The Sopranos - Season Premiere


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Mar 8, 2004
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Can't believe no one is commenting on it, even though the idiot internet spoiled most of the plotlines already. Junior is seriously nuts now, and I can see why Tony didn't want to be bothered with him, and he paid for it, as you can see.

Eugene, man....:( ..all he wanted was to get up out of the family. No chance of him ever making boss now.
all i saw was the last scene, i hope he dies!
Didn't the producers say the person who gets shot is dead? I know they always say Tony's downfall will come from within the family. Tony's days could be numbered. What an interesting twist that would be...instead of off-ing Tony in the series finale, they give us 11 episodes to see what becomes of the family with Tony gone.
"If something happens to Ton, God forbid...i could be boss one day." Watch the look on his face as he says that.
put an rip in your avvy so every one who didnt watch it will be pissed :p
what an episode, as stated I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I know the next two episodes are filled with dream sequences, so maybe Tony is in a coma the whole time. I wonder how the rest of the season is going to go down?
Entertainment Weekly had a review of the first four episodes and said that dream sequences play a big part in episodes 2 and 3.
Good episode. As soon as Junior asked "Who's down there?" I knew he was going to shoot Tony.
darkdonnie said:
Entertainment Weekly had a review of the first four episodes and said that dream sequences play a big part in episodes 2 and 3.
Damn I need to get HBO again:(
I thought the episode was okay, but I was shocked when Tony was shot by Uncle Junior. There's no way Tony's gonna die in the first episode.
there are a ton of conspiracy theories going around!
I gotta Junior actually over the hill or is it just an act to help him take out his opposition and regain power? I wouldn't put faking this past Junior.
That would be interesting, but I doubt it. The way Junior got rid of the gun and hid makes me think that it's for real. It was like what a child would do if they did something wrong, not a hardened gangster.
I think everyone is going a little crazy over the firts epispde. All the critics are taking about how great the first episode was ect. The ending & the storyline about one of the mobsters wanting to move to Florida was good but everything else was average.
I saw this and while it was good(as usual) I never worried about Tony recovering. But now...not so sure. You guys have made me kind of uncertain about his fate. Would they really kill Tony off this early in the season? It'd be an interesting way to do the season that's for sure.
Im getting HBO on thursday and im wondering are they going to repeat the first episode because I havent seen it yet?

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