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The Silver Lining


Oct 15, 2005
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Righteo, here's ma Silver Surfer / Galactus fanfic...yes, it's related to the stuff that already has happened in the MU...but it's just my depiction of the story. Enjoy, and all comments would be indeed welcomed. It's still in the works btw...

The Silver Lining

A silver line zipped through the dark starry sky, it was misty but this glowing line could easily be seen in the starry sky. Suddenly, as a young child watched from his window, he witnessed the beam of silver stop. Running up to his father’s bedroom, he reached for the telescope. Spending a few seconds to get it ready in a hurry, he looked through it. Looking straight at the silver comet, which had oddly stopped, he stood back in awe. It was an amazing sight, and as he took another look he realised the comet had disappeared, perhaps to keep flying through the starry skies. He sat on his father’s bed and couldn’t believe what he saw.
“Just took a detour, and I presume it’s more than enough for you to consume. I understand I’m enslaved, but I don’t approve of your hunger. Can’t we at least move onto a different planet? This is more than you need.” A man, cloaked in a silver substance said. He was speaking to another being, and they were oddly having their conversation on the surface of the moon. The man in the silver substance was hovering with a sleek, silver board. He was bald, and had no eye colour either. His muscles could easily prove he was tough. He was speaking to a man his stature, who wore a purple helmet covering with an emblem on the front. He wore a purple costume oddly enough, with a long dark pink cloak. He looked extremely old, yet had the same muscle structure as the man dressed in silver. The man in purple sighed to himself, as he was sitting and than he spoke. “The other planets have done nothing for me, Surfer. I need to taste something challenging, for once. Don’t question my motives; it’s how I live in this universe.” He replied, in a very deep voice. The man addressed as Surfer placed his board on the dusty, uneven ground and sat beside the man. “I managed to take an account of the history, and they’ve had a rough past few years. Can’t you at least try to satisfy your hunger elsewhere?” The Surfer questioned, awaiting a response. The man dressed in purple stood up and crossed his arms. “What a shame, for now they must face the most difficult force ever. The world devourer, Galactus!” He boasted, with his arms held high in the air. “You’re my herald, Surfer. Now, let’s escort ourselves to the oddly coloured planet.” He yelled, as he began to hover in the air. “It’s Earth, Galactus. Are you sure you can enter this planets atmosphere by the way? You were quite drained by sucking the life out the most recent planet, the Shi-Ar’s. Let me enter the atmosphere, and sort things out. After all, I am your herald.” The Surfer suggested, standing up whilst he held his shiny silvery board. “I indeed see what you mean, Surfer. I shall contact you telepathically, and hope you succeed in weakening the planet.” Galactus spoke, as he looked straight at the planet Earth. The Surfer leapt onto his board which was already hovering, and he slowly moved towards the planet Earth. He looked back at Galactus and sighed to himself softly. He pulled the tip of his board up, as he entered the Earth’s atmosphere. His silver body was glowing red, and his whole body and board were glowing that colour. He struggled only the slightest, unlike any other person would. It was obvious he was a cosmic being, he was able to create sound, survive in space and even enter Earth’s atmosphere without a burn. Finally, he had reached the atmosphere of Earth, but for some bizarre odd reason he didn’t concentrate and fell from the skies. Yelling in fear, he was falling into a vast barren rocky plain…
Meanwhile, a less cosmic being was being hunted down. He could leap at the most, a mile or two. He could possibly yield the most brute strength on Earth; he was…the Incredible Hulk. The corporation known as S.H.I.E.L.D were chasing down Hulk; Nick Fury plainly had enough with the Hulk and wanted him imprisoned. It wasn’t that easy for the Hulk to be taken down though, he was well known to give a good fight before he fell; at least he was easy to track. As he leapt onto a large rock, he took a second to catch his breath. S.H.I.E.L.D weren’t backing down this time; they had been chasing him for 25 hours now. As the Hulk stopped for a breather, his muscles were vibrating oddly…he looked up, and jumped out of the way as the Surfer crashed into the rocks. The Hulk decided to investigate, and saw a shaken Surfer. He stood up, and searched for his board. The Hulk found it before him, and ran up to it. The Surfer chased him, and just stood in front of him. “Pardon me, but would you be able to pass me my board?” He asked, shaking the dust off his arm. The Hulk wasn’t in a clever state, and accused the Surfer of working with S.H.I.E.L.D. “Surfing man work with S.H.I.E.L.D. They not like Hulk.” He spoke, with a muffled voice. “Excuse me?” Surfer asked, still brushing the dust and dirt from his reflective silvery body. “You don’t like Hulk. Anyone that gets in way, get hurt!” He yelled, as his muscles grew twice the size in a matter of seconds. Surfer stepped back a bit, and looked confused. “I have no idea what you’re going on about green man, but I have no allegiance on Earth.” Surfer answered, as he looked around at the sky. The Hulk ignored his comment and grunted, he stepped closer to Surfer, who was aware of his actions. Soon enough, the S.H.I.E.L.D helicopters arrived. Four of them began to circle Surfer and Hulk. Nick Fury leaned out of one helicopter, with a red bandana across his forehead. “Bruce Banner is going down this time, folks. Hulk’s been playing us up for too long. Wait up guys; someone’s attempting a conversation with Brucey. What an odd fellow, this guy is coated in silver paint! Silver reflective paint, well obviously it’s his attire. Yet still, he even has a silver surfboard.” Nick mumbled, more to himself than his pilot. “What shall we do, attack him too?” The pilot questioned, as it stopped circling. “I don’t know, I reckon we should wait and see what this has up for offer.” Fury answered, placing his gun down, but not removing his hand from it whilst standing by the open door. The Surfer stood opposite the Hulk calmly watching his rage building as S.H.I.E.LD began to close in. “Get out of Hulk way!” He bellowed, as Surfer stepped back. Surfer looked up, and used his mind to telepathically contact Galactus. “Galactus, I’ve came across a being who’s ready to start a brawl. Should I?” He asked, awaiting a response. Galactus responded within seconds, “I suppose I can test out your strength…”
The Surfer equipped his board and ran back a few steps. He wasn’t keen on hurting the Hulk, but being enslaved meant he had no choice. The Hulk breathed heavily, looking around. “Out of Hulk way…” He spoke loudly, as the veins across his green arms moved. The Surfer looked down, and sighed to himself. “Excuse me, my board?” Surfer asked, as he still hadn’t received it after asking so politely. The Surfer approached the Hulk, to get to his board. The Hulk moved to get in the Surfers way, and snorted. “I don’t know who you are, and I’d be willing to know. But first, my board?” The Surfer persisted. The Hulk shook his head from side to side. “Right. Please don’t make this hard for you.” The Surfer pleaded, as he didn’t want to hurt the Hulk. The helicopter with Nick Fury above them was in one place. “Enough of the chit chat, boys. We haven’t got this being classified, and I’m hoping it’ll show us what it’s made of soon enough.” Nick Fury said, holding some documents in one hand. The Surfer walked back, looked down at the ground and cracked his knuckles. Immediately, he looked up and used his mind to accomplish an attack. The board which belonged to the Silver Surfer was levitating, then fiercely thrown at the Hulk. He yelled in anger, as he was thrown metres away from where he was standing. The Hulk landed on the ground; face first as the board returned to the Surfer’s hands. The Hulk wiped the dirt from his face, and spat out some mud. He wasn’t happy, at all. The Surfer placed his board down, as it floated on the ground. With ease he hopped on, standing proud on the board. “Look, I’ve been ordered to show you my powers. As the herald of Galactus, I have no choice. You can make it easier for yourself, though.” The Surfer claimed, as the board floated backwards. The Hulk growled and flexed his muscles. The Surfer was disappointed in the Hulk’s answer, so he chose to control a ball of cosmic energy in his right palm. It was a strange energy, a flashy blue colour. The Surfer closed his eyes and threw the ball of energy straight into the Hulk’s torso. It created a large explosion, and the Surfer flew back to make sure he was safe. Out of the smoke, the Hulk emerged. He was unharmed, yet extremely angry. Without hesitation, the Hulk leapt at the Surfer and grabbed his board. Due to his weight, the board began to fall. The Silver Surfer jumped up into the air valiantly and produced a back flip. The Surfer watched on as the Hulk held onto the board, then concentrated a larger energy into both of his hands. The Surfer yelled out, and threw both balls of blue energy straight at the Hulk. His board would be okay, due to it being so strong. The Surfer’s board was regarded as the toughest material across the galaxy. It was given to the Surfer after he offered to save his world to become a herald. The Hulk was thrown into the ground, and created a devastating crater. As the Surfer fell to the ground slowly, he commanded his board to help him from falling. As it did, and he stepped on it craftily. He wasn’t impressed with himself, yet looked on at the Hulk. The Surfer landed beside the battered Hulk. The helicopters still hovered above, with Nick Fury watching intently. Galactus then spoke to the Silver Surfer telepathically, ordering him to step aside. It was his time to shine, to show the wrath of Galactus. A few clouds covered the desert, oddly enough. As the Surfer looked up, he knew what was happening. Purple light burst through the dark clouds, and one of the helicopters was under that light. Nick Fury watched on, he knew this was some strange phenomena that you don’t see each day. He ordered the helicopter to leave the light, but just as he finished…he looked upon an explosion. Nick Fury was horrified, he just witnessed a beam of light just destroy a S.H.I.E.L.D helicopter. The purple lights began to move and appear from the clouds, one had centred itself upon the bruised Hulk. The Surfer looked up and shook his head, but as he did so the beam of light began to levitate the Hulk. He awaked, to be confused by what was going on. The Hulk began to feel the same kind of feeling he had whenever Bruce Banner transformed into the Hulk. Nick Fury reached for his mobile, and dialled the number of Reed Richards. After a short while, Reed answered the call. “Richards, you’re not going to believe this. Our usual capture mission of the Hulk has turned rather bizarre. Before us, we’re seeing the Hulk being separated from Bruce Banner!” Nick Fury yelled down the phone. Reed Richards didn’t reply straight away, he was quite shocked. “You mean, literally both beings are separating?” Reed Richards questioned. Nick Fury didn’t respond, and as Reed Richards sat down beside his wife he was confused to why the phone had cut off. Back at the Baxter building, Sue asked Reed what was wrong. “Sue…it’s not good. Nick Fury sounded terrified. I wonder if we may have something terrible on our hands. Just like those tablets spoke of.” Reed rubbed his chin and stood up beside his wife, Sue Richards. Who we know as the blonde haired, blue-eyed Invisible Girl. Reed walked up towards the large windows and looked up. He held his hands to his side, and turned to Sue.
Meanwhile, Nick Fury was commanding his pilot to leave the area immediately. Two helicopters had been destroyed, and Fury’s was the last there. Bruce Banner stumbled in his frail state, messy brown hair…his brown eyes squinted; he had no glasses with him. His stubble seemed to be extremely rough, and he had no muscle mass. As his naked body stumbled, he recognised the large green figure in front of him. It was the Hulk, his alter ego. Bruce Banner couldn’t see him all that well, but noticed him. “Y-you’re me…” Bruce spoke, trying to get his words out. The Hulk turned to Bruce, and cowered over to him. The Hulk was lost, without Bruce…what was the Hulk?
“I’m just saying, I didn’t agree with what you did there.” The Surfer spoke, telepathically. “You don’t need to. Oh, and Radd…I don’t need your opinions on my actions.” Galactus replied. The Silver Surfer clenched his fist and looked down at Bruce Banner and the Hulk. He turned away, and the board flew him off into the sunset…
The doors to the Baxter building opened, and Nick Fury walked out alongside Steve Rogers. We knew Steve Rogers as the mighty Captain America, the leader of the Avengers. They stepped into the elevator to be taken to the top floor, to meet Reed Richards. As they arrived, a man greeted them. He was rather old, and was more than happy to welcome Nick Fury and Steve Rogers. Reed stood beside the window, and turned to the two who had just come in. Reed Richards seemed to be doing well, the Fantastic Four had just neutralized all of Dr Doom’s activities, and Latveria was home to many mutants. Much like a second Genosha. The last they saw of Doom, was when he fell to his death at the defeat of Latveria. The Avengers had been doing well themselves, all seemed fine in the world. Recently though, Steve Rogers and Iron Man investigated an unknown force in Africa alongside the Fantastic Four. They had come across stone tablets foreseeing the events of Gah-Lak-Tus. They were fighting off the unknown force known as the Shi-Ar. It was around that time when Scott Summers had realised his father was still alive, under the control of the Shi-Ar. The two Avengers and the Fantastic Four sent the Shi-Ar away, only for them to leave an undeniable weapon of destruction. It was named the Ultimate Nullifier. It wasn’t in any shape of a missile, or gun for that matter. The Fantastic Four took this piece, for further investigation. Reed asked Steve and Nick to sit down, and he sat beside them. “We have a situation, its Galactus.” Reed spoke, clasping his hands together. “Galactus, how do you mean?” Nick Fury questioned. Steve continued with the questions. “Yeah, who is Galactus?” They both were given a glass of wine, as if the Baxter building has became a luxurious home for the Fantastic Four. Then again, with all the fame and money they received it wasn’t surprising they had someone serving out drinks. Reed turned to the window. “It’s crazy, isn’t it? There’s somebody up there, waiting to devour the world.” He spoke, as he pointed up into the air. Nick Fury laughed, which turned into choking after drinking the wine. Steve didn’t look too stunned. “I beg your pardon, but ‘devour’ the world?” Nick Fury questioned, with a large grin on his face. “Well, in all fairness Fury…nothing is impossible.” Steve commented, intrigued by what Reed was speaking of. “Technically speaking, I can’t see it happening. But Rogers is right, nothing’s impossible. Follow me, gentlemen.” Reed Richards stood up and walked up towards two odd pedestals, which held two stone tablets on top. “These are the stone tablets we received when we encountered the Shi-Ar. Look at the designs; see what looks like a light there? Piercing straight into the centre of the Earth.” Nick Fury stood beside him, sipping on his wine. “You are saying that you’ve decided that these tablets link with the attack on Hulk earlier? That some threatening planet devourer is coming our way? Reed, I admire your work and ideas…but seriously.” Nick Fury spoke. “Fury, you should look at this tablet then…” Steve Rogers said, picking it up and pointing to a graphic of something that resembled a surfer. Nick Fury almost dropped his glass of wine, as his jaw opened. Reed Richards smiled and walked up towards the window. “If you look closely, one image resembles the Ultimate Nullifier we picked up as well. Coincidence?” Reed questioned. “We can’t go searching for something we don’t even know exists…” Nick Fury claimed, standing beside Reed Richards. As Steve Rogers stood, staring at the tablets…he noticed the sign of the Nazi engraved on it, oddly enough.
Out of nowhere, Johnny Storm ran into the room breathing heavily. We knew Johnny Storm as the famous fiery member of the Fantastic Four, The Human Torch. He had very short brown hair, and brown eyes. He was quite well built, and easily the favourite member of the Fantastic Four amongst the women. Reed turned to his brother, to question what was wrong. “You might wanna look outside.” Johnny spoke, running up towards them. They looked up, and witnessed purple lights emitting through dark clouds. Nick Fury knew this wasn’t a good sign, and warned Reed. “This is the same power that destroyed my helicopters back in the desert. We must do something!” Fury yelled. Steve ordered him not to panic, and Johnny immediately left the room up some stairs. Reed commanded him to stop, but as always…Johnny ignored him. He opened a door to stand on top of the roof, brave as anything. Amongst the dark clouds emerged the Silver Surfer, ordered to claim the threat Galactus brings upon everyone. As the Silver Surfer flew past the Baxter building, Johnny was more than eager to find out who this was. He ran up to the building, gaining his speed…only to leap off and yell, “Flame on!” as his body was engulfed in flames. As the Silver Surfer travelled at a slow speed, he realised he was being followed by The Human Torch at a very rapid speed. The Silver Surfer gained in speed, and people looked up from down below wondering who this new character was. Some were mystified by the Surfer’s presence, some even egged The Human Torch on to capture him. “I ain’t gonna hurt ya. I just want to know who you are!” The Human Torch yelled. The Surfer just looked at him, and gained more speed. The Human Torch stopped, and thought to himself, “Fine. If he wants it that way…he’ll get it that way.” As his flames grew and he flew off at a tremendous speed.
“So, what do you plan to do?” Steve Rogers questioned, fitting his red gloves on. Reed Richards turned to Steve, “We capture the surfer being.” Reed spoke. “Johnny should be able to stop him, I’m pretty sure of that.” He continued. “Don’t be so sure of that,” Fury spoke, “He faired pretty well against the Hulk. So unless you reckon Johnny Storm would be able to stop a Bruce Banner tantrum, let us know. I’ll be more than willing to find out.” Nick Fury stepped to the door and pressed the elevator button. Reed Richards turned to Steve Rogers and frowned. Steve pulled up his mask, and pulled his boots on. “Don’t worry Reed; I’m sure this being is no harm.” Steve assured, walking up towards Fury. The door opened, and a lifeless Johnny Storm was left in the elevator. Reed’s mouth dropped open as Steve picked him up. Small flames still burned on Johnny but he was definitely knocked down. Steve placed Johnny on the chair, as Nick Fury ran up towards the window. Reed Richards leaned over his brother, to make sure he was okay. As Reed checked his state, he heard gunfire from Nick Fury. Steve looked up with Reed, to realise Nick Fury was trying to shoot the surfer being. The bullets went straight through the glass and did actually hit the floating surfer. Once they hit the body, they were repelled. Fury swore under his breath, and threw his gun aside. “Why aren’t you firing anymore?!” Steve yelled. The Surfer just stood there on his floating board, emotionless. Nick Fury stepped back, “It’s no use. The bullets don’t even bruise him.” He claimed. Steve ran towards him, and told him to step back. The Surfer’s eyes widened, and then the glass windows surrounding them were destroyed with ease. Glass shards came flying in, and Steve and Fury ducked. Reed covered Johnny as the glass flew straight by them all. The Surfer hovered in, and Steve moved his hand from covering his face. The Surfer looked round, and stepped off his board. He walked around the place, as all three looked at him. “I am Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer. Herald of Galactus. I have some news to bring upon your world.” The Surfer spoke, looking at Reed. “Galactus, hungers for this planet. He needs the energy from this planet to survive, and has chosen this world to feed.” The Surfer continued. Nick Fury stood up, alongside Steve Rogers. “Damn it, Reed. I didn’t want you to be right; I thought you were losing it.” Fury spoke. Steve stood up, and questioned the Surfer. “Where are you from, exactly?” Steve wondered, stepping closer to the Surfer. “I’m a herald of Galactus, that’s all you need to know. He will arrive shortly to conquer. There’s not much I can do.” The Surfer spoke, walking back to his floating board. “You can’t come in here and tell us that. This world is full of human beings, full of life. You can’t get rid of it just like that. You can’t come in here without a care at all. Where is this Galactus being?” Steve yelled, stepping closer to the Surfer. “Please, I don’t want anymore trouble. I can’t tell you where the Galactus being is.” The Surfer hopped onto his board. Steve wasn’t having any of it, and went to attack the Surfer being. Just as he reached him and was about to lay a punch, the being mysteriously vanished within seconds. Steve wondered what happened, as he looked around him. An odd chill struck down Steve’s neck, as he looked into the sky.
On the floor below, Nick Fury, Steve Rogers and Reed Richards sat with each other. They hadn’t bothered staying up above them, due to the windows being smashed. Nick Fury lit a cigarette, and leaned back. “I wish you wouldn’t smoke.” Steve Rogers said. Nick Fury shrugged; he was in need of relieving the stress from today. Steve cracked his knuckles; he was in his normal day clothes. Reed Richards looked at the ‘weapon’, and the two stone tablets. “I hate to say this, but I think we’re in need of Nathan Summers.” Nick Fury spoke, putting out his cigarette on the ash tray. Steve looked at Reed, who nodded. “Yeah, but we need to pinpoint where Galactus is. By doing that, we need the best telepath in the world; Charles Xavier.” Reed replied. “Sounds like a plan. We need to retrieve Nathan, seeing as he’s recorded the strongest mutant around. With the aid of Xavier to find Galactus, I think we’ve got a pretty good shot with the Ultimate Nullifier.” Fury finished. Steve nodded, and they all stood up. “We must act fast then, I doubt we have much time.” Steve spoke, as they all walked out of the room…
1407 Graymalkin Lane, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, home for many mutants from around the world. The gates opened, and Scott Summers stood beside Xavier in his wheelchair. A taxi cab drove down, and dropped Steve, Nick and Reed off. They stepped up towards Xavier and shook his hand. “So, all three of you wouldn’t normally meet me like this. What’s wrong?” Xavier asked, as they walked up to the mansion. “Well, we were threatened by a peculiar being earlier today. He claimed that someone named ‘Galactus’ is awaiting to devour our planet. Considering what I saw in the early hours of this morning; I guess you could say I’m worried.” Nick Fury spoke. “What Fury is saying, we need your help. We aren’t taking any risks, you see. We believe the Galactus being may have stripped Bruce Banner from the Hulk itself. Without even showing his face.” Reed claimed. The doors opened, and they headed down into Xavier’s office. “So, what you’re asking is use of Cerebra?” Xavier wondered. “We wouldn’t normally ask, Charles. But you must consider the circumstances here. We have a powerful ‘planet devourer’ who separated the Hulk from Bruce Banner, and his herald that managed to almost kill the Human Torch. In favour of rescuing you many times, I think you can repay us.” Steve Rogers said, with a slight smile. They stepped into Xavier’s office, and Charles got behind the desk. Fury sat down, as did Reed. Steve Rogers just stood, admiring the school photos. “I suppose I can amplify the Cerebro powers to find this ‘Galactus’ being. Give me one second, and we’ll get straight to work.” Xavier was given a mug of tea by Scott Summers, who placed it beside him. “Thank you, Scott.” Xavier spoke, taking the mug and holding it firmly in his hand. “How is the Apocalypse situation then, Xavier?” Fury asked, resting his chin on his left hand. “Well, Magneto neutralised all Apocalypse activity. Things seem to be going okay, as a fellow X-Man member is set to marry Magneto’s daughter next week. Something some students here would never dream of that happening, we seem to be living in peace.” Xavier claimed, sipping on his hot tea. “In all honesty Fury, we don’t want anymore trouble for some time.” Scott Summers spoke firmly. Fury smiled, and clasped both his hands together. “Don’t worry Summers, we don’t plan to cause any harm. We just need some assistance; don’t get your knickers in a twist.” Nick Fury replied, standing up.
The doors to Cerebro opened slowly, and there lay the system. Charles Xavier was pushed in the wheelchair slowly towards the Cerebro system. Nothing had changed in the room; there was just the small Cerebro machinery in the centre of the large spherical room. The door closed behind them, and Xavier placed the Cerebro headgear onto his head. He asked Reed, Nick, Steve and Scott to all stand still as he searches. He closed his eyes, and a blue mist surrounded the room. Steve noticed many faces in the blue mist…the villainous Red Skull, whose appearance hadn’t changed. His burnt skin, which dangled off his red burnt skull. Nick Fury seemed to recognise most of the faces, as he saw Peter Parkers face in the mist. He smiled, yet saw the evil that was the mutated Green Goblin. Reed saw his wife Sue, who was smiling and looking very happy. Reed smiled to himself, and even Scott saw Jean Grey. Which was very bizarre, she sacrificed herself to stop the brainwashed Cable from destroying everything Xavier dreamed of those years ago. Scott shook his head, and told himself to control his emotions. Xavier opened his eyes, and spoke. “Well, we have Nathan Summers. Here with Domino…living together in an apartment. Give me one minute, and we’ll make contact with him.” Xavier said, closing his eyes once more…
“And then Wade did what?” Domino asked, a fellow flatmate alongside Nathan Summers he we know as Cable. She was around her mid-twenties, a skilled assassin. She had fought the likes of Black Widow, but had no allegiance. She was only in it for the money. She had quite a distinctive face, a black spot covered around her left eye and she had very pale skin. Having short black hair too, to go with bright blue eyes. She sat down in a comfy sofa, eating her Chinese meal from yesterday. Cable stood on the balcony, looking outside. He was around his mid-thirties and was aging well, with white hair with a fringe that went halfway down his forehead. He had one blue eye, yet the other always seemed to produce some yellow light. It was part of the techno-organic virus inside of him, which had infected the left side of his body. On his other eye though, he had an ‘x’ mark burnt into the skin around the eye. He was very well built, and perhaps the strongest mutant around. We knew now that he was kept in a tomb alongside Apocalypse, sent there straight when he arrived from his universe. He gathered that changing the past and destroying Apocalypse would prevent his disastrous future. All it did was take him to an alternate reality, because his device malfunctioned. His left arm was a metallic substance, part of the techno-organic virus that infected him. In his reality, he contained the alien virus in him yet it took over parts of his body, which actually gained him more strength. Well, he had recently been on a mission in Russia. A bunch of teenagers were planning to take over the town with their homemade concoction. Our favourite mercenary was called to retrieve the teenager’s deadly substance, for a high price. Let’s just say, Wade Wilson got in Cable’s way…and he sorted that out. “Well, Wade began to have a severe headache. I let out a little explosion in his brain. You could say I blew his mind away.” Cable said with a smirk. “That’s quite harsh…” Domino replied, gouging on her Chinese food. “Not really. With a healing factor like his, it healed rapidly. Only for me to enjoy doing again and again. I love Wade, he’s a great guy. Lots of fun.” Cable replied, sitting beside Domino. As he turned on the television set, he started speaking out loud. “What is it, Xavier?” Cable wondered. Domino looked around, confused as ever. Xavier had telepathically began a conversation with Cable. “Oh, I dislike it when you telepaths do that…” Domino spoke, as she took another forkful of the Chinese rice she had. “You mean, you need me?” Cable questioned, looking confused. “Right. I’ll be there as soon as I can…oh; you mean you want to meet me at the Baxter Building. Within forty minutes? I’ll be there right away.” Cable finished the telepathic conversation and turned to Domino. “Sorry, but I have to get moving. I’ve been asked by Charles Xavier, Reed Richards and Nick Fury to assist them in some secret case.” Cable claimed, standing up and reaching for his large brown overcoat. “How do you mean, secret case?” Domino wondered. Cable turned to Domino and smiled, “Love, it wouldn’t be secret it I told you. I shouldn’t be too long.” He claimed, as he turned to the door and twisted the knob. Within seconds the door closed and he was walking out of the building. Domino stepped up to the balcony and watched Cable run off into the city…
“Now, time to contact the ‘Galactus’ being…” Xavier remarked, closing his eyes once more. The blue mist got stronger this time, and Charles concentrated hard. He searched high and low, even out of the Earth’s atmosphere. “I think I’ve found him…it’s a shocking amount of power he yields. Wait, I think he’s somehow noticed I’m trying to contact him…give me…” Suddenly, the Cerebro system cut off. The mist disappeared, and Xavier was thrown out of the chair into the wall. He groaned in pain when he hit the wall, and slid down slowly. Scott yelled out his name, and he and Steve ran up towards the end quickly. Scott turned to Nick Fury, “Get some help!” He yelled, as the moment scared him. Nick fury ran up towards the metal door and pressed the ‘x’ logo, and the doors opened. Turning to his right down the corridor, he came across Storm in the War Room. “Storm, its Xavier…he’s unconscious!” Nick claimed, pointing at the Cerebro system. Reed Richards used his powers to the advantage of the situation, both of his arms stretched to the area below them to pick up Xavier. Scott crouched down, ready to pick him up. As he reached Scott’s arms, he stood up slowly and Storm stood before him. “What happened?” She questioned, looking worried for Xavier. “Xavier was knocked unconscious by some being these guys were searching for…” Scott spoke, carrying his professor into the recovery room. As Scott walked by Nick Fury, he stopped to speak. “Oh, so this isn’t enough harm caused? I think you should leave…” Scott spoke with a firm voice. Steve looked at Nick Fury who nodded. All three of them gathered and spoke amongst themselves, as Emma Frost and Beast ran past them. They all nodded between each other, and Reed returned to the Cerebro room. He looked back, and Steve and Nick stood outside the room. Reed typed into the system, to see if it still responded. Thankfully it did, and it left the last whereabouts of Galactus. Reed dropped the piece of paper, and his jaw was left wide open. Galactus was found to be at the Baxter Building…
“What is it, Reed?” Steve questioned. Reed turned to them and was almost too shocked to speak.

Btw, if this is too hard to read...just say and I'll change the font.

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