, but I can accept him as Roy. Now they just need to bring Dinah around to where the head strong woman she is in the comics. Also hope they keep or develop the bond between Dinah/Roy/Ollie.
This is great news, I honestly didn't think we'd get Roy Harper so soon if at all!
He seems...wrong for the part. :/ Like when I heard a Teen Wolf alumni was cast as sPeedy, I thought the guys who played Scott or Stiles. Someone who's wet-behind-the-ears, maybe a wiry teenage frame. Colton's more of a male-model quarterback type. It feels this was a studio decision that everyone needs to be some buff dreamboat. Not to mention he's easily as ripped and not much younger than his would-be master.

But hey, first impressions. Prove me wrong, Arrow! :D
I had actually considered the possibility of Roy Harper being a boyfriend to Thea, Thea eventually getting killed and Roy taking up the Speedy name to honor her.

This is what I want.:woot:
Maybe Roy will join Green Arrow's team (that include John Diggle is partner/second in
command/strategist or whatever, Felicity Smoke as tech support) and Roy becomes
his Weapons guy Arsenal.
But what if Roy Harper starts dating Thea?

Maybe in some complicated story, Ollie starts bonding with his sister by training her in
combat and with archery. Just a way for them to reconnect and bond, plus he could be
helping her to know how to protect herself. And over time she could find out about his
"friends" Diggle, Felicity, and Roy. She still isn't a sidekick yet, and perhaps never will.
He calls her Speedy to the group. She and Roy have a connection and start dating. So
you get the Speedy/Roy/Arrow's sidekick connection in a round about way. Plus it
would create conflict in Roy and Ollie's relationship (which is going to happen anyway
because that is their relationship).
Plus it all gives Thea's character something more to do than complain about Ollie.
I really think this is where they should go. (Having Thea train with Ollie, and
accidentally find out about him being Arrow and his team, and then dating Roy.)
and who knows, I was right about [BLACKOUT]who the archer Merlyn would be.[/BLACKOUT]
Looks like Roy Harper from the comics but isn't he a little too old? I guess they've git their reasons, great choice loved him on Teen Wolf.
Well Ollie is suppose to be at least 10yrs older than Dinah but we saw what they did there. But in the new52, they are all around the same age now anyway.
So will Colton wears a superhero suit in this one?? Will he wears a mask and have super powers??
As far as I know Roy Harper doesn't have superpowers ever.
These are the costumes Roy had in the comics. His Red Arrow, Speedy, and Arsenal costumes could be translated into him just wearing some sort of SWAT type gear maybe tinged Red. Maybe goggles instead of a mask.



This is how Huntress' costume turned out.

This is how Green Arrow turned out

And this is how Deathstroke looks in Arrow

With Roy I guess it would depend on his part in the show, but if he turns out to be Ollie's Weapons expert then I could see the show giving him armor and goggles and some uniform that looks more like a costume. With knee pads, gloves, stuff tinged in Red.
Something like this maybe

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